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Chapter 32 - Little Lighthouse Town

Book 2: Blossom Red Spider Lily


Chapter 1 : Little Lighthouse Town


Although the war against the darkness had ended for twelve hundred years, the hatred had always increased at every possible moment, in every corner of this continent.


For the past twelve hundred years, the Dark Races and mankind had never stopped fighting. Their bloodshed conflicts had always been exploding at every moment, in every inch of the  intertwined areas of the territory.


Although the landfill had already been abandoned by the empire, with the return of the Dark Race, this continent became the battlefield, in the end, the situation was extremely complex.


Deathly battles, ghastly fights, survival predatory instincts between the humans and various groups of the Dark creatures and even the animals for survival had occurred here. And perhaps, because of this abandoned land’s trajectory that was too far from the sun, some awful creatures, occasionally, usually appeared from the outside lands.


It seemed like, the only meaningful existence here, was war.


The fired of war appeared everywhere, at this place, the most worthless thing was a human life.


At the moment on a wild field, a team of seven or eight individuals were lining up in a row. Their clothes looked strange, they were made of ragged and decayed pieces of leather sewed together. Some people had their hearts, back, and other vital parts covered with a few pieces of rusted metal plates as their armor.


Several people were carrying a big backpack, which was the most common thing to see on the trash scavengers at the landfill. They had put their lives on the bet, took the adventure into the depths of the wild and abandoned hills to find something valuable. Their backpacks were all the properties that they had.


They couldn’t help but speed up to the town ahead which was vaguely appearing in the distance.


The most striking building in the town was a tall lighthouse. The building was entirely made of metal with several thick pipes protruding on the outer wall.


From a distance, the top of the lighthouse could always be seen with flames burning from it. Therefore, this town was called the Lighthouse town. At the moment, in the middle of the lighthouse suddenly emitted a lot of steam, the giant gears, exposed outside of the scattered shell began to move rigidly, pulling the tower’s hammer into orbit, percussed on the old bronze bell, issuing a long and vigorous sound.


Ding, ding, ding!


As the sound passed further and further, the scavengers moved quicker and quicker.


A burly guy took a glance at the sky and said, “Only three o’clock and it has already went dark, how can people live ah!”


The old man walking at the front said emotionlessly, “Isn’t dark season all like this?”


The brawny one looked up at the sky, there were several huge shadows blocking the sun, it was only three o’clock and it had already looked like the end of the day.


He spat and said enviously, “I’m willing to pay ten years of my life to live there for just a few days!”


Said another scavenger, “Stop it, Buckteeth Six! That is the place where only the big people can go, you should never have any wild expectations. Just pick up the garbage here honestly!”


Before the Buckteeth Six could say anything, several vanes on the other side of the lighthouse had opened, emitting a large amount of steam. The lighthouse was gradually covered in white fog, the flame became blurry, and a sharp whistle suddenly sounded, piercing straight into their hearts.


“Why have they closed the door so early?”


“What kind of joke is that bald head playing?”


The scavengers were panicking and furiously sped up their pace all the way towards the town. Fortunately, they had run fast enough to sneak through the door on time.


The exhaust pipes on both sides of the tower were now emitting large groups of turbid black smoke while the huge gear had started to rotate annoyingly. The heavy iron gate slowly tilted down, hit the steel tank, and the town gate was closed.


As the other scavengers ran out of breath, one of them stood on the street, clutched his knees, then looked up at the tower and shouted, “Why did you close the gate so early? We were almost shut out!”


From the tower immediately stuck out a shiny bald head with a ferocious face.


He pointed to the sky and abruptly shouted, “I told you guys earlier, it’s not gonna be safe outside these days! Look at the color of the moon up there! If a few more pieces of copper are more worthy than your lives, then you deserve to die!”


There was a huge full moon hanging in the sky, the edge of the moon had already beed dyed in a crimson red. In another few days, it would become a perfect bloody moon.


In that scarlet moonlight, all the creatures of the wilderness would become disturbed and troublesome. Said the legends, when the moonlight turned red, disasters would expose at one place, and only when enough blood had been shed would the Calamity God be satisfied and left.


The scavengers were angry, but these mad pariah dogs did not really dare to make a direct rebellion against the bald head up in the tower. He was the only sheriff in the town and also a level one soldier. It was so easy for him to have cleaned them up as wiping off a dirty finger. Therefore, these people could have only complained during the rest of the way into the town.


There was a bar in the town, it was the only bar here followed by several rooms. That place was where the scavengers were heading. Also, that was the only paradise of happiness and women.


The town barely had any light to save energy. Therefore, in the night, the light on the sign of the bar was particularly eye-catching, although only a half of the word “Blossom” was lit up.


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The sign was originally a piece of bearing cap removed from the bottom of a cabin. Nobody knew how the bar owner got the words up or also wiped the luminous powder on them, but after the rain, the wind would have gradually faded it out.


The people of this town all knew that the name of the bar was the Blossom Red Spider Lily, but no one understood the meaning of the four words together. Moreover, there were less than five out of thousands of people in this town who could have recognized all four words.


Inside the dim lights, the bar looked very old with tables and chairs standing around, and the walls were painted with a variety of colorful graffiti. All of them together had created a bizarre beauty.


The bar was entirely made of steel and rivets, it seemed like time had passed through some corners of the bar, and all the material inside could be found everywhere at the abandoned hills outside. In fact, the most worthless things here were iron and metal. Wasteland dumps were everywhere, and the airship cemetery had been piled up high with metal.


The bar was full of poor quality alcohol, tobacco, and air full of an acrid taste. Some women were also emitting a pungent smell of perfume and cheap cosmetics, causing the people nausea when smelling a whiff of it.


Standing behind the counter was a young man. His body was slender with skin that was of a pale hue.


The young man dressed in worn out jackets and trousers, his long black hair was tied into a pony tail at the back of his head. He was beautiful, very beautiful, but also young, and looked like a shy little boy next door.


He stood behind the counter, quietly observed the bar with a dozen of customers, venting their desires and pressures.


Just looking at his appearance, no one would think that this young boy would be the owner of this motel-bar. Perhaps he was, no, it should be certain that he was not even eighteen yet.


At that moment, the half-opened door of at the entrance was pushed open, the scavenger team rushed in. As soon as these people came in, the bar immediately fell in silence, many people then looked at them with vigilant eyes.


In the wilderness, these scavengers’ reputations were not very good, they had a lot of nicknames, including vultures, rot rotators, mad dogs, and so on.


Scavengers were always walking around the edge of life and death. They had no shame nor credibility nor anything whatsoever. Many scavengers had their own circle and secret ways of communication. If outsiders had rashly approached this group, they would likely to be grazed, until the last piece of bone disappeared.


Although this little Lighthouse town was considered to be wealthy based on the vast numbers of prosperity of the scavengers around, the citizens were not very welcoming of the scavengers, nor would they accept them.


Wherever the scavengers went, troubles would soon follow. In the wilderness, the word trouble often meant that a group of people would lose their lives, or why else would it be called trouble?


It wasn’t the first time that these scavengers had come to this bar. They found a table and sat down and loudly shouted out their favorite wine names. Behind the counter, the young man turned away from the wine rack, took a few bottles of wine and skillfully mixed them up.


The stainless steel cocktail shaker flew up and down between his fingers as if it had a soul.


At this time, one of the scavengers with a huge scary scar on his face came over, heavily leaned on the bar and said with a strong nasal voice, “I heard you have something called Man’s… something is very strong! Give me a big cup!”


The young man did not move, “One imperial silver coin.”


“Damn!” The scavengers scolded exaggeratedly and said, “Is there something wrong with my ears? One imperial silver coin! Am I drinking a virgin’s blood? Well, since I have already come here, I have to try and see if your wine is as good as I have heard! Boy, I don’t have any silver, but you can use this as my payment, as long as you dare!


Snapped! The scavenger took out a gun and put it on the counter.


The gun had already been filled with gunpowder and seven bullets and was ready to shoot at any time. The gun handle had been covered with thick metal. It was also blemished with black blood stains, and some other marks perhaps belonged to some brain pulps or bone marrows. The gun, apparently, was not only to bombard. Perhaps its handle was also a powerful short distance blunt weapon.


The bar suddenly became quiet, many people started paying attention to the scavengers and the young man.


The young man had done mixing the wine, slowly poured it into the cups, and then put his hands on the counter, looked at the gun and said lightly, “Consider this as your meal-making weapon, I can count half a silver coin. Do you really have to use it for money?”


The scavenger’s eyes twitched, his upper body slowly bent closer to the young man. Until the two nose almost came in contact, he said, “If I do not pay, what will happen?”


The young man did not move at all, and he still said in a calm voice, “Then I will blow up your head.”


The scavenger stared at the eyes of the young man, there were no fluctuations deep down at all in those eyes as if they were two deep lakes. The scavenger looked down at the young man’s hand, it was a pair of unusual clean hands, no calluses, and the delicate skin was incredible. There were no traces of dry or hardness of cultivation.


The young man’s hands were placed on the counter. This posture looked very uncomfortable, it was far away from every other corner. Even if he had hid some weapon under the counter, it would have been too late to have taken it out.


The young man’s coarse cloth shirt was only tied with two buttons, revealing a huge ugly scar, which was out of tune with his delicate appearance.


The scavenger’s eyes constantly thrashed. He didn’t know why the chill inside of his heart kept spreading as sweat started rolling down. This was the wilderness survival instincts of wild dogs during dangerous situations.


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