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Chapter 35 - Red Spider Lilies

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Chapter 4: Red Spider Lilies


“Expeditionary Army… it’s ok, I just wanna come in and take a glance.” sounded a clean and pure voice. No words were enough to describe how soft and sweet the voice was. It sounded like a breeze blowing through a crystal wind chime during a summer afternoon.


“Miss, if you insist so, then please give your slave a little time, I’ll clean up these expeditionary and blood slaves to be ready for your visit.”


“It’s ok! I will just take a glance, there’s no need to kill so many people!”


“. . . Ok.”


The door of the bar was quietly annihilated into ashes, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped a dozen degrees. Everyone, including the expeditionary soldiers, found themselves frozen, all of a sudden, only their eyes could roll around.


A girl walked into the bar.


She looked quite tiny and delicate, the black coat had toned up her little face against the background as if it was the finest porcelain emitting graceful lights. She had a pair of big, elegant, pure eyes. They were something that did not belong to this chaotic, dirty and bloody world.


When she came in, the entire bar suddenly turned into the purest place on earth as if there would no longer be any coldness nor filthiness. All the changes were from this mysterious girl, she seemed to have the power of refining souls.


She gave the first impression of being ultimately strong, but at the same time, she had also looked so vulnerable as if only a gust of wind passing by could have blown her away into pieces in just one blink. Many people actually had an inexplicable heartache for this little girl that she would possibly vanish at any given time.


Her eyes slowly swept through every person, every corner of the bar, not a single detail was missed. When she looked at Qian Ye, her eyes brightened surprisingly but soon fainted down as she sighed pitifully.


She whispered, “I thought that a place called the Red Spider Lily must have had some differences. Haiz! Maybe I am just overthinking. Come on, let’s leave, Wang Bo.” [1]


As she called, a snow-white-haired old man quietly appeared by her side. He had been standing beside her since the beginning, but everyone had unconsciously ignored his presence.


The old man looked at Qian Ye then said to the girl, “It’s just an ordinary bar. It’s the same as all the other bars. Maybe he has just happened to know of the word by accident but did not know the true meaning of it.”


The girl wrapped herself in a coat and gently sighed, “Maybe! But it’s still a little surprise to be able to see this word in such an abandoned place.”


Wang Bo exposed a smile, “Miss, it’s hard for you to get interested in something, then let him share your little happiness. What a lucky kid. Ha hah.”


“Yeah, he’s a lucky guy!” Said the girl softly.


The girl left the bar, but the old man took out a black velvet bag, put it on the bar, and said to Qian Ye meaningfully, “Since you made the lady feel happy, no matter what you have already had done, you deserve to get a reward. This is now yours. ”


Not until the man had left, that everyone inside the bar got their moving abilities back, but it was as if they were still being lapidified and had forgotten how to move or talk. The moment where they couldn’t move nor talk earlier was like a lucid dream, while the girl was only a glowing light in that nightmare.


Qian Ye looked pale. His hand had been placed on top of the bag for a very long time before he dared to open it.


The bag was full of Imperial gold coins!


A few dozens of Imperial gold coins was an extraordinary treasure for any ordinary person at this place.


In this piece of land where no laws or regulations existed, three silver coins could buy a human life, and five silver coins could have made any woman take off her skirt. Meanwhile, one Empire gold coin was worth one hundred silver coins. Though, it couldn’t be used at this place, since nothing here was worth a gold coin.


However, gold coins were not what had attracted Qian Ye’s attention. His eyes were tightly stuck at a crystal box half-buried in the middle of those coins. It was only three fingers wide, its surface had been engraved with a sophisticated handmade rose-like flower. Through the lid, he could see three silver bullets inside it.


The three bullets were also made of transparent crystal which flowed a silver-white liquid inside of it, and the silver shells were also engraved with similar rose-like flowers.


With a glance, Qian Ye knew that this kind of custom forged silver bullet was the product of a powerful noble family. For the Dark Race, it had a special physical damage ability, as for the vampires, it could have caused significant terror.


Looking at the three silver bullets, Qian Ye’s face instantly turned as pale as a sheet of virgin paper. He didn’t know when, but sweat kept pouring out of his body, and entirely soaked up his clothes.


Many people in the bar were curious about the things inside of the black silk bag. There were many people looking around aggressively with greedy eyes, but they did not dare to move on. A human would occasionally become bold and crazily conspire against curiosity and greed, though facing absolute power, mankind would withdraw their greediness behovely.


And the Imperial soldiers put down the half-eaten plates, teamed up silently and escorted the blood slaves to leave the bar.


A soldier went to the bar and coldly said, “Kid, you are lucky, let…”


He wanted to say “let see what’s inside of the bag” but then Liu Jang had interrupted him before he could finish his words.


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The lieutenant put an imperial gold coin on the bar!


He said, “This is for the meal. Your luck is not bad, enough to make the big boss happy. From now on, we expeditionary agents here will never send anyone here to disturb your business, but if you change your mind, you can look for me at those stations. You can come to ChuXiong, or you can come to me.”


Qian Ye was as if he was thinking of something. After a while, he slowly said, “Thank you, I… will consider.”


Liu Jiang nodded his head and said, “Go!” After that, he left the bar with his soldiers.


At the gate, the bald sheriff had climbed out of the ruins, his face was bloodied, but he did not bother to wipe it off and sat on a large stone, looked up at the sky and murmured “I knew that it wouldn’t be peaceful, I had already known…”


It was night time at the moment, and that huge full moon upon the sky was shining bloodily!


Qian Ye had already closed up shop earlier and avoided all the customer’s money tonight. People were shocked and had also wanted to go back home and rest.


People were still talking about how much money was in that small bag, or what ‘Blossom Red Spider Lilies’ meant, but there were not that many in this town that knew of the meaning. In the end, no matter how copious their imaginations were, they would have never come close to the final answer.


Inside the bar, Qian Ye was looking at the flower on the crystal box, he hadn’t moved for a long time. That flower was not a rose, but a legendary flower, Spider Lilies.


Spider Lilies, also known as the flower of the Netherland. In the legends, it was only grown by the Golden Spring Riverside to guide souls to the other world.


The night had gradually deepened, the town became quiet, and people had entered their sleep peacefully. The bald sheriff had also returned to his home, with half a catty of poor quality alcohol that he had drunken himself over, and then enjoyed his own little world.


The town’s gate had remained in its damaged status, and it wasn’t going to take just a few days to fix it. In fact, the five meter height, wall surrounding the town could considerably block the ordinary beasts and blood slaves.


Anyway, they wouldn’t have to worry for tonight, the Expeditionary Army had just raided the other nearby vicinities, hoping that the peace could remain for about ten days or half a month.


As in the eyes of the scavengers, adventurers, and forerunners, a perfect lighthouse town wasn’t much different from one with no fortifications. Moreover, the Expeditionary Army or even the regular Dark Races fighters could have easily flattened the town like a piece of cake. However, it wasn’t what the bald sheriff should be considering, and for things that were over his ability, the sheriff had always been an open-minded person. Not only could he not understand, but was also powerless.


Qian Ye also fell asleep. In the hazy dream, he found himself in a quiet, empty neighborhood.


There was no light nor humans. There were only his lonely footsteps that echoed on the open streets. In the sky, there was a huge bloody moon which had occupied a small half of the night sky.


He instinctively felt great dangers approaching, but he could not find any weapons around him. With anxiousness, he rushed to a side of the road and tried to pull up an iron pipe that was inserted into the ground, but while his hand was just touching the iron tube, from the surrounding darkness, suddenly jumped out countless of blood slaves howling and rushing towards him!


Qian Ye felt that his body became extremely heavy, every bit of his movements was several times slower than usual. He couldn’t stop a blood slave that threw him to the ground, and its sharp teeth had jabbed into his artery!


Qian Ye sat up frightened!


He was breathless for a while before he could realize that it was his own room, and what had happened earlier was just a nightmare.


But this dream was too real, too clear, and was the same with the feeling of the vampire’s fangs that were piercing inside his neck. Even when he had come to realize that it was just a dream, Qian Ye still could not help but touch his neck.


His skin now looked smooth, only with his fingers touching it, could he feel the vague existence of the two blurry marks. It was the scars that the vampire that night had left him.


Qian Ye’s chest heaved with the intake of air, and his entire body was sweating.


He was no longer lying in bed, but wrapped himself up in a quilt and curled up in the corner. This was his habit that developed while he was still in the upper continent in order to avoid being raided during his sleep, and also to make a surprising counterattack to the enemy.


Qian Ye stood up. He felt so weak and almost fell on the floor in dizziness. He tried to keep calm, came to a cabinet by the wall and picked up the black silk bag. From there he took out a crystal box, hesitated for a while, and finally opened it.


Under the blurry light, three silver bullets were gently glowing. It was a magnificent beauty. As the crystal box was opened, a strong force aura immediately expanded out.


Qian Ye whispered, “Sure enough… all original force bullets.”


His hand reached out but as his fingertip touched one of the bullets, it sounded out a small fiery noise, a small piece of his fingertip was charred. And the original force that was condensed into liquid inside of the bullet was also turbulently agitated as if it would explode at any given time.


Qian Ye immediately retrieved his hand. Since they were no longer touching, the original reaction of the silver bullet gradually subsided. He knew that the three bullets were not just any original force silver bullet, but a special type of Dark Executor mithril bullets that was specifically used against vampires. From its resonance and agitation level of original force, the person who made these three devils was extraordinarily strong.


Qian Ye looked down at his hands, and his left hand was glowing with a blurry white light, and the right hand was as if it was being wrapped in a dense bloody aura.


That girl’s eyes seemed as if it had a terrible powerful ability to see through any creature’s nature. Moreover, the old man named Wang Bo was also a strong master, his force was prevailingly dense, and it should have belonged to the strongest among the strong.


Apparently, he had figured out Qian Ye’s secret in leaving such a thing inside the pile of gold coins. The only reason he didn’t reveal the truth was thanks to the name of the bar.


However, despite being the empire’s first force gun’s name, what was so special of the words Red Spider Lilies? What made it so special that it could have stopped the old man from ‘purifying’ the entire bar and let go of Qian Ye who had been polluted by the dark blood?


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Preview chapter 5: Peaceful Life


Qian Ye put the Demon Executor box back inside the black silk bag and returned it back to the shelf. Due to the dark blood inside of him, he instinctively wanted to stay away from the three silver bullets. At the moment, the dizziness had gradually faded away, his perception became keen once again, and he heard some strange noises next door.

It was the sound of a man’s and woman’s skin coming in touch fiercely, and the groaning was intertwined with the sound of the bed frame creaking. Next door was a rented room. Qian Ye  heard the sound and immediately knew that the corner of the iron-made bed could collapse at any time during the violent tremors.

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