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Chapter 33 - Blazing Flame of Youth

Chapter 2: Blazing Flame of Youth


The scavenger laughed embarrassingly, put the gun away, then took out a few copper coins, laid them on the bar, and pushed it in front of the young man while saying, “Oh, I was just kidding! Just a joke! Here, this is all I have, you can just give me anything casually so long as I can make myself drunk on the line!


In the blink of an eye, the bar returned to its liveliness, many customers sighed as if it was a shame that they didn’t get to watch a show.


Buck-teethed Six, the scavenger with the most ferocious look laughed and said, “Scared Feng, I’ve already told you, with your strength, you just wanna look for trouble!


“Yeah, just a newbie.”


“Mother F***er, this guy is smart! It’s a shame we didn’t get to see a good show. There hasn’t been any murder in this place for a while, haiz!”


“Oh, anyone who haddared to look for trouble in front of Qian Ye has been already dead, right?”


They continued to discuss ardently. Since there were no good things to watch, their topic soon turned back to women or boasted about their abilities.


After the bar, Qian Ye calmly put away the Scared Feng’s money. He then poured out a large glass of strong alcohol, put it together with the previous bartended ones, and sent them to the scavengers table on an overly big tray.


Until Qian Ye had went back to the bar, Scared Feng’s, with a lingering fear he looked at the bar, lowered his voice and said, “What is this kid’s background? Even when facing werewolves or blood slaves, I didn’t feel… feel this much scared! ”


“It’s Qian Ye. He moved to this Lighthouse town six months ago and opened this bar, also this apartment, do you understand?” Said the old scavenger and added a sentence, “Of course, his wine here is really good.”


Scared Feng suddenly understood the problem.


He could not have been any ordinary person to have opened up a bar at this bloody place and survived peacefully every day here.


Power should not be judged from one’s outlook. It was heard that every vampire of the vampire familyhad looked all weak and elegant, but they were the real devils. It was said that they could destroy a dozen Imperial Expeditionary soldiers with a single twist of their hand! Moreover, even the worst of the worst soldiers could have killed dozens of those scavengers.


After the bar, Qian Ye was still standing there motionlessly. He stood still like a statue, nobody knew if he was in a daze or meditating. This was his iconic stand, if there wasn’t anything for him to do, he would then become a part of the bar’s decoration.


In the drawer below the bar, there was a big caliber Colt revolver. This big heavy guy had been handmade with a classic design. It was made with the Blackstone of the Imperial military’s suzerain heavy industry which had a seven shot capacity. It was also known as a mini gunpowder artillery, its power was not something that an old-fashioned gun from the earlier times could compare with.


In the first few days of the Blossom Red Lilies Flower’s grand opening, the colt had blown up the six guy’s head. After that, no one had dared to come and look for trouble, at least the local people didn’t.


The bar got loud, and the customers also became more audacious. Occasionally, there were women screaming angrily in some corner of the bar.


However, as soon as receiving a few copper coins into their bras, these women would turn anger into happiness, a few more and they would twist their waist excitingly, sat on the men’s thighs so that they could fondle anywhere that they wanted. As for the further steps, it depended on both sides’ will and prices.


The bar had a special room for that kind of thing, but it wasn’t regularly used. It was a very extravagant thing to open a room like that. Why would someone have done it in a room if he could have just solved the problem out in the yard? This was the idea of ??most of the scavengers.


Qian Ye looked at the scene nonchalantly, everything seemed to be very far away from him.


These women had nothing to do with him, they just borrowed this place to solicit their businesses. The only thing was that with them, the guests would drink more joyfully. Each of them was like an oestrus boar.


There was already a couple that hastily rushed outside by the side door. The door had not yet closed and there was a sound of a heavy object falling on the ground,  followed by the man’s heavy breath and the women’s exaggerated screaming.


The scavengers who had just returned to the town usually had some money, dangerous lives between life and death made them spent their money more generous than the local people. Therefore, they were more popular with the women, of course, only if they still had money in their pockets.


The aura inside the bar had been warming up.


Qian Ye started to get busy, orders were flying in one after the other. However, he was still very stable and dexterous. Each and every glass of wine were as if they were coming out from a continuous producing system, everything followed a strict serialization. There was no error, nor omission, as precise as a machine.


At the busiest moment, a woman appeared inside the bar. She was wearing a short jacket with black corset inside, pushed up to reveal her big boobs. On her lower body were canvas trousers which could often be seen on a risk-taker, exposed her slender but powerful waist. Her stomach had a black scorpion tattoo, it made her young, vibrant body became more wild and attractive.


The biggest difference between her and the other women here was her blazing youth, every inch of her body was full of refreshment like the taste of a blade of grass after the rain. Moreover, her lips were as red as fire. In this dim and extravagant place, it was like the strike of the most brightest light.


She immediately drew all the attention of the men inside as soon as she walked into the bar.


“Babe, how much is it for one night?” Cried a scavenger who had just arrived at the town.


“One silver coin.” The woman answered as she was walking to the bar and sat down.


This price made the new scavengers face changed, one Empire silver coin! They had to wander in the wilderness for two months to be able to have earned one Empire silver coin.


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However, this woman’s body revealed youthful and wild attraction as if every inch of her skin was shining, lighting up the fire of every man. From the moment she came in, other women here suddenly looked like old chickens which had almost lost all of their hair.


“Are you made of special alloy inside?” Some people felt unhappy, but their friends had pulled them back.


“That is Min’er, she is awesome but also thorny! Do not mess with her!” whispered the friend.


Miner knocked on the bar and said, “Anything is fine as long as it’s strong.”


Qian Ye quietly made a big glass of wine, and then took out a little steel vessel and dripped it into the glass before pushing it towards Min’er. More than half of the customer’s greedy eyes immediately turned into the glass in front of her.


The vessel was the bar’s special formula, nobody knew what its formula was, but even the worst wine could become full of fragrance as long as he added one drop of the thing inside. A small sip could make a person forget all of their troubles and sadness.


No matter what happened, Min’er always got one drop in her drink every single time that she came here, this was her unique preferential treatment.


She did not seem to be satisfied, but stretched out her hand and asked, “Do you have some cigarettes? I want that special kind.”


Qian Ye took out a handmade cigarette from the bar, it was painted with an eye-catching red line.


Min’er grabbed the cigarette and lit it up and deeply inhaled. She had held her breath for a while until she could not help but exhaled out a special aroma smoke cloud. Her face immediately revealed an abnormal bright red hue.


Many people in the bar had stretched their necks toward her and sucked in the smoke.


This was a very short cigarette, she had only taken three puffs, and there was nothing left.


Miner looked at the cigarette butt regretfully and said, “Another one!”


Qian Ye did not move, “You can only smoke one every three days, or you will die soon.”


“I have lived enough anyway!” Min’er murmured, and she seemed to be angry at herself. Though no matter what she said, she didn’t get the second one, and Qian Ye didn’t pay any attention to what she said later on.


As moving her eyes on Qian Ye’s face, she suddenly said faintly, “Little Qian Ye, you know, I had wanted to scratch at your face sometimes! I don’t like to look at anything that is prettier than me!”


Qian Ye’s mouth moved just a bit to be considered as a laugh.


Min’er put up her hands like she was surrendering and then staring at Qian Ye, “Well, if I won’t smoke. Will you buy me this drink?”


Qian Ye didn’t give any response to her expecting eyes because this had also meant something else. In this abandoned place, there were only the interests and exchanges, nothing was really free. Qian Ye bought this drink and she would have paid it back with her body.


Looking at Qian Ye’s blank face, Miner felt chagrined and smashed the bar, raised her voice and said, “Who is willing to pay for me tonight?”


Many people swallowed down their saliva unconsciously, their hot greedy eyes constantly ran up and down her body, but no one answered. One empire silver coin! Unless they were really crazy, no one would spend that much money on a woman.


Finally, a two meter high one-eyed man came over, licked his lips, shot an imperial silver coin onto the bar and roared, “I come!”


Miner grunted and said, “I had already said that I do not like you.”


The one-eyed did not get angry, instead sniggered for a while then returned to his seat.


Min’er shot his coin back, drew a parabola in the air, and landed down on his head, the one-eyed man seized the silver coin and said, “You will, sooner or later!”


“In your next life!” Min’er whispered.


Min’er took out a dozen of copper coins, put it on the bar, and then her hand swept that pile of copper that flew up in a row and landed inside of Qian Ye’s shirt pocket as if they had eyes. This trick was very beautiful and it suddenly stirred up a round of cheers.


What if she had replaced the coins with knives?


Those scavengers who wanted to sleep with her, suddenly shrunk their necks, this woman really was a hot good.


“One room!” Min’er said.


“Third one is empty.” Qian Ye handed her a key, his sentences were always short.


Min’er lugged the key ring with a finger, made it roll around in the air, and then used her fiery eyes to look at Qian Ye while faintly saying, “I will not lock the door at night, come in if you dare!”


“But I will lock the door.”


From her mouth spat out a dirty word, and then she smacked at the bar again, but this time when she had hit it, the entire bar was shocked a bit!


People inside the bar were looking around blankly and Qian Ye’s eyes flashed a faint light and then quickly returned to normal.


From the outside suddenly sounded the bald sheriff’s abnormally frightened cry, “Wait! Let me open the door! It’s opening now!


The siren-like voice hardly stopped, and from the outside suddenly thrived an earth-shattering explosion, airwaves, and shock waves roared in and shattered all the windows inside the bar. Splashed broken glasses fell on many people’s head, and some unlucky guy was cut, but no one had complained. People were looking outside in horror.


In the town sounded heavy footsteps, it was the sound of military boots.



Preview Chapter 3: Expeditionary Forces

… a middle-aged man suddenly jumped out from the captured blood slaves group. He crashed down and knelt down in front of the officer, “I am not a blood slave. I have not  been bitten yet!”

The officer ‘s face floated with a distorted grin and said, “I know.”


The man was stunned and looked up. He could not believe his ears, but the next thing he saw was the dark muzzle pointing at his head!





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