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Chapter 34 - Expeditionary Forces

Chapter 3: Expeditionary Forces


From the direction outside the town came in a team of black uniformed soldiers. Although there were only a few people, each of them revealed a thick bloody scent. On their armbands were crossed guns and blood-stained bayonet insignia, it was the Imperial Expedition Army badge!


The town’s door had completely collapsed. The broken pipes and veins spurted out steam everywhere. Several houses around had already been exploded away by the pressurized steam flow while the bald sheriff was half buried in the ruins, whispery moaning.


Because the town gate had blocked their path, so they just simply blew it up.


Behind the expeditionary soldiers, there were dozens of staggering people. They were covered in injuries, hands were tied with iron wire and chained together into a line. The rustywires were fastened deep into their flesh and from the wounds, blood still dripped out constantly.. If these people walked a little slow, the Expeditionary Force soldiers next to them would immediately send out a whip.


In the dark, the blurry lights of the neon signs and the shadow of the broken windows were particularly striking. Therefore, the empire soldiers turned their way to the bar.


Two high soldiers headed into the bar first and looked around.


Their eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, and there was no one in the entire bar who dared to look directlyat their faces. The automatic rifles in the hands of the two fighters were very powerful. They didn’t even need a minute to have turned the entire bar into a public coffin in just a minute.


One of the warriors pointed at Qian and coldly said, “Get food ready for twenty people. Hurry up.”


The other guy had his muzzle pointed at the scavengers and shouted, “You dirty pig, clean up the table and then get out! Now!”


The scavengers desperately accompanied him with laughter and cleaned the tables with lightning speed, and then escaped the bar. The others left the best seats voluntarily and hid in the corner. Since those Imperial soldiers did not allow them to leave, they did not dare to move.


A tall officer slowly walked into the bar. He had to bend down while walking through the door.


He had a pair of thick eyebrows. His eyes were like most of the ferocious night-eagle’s of the abandoned land’s abyss. With the look of a predator, he eyes had swept through everyone inside of the bar, then selected a central table, and sat down.


From outside came in a burst of condemning sounds, those people were driven out by the expeditionary soldiers and then stood at the corner in a crowd.


The officer looked at the bar and said, “Look at them! These are the guys who were contaminated by the blood of darkness, and waiting ahead of them are the dark mines! They will work there until death or until their black blood attacks, and they will become monsters, thirsting for fresh flesh and blood, only to be killed by the guards. Open your eyes, take a careful look! Any person who had fallen for the darkness will end like this!”


Everyone had fear in their eyes.


These people had a common title, blood slaves. Those who were bitten by the vampires would be infected with the evil dark blood and turn into heartless beasts. They would only know of the hunger for flesh and followed the Vampire’s telepathic orders to fight to the death.


In territories that are ruled by the empire, once a blood slave had been found, it would be killed on the spot. The ones that had not yet been attacked would be sent to the black mines to work till their deaths.


The purebred vampire was very rare, but the blood slave was also a high-risk biological creature. In the legends, if one was scratched or bitten by a blood slave or even standing close to it, would likely be polluted by their dark blood. The people at the bar were shivering and desperately wanted to stay away from those blood slaves.


At that moment, a middle-aged man suddenly jumped out from the captured blood slaves group. He crashed down and knelt down in front of the officer, “I am not a blood slave. I have not  been bitten yet!”

The officer ‘s face floated with a distorted grin and said, “I know.”


The man was stunned and looked up. He could not believe his ears, but the next thing he saw was the dark muzzle pointing at his head!




It was a loud noise, and all the bottles on the shelf were shaking. The middle-aged man was still kneeling, but his head had been completely shattered, blood and brains were splattered all over the ground.


The officer slightly blew the smoke coming from the gun’s muzzle and said to the headless body, “I know that you are not a blood slave, but the punishment is the same for a sheltered one.”


A soldier walked toward him and asked, “Lieutenant Liu, do you want to do the same with his two sons?”


The officer took a glanced at the blood slave crowd where the man’s sons were standing. The two young men were trying to shrivel up and hide themselves behind the other prisoners.


Lieutenant Liu pointed at them and said, “You two, take it out, feed it to the dogs, and then wash it clean! I hate the smell of blood.”


The two young men stepped out tremblingly. They had obeyed and carried their father’s body outside. All the people knew that if they resisted, the Imperial Expeditionary Force would have hundreds of ways to make their lives even worse than death.


When the officer and his soldiers were focusing on the body, a man screamed from the blood slaves crowd, “I do not want to go to the black mines!” Suddenly, he rushed to the back door of the bar and tried to escape from there.


The officer’s face revealed the same grin as earlier, took off a strange rifle behind him, aimed at the back of the runner. He was very fast. When the patterns on the rifle’s body lit up with blue lights, the running blood slave had barely ran half way to the door.


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At this critical moment, Qian Ye walked out through the kitchen door carrying a tray in his hand.


In the blink of an eye, Qian Ye, the blood slave, and officer’s muzzle were lined up into a straight line!


The officer saw him, but he still buckled the trigger, only his mouth was trembling slightly!


There was no bullet that came out from the muzzle, instead of that, was a mass of red light!


A huge hole suddenly appeared on the blood slave’s body, blood and flesh was splattered all over the place. That group of red light continued to fly forward, piercing the two walls ahead before disappearing. This magnificent power could have been compared with a large caliber cannon!


Qian Ye wasn’t blown up, not even a small injury had appeared on his body. At this very moment, his body was bending strangely backwards at a forty-five degree angle. His feet were like two nails implanted in the ground, perfectly avoiding the line of fire.


Suddenly, a drop of blood fell on Qian Ye’s face and blossomed into a small blood flower. On his pale skin, this blood flower looked particularly eye-catching.


Qian Ye’s breath suddenly became heavier. His pupils flashed unperceivable red hues. Though this strange moment fleetingly disappeared, Qian Ye’s body was like being pulled by an invisible string, and returned to his upright posture. On the tray, not even a drop of wine had been spilled.


Soon after that, the blood slave fell onto the ground and was still stretching forward desperately. His hand was only a few centimeters away from Qian Ye’s toe.


The officer’s pupils shrunk. Suddenly, he laughed and said, “I did not expect to see a real fighter who had successfully awakened his Original Force in such a small place! This is really surprising!”


Qian Ye whispered, “Barely stayed alive.”


The officer’s sharp eyes stared at Qian Ye and asked, “Are you eighteen yet?”


“Early seventeen.” Qian Ye answered.


The officer wandered a few laps around Qian Ye while saying, “Just seventeen and you have ignited the Force Node. You have a great talent! At such a young age, you have already mastered a powerful force. Why are you hiding in this little tavern when you can have a bright future. It doesn’t look very simple, huh?”


Qian Ye remained silent.


The officer took out the metal expeditionary nameplate and threw it on the table, “I am Lieutenant Liu Jiang. I do not care who you are and what you have done. If you want, take this and go to the Expeditionary Force fortress, and ask for Lieutenant ChuXiong. Recently, he has been needing people. As long as you join the Imperial Expeditionary Army, no matter what you have done in the past, even if you have killed some nobles in the upper continents, it wouldn’t count, understand?”


Qian Ye slightly bowed, “Thank you!” He did not have much reaction with such an attractive recruiting opportunity.


Liu Jiang figured out that Qian Ye didn’t seem very interested in joining the Expeditionary Army as of yet. Therefore, he didn’t force him but went back to sit down in his seat. Qian Ye put a big glass of wine and a dish of potato bacon in front of him.


The officer picked up the glass and smelled, his eyes lit up and said, “I did not expect that such good wine could be available in this tiny place. If ChuXiong knows about your bartending skills, he will surely wantyou.” However, he put down the glass immediately, “Well, go get me some water, I never drink when I’m on a mission.”


Qian Ye took away the glass and changed it with a glass of water.


This was the true nature of the Imperial Expeditionary Forces stationed at this abandoned continent. On one hand, they were cruel, fierce and murderous, but on the other hand, they were the mainstay in the battle against the Darkness. With them, such systems of humanity, such as this Lighthouse, town didn’t have to suffer from the Dark Race’s attacks.


The soldiers couldn’t stop eating since Qian Ye had brought the food out, and no one had said a word. The bar suddenly quieted down, the people felt intolerably depressed, but no one dared to move nor leave the bar.


As the soldiers were eating, the door quietly opened and came forth two men who were wearing black windbreakers.


They were very clean. Thus, the cleanness and tidiness didn’t seem to fit in with the wilderness atmosphere of the place. And the strange thing was that no one had figured out when they came in.


Once inside the bar, the two looked around. Every time that their eyes had swept over something, their eyebrows would wrinkle more and more as if there was nothing here that could have satisfied them, including the Imperial Army.


Liu Jiang saw a sign on their clothes. His face changed and he immediately stood up. Though, as he was about to say something, when one of the two coldy said, “Did I allow you to stand up?”


Liu Jiang was furious, but as making contact with the man’s eyes, he moaned and fell back in his seat as if being hit by something heavy. His face turned pale. Obviously, he had gotten a serious injury.


The man grunted and said contemptuously, “Garbage, no wonder you guys can only guard this stupid place, if we were to rely on you to fight against the Dark Races, the Empire would have long been destroyed.”


Liu Jiang’s mouth twitched. He wiped the blood dripping out on the side of his mouth and raised his hand to stop his soldiers from moving. He then asked with a brokened voice, “What are you two gentlemen doing here at such an abandoned place?”


Another person coldly said, “You don’t deserve to know! And if you keep on mumbling, I will kill you all!”


Blood veins on Liu Jiang’s neck ferociously bulged out. His hand was slightly touching the Force gun behind him but still, he made a wise decision to stop.


Seeing this, the two were even more disdained.


At this time, outside the door sounded an old voice, “Miss, this place is not clean. There are not only blood slaves but also expeditionary garbage. Do you still want to go in?”


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There was no light nor humans. There were only his lonely footsteps that echoed on the open streets. In the sky, there was a huge bloody moon which had occupied a small half of the night sky.


He instinctively felt great dangers approaching, but he could not find any weapons around him. With anxiousness, he rushed to a side of the road and tried to pull up an iron pipe that was inserted into the ground, but while his hand was just touching the iron tube, from the surrounding darkness, suddenly jumped out countless of blood slaves howling and rushing towards him!

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