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Chapter 31 - Fallen in Darkness

One day later, in an isolated corner of the Qin continent, a team of Imperial soldiers found the fallen lifeboat, also found Qian Ye’s resume point.

The team’s head officer had a sharp eye, and his face was full of perseverance. He looked at the scene for an hour and said, “He still has his sanity, he isn’t a blood slave, but a newborn vampire. We have lost his trail though. “

“A new vampire? no big deal, right?” asked another officer.


Chapter 31: Fallen into Darkness


However, for those veterans who had sacrificed themselves, even Wei LiShi, were their deaths wasted?


No, they could not have disappeared uselessly like that!


Qian Ye clenched his teeth.


There were only two ways of revenge. One was to have in hands a higher power than the person behind the scene, then revealed the truth and restore justice to those Red Scorpions. Since Qian Ye had now turned into a blood slave, precariously, it was now impossible for him to go back to human society.


Though, there was another way! That was to live on and cultivate the strongest force. When his strength had reached the highest point, could he put those bastards on the hunting list!


He hid all the important weapons carefully, brought a dagger, put on a civilian jacket, Qian Ye went outside of the mountains and was ready to find some human settlements. He needed to inquire the surrounding situation to see if he could get some news.


The default flight of the rescue capsule should have been coordinated to the Red Scorpion headquarters, but maybe because of the affection when the torch was attacked, the star map was damaged and fell into an unknown destination. It was impossible to identify the specific position only by looking at the surrounding undeveloped primitive landscape.


One day later, Qian Ye came back here. He had gotten a few more gunshot wounds on his body, yet there was also large scorched wounds on his arm. They were all created by silver bullet shots and yellow pus was still dripping from the wounds.


Qian Ye’s face looked all dazed and gray.


As he went to the city to collect some news, Qian Ye immediately smelled the sweet, attractive sense of blood as soon as a crowd of people appeared and he couldn’t help but released a specifically strong vitality of a blood slave.


This place was one of a border areas of the empire where the Dark Races usually appeared. Therefore, the city guards were also particularly vigilant, a patrol team immediately distinguished Qian Ye’s bloody aura.


In just a few seconds, Qian Ye became everyone’s enemy.


His wounds had already scarred all over his body when he successfully escaped from the crowd. Although the night had covered him back to the mountains, Qian Ye knew that he could no longer stay here.


This place was indeed the headquarters of the Red Scorpion, the Golden Spring training camp, and also the Qin continent. For now, it was definitely not any good news.


Most of the mainland was under the control of the empire, only a few areas of the edge were still in the hands of the Dark Races. Once his Blood Slave status was exposed, people would have never given him a chance to explain.


Not very different from when he was still a Scorpion rookie, immediately firing without any questions was the first thing he did as soon as a Blood Slave was found. As the Red Scorpion captain had taught, no one could afford to bear the consequences of the remissness.


This was the hatred of the two races after the millennium wars. There was only prejudice, no right nor wrong.


Qian Ye leaned back against a tree and slowly slipped down. His mind was blank. Suddenly, he felt a sharp burn on the side of his ribs as if he was being licked by fire.


He jumped, and a small object fell out of his undershirt. A slip of silver flash rolled onto the ground, it belonged to an empty silver bullet shell. He had long forgotten about it when he threw it in his pocket. The damaged part of his clothes had exposed it to Qian Ye’s skin and reminded him of its existence.


That little thing was actually quite rough, the industrial polished shell had possibly qualified but the inside force array had too many gaps. It could only achieve 50% of the energy compression efficiency. The small silver bullet had brought severe pain and reminded him of the situation at the moment.


Qian Ye stepped on it, ground his heel, shoving it deep into the soil, and then he kicked the surrounding soil to destroy the last trace of the hole. Soon, nothing was left to be found.


He stood quietly for a while, finally looked at the mountains, picked up his backpack, wrapped his head carefully under the hood, and silently left this part of the mountain.


At the moment, in one of the empire’s mainland province, the rain had just disappeared after a few days of lasting rain. The cloudy afternoon sky finally opened a gap and let a few sunlight shine on the ground.


In the middle of the sparkly river, a castle was floating with its colonnade that whistled in the wind. Its shape made up a perfect square, but also looked like a crane resting on its one leg. It was the empire’s biggest four nobles, also the Gao Ling Song Clan’s emblem.


The castle was fully made of wood and stone. Tall pavilions carved curving cornices and the glazed tiles reflected the shimmering water flow as if wanted to be integrated within the deep green water. Everything created a nostalgic energy of the ancient times. It belonged to an opposite style compared to the metal bluestone buildings in the empire’s main city.


The empire upper continent prevailed retro styles. Also, their resources were huge enough to support these delicate and fragile facilities.


Inside a large room of the castle, there wasn’t much furniture, only a long bookshelf under the window. Song ZiNing was sitting uprightly, and on the table in front of him was a stack of processed files, leaving only the last unimportant newspaper.


From the gentle expression of Song ZiNing, no one could know he had been waiting for five minutes for a late visitor. And on his schedule, every agenda was divided into fifteen minute intervals equally, which only followed his habit at the training camp.


Song ZiNing looked at the newspaper and finally opened it. Normally, he would have never opened this ‘ordinary’ thing that almost everybody could have.


A name jumped into his vision, Lin Qian Ye.


Song ZiNing paused for a few seconds and turned back to look at that page, the paper made some little rustling sound. In a corner there was  short news, the Red Scorpion’s had failed the mission, lost one-third of the Red Scorpion level soldiers. And Qian Ye’s name was impressively listed on it.


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At this time, the door was knocked on, and the housekeeper outside announced the guest’s name in a low voice.


Song ZiNing quietly closed the poster and put it on the pile of the finished files. And then he stood up, facing the lady and revealed a perfect formal smile.


In the Broken Wing Angel headquarters, Wei PoTian was lying in the dormitory bed, sleeping fragrantly. The past seven days of intensive training had tossed him like a piece of trash. Though difficulty was valuable, he succeeded standing out from this year’s talent and qualified for the annual championship.


As for the second letter he had sent before the closed training, it was quietly waiting in the return box at the headquarters of the Red Scorpion. This letter with no receiver had been sent with the other batch of documents, passing through three continents and went back to the sender’s hands.


One day later, in an isolated corner of the Qin continent, a team of Imperial soldiers found the fallen lifeboat, also found Qian Ye’s resume point.


The team’s head officer had a sharp eye, and his face was full of perseverance. He looked at the scene for an hour and said, “He still has his sanity, he isn’t a blood slave, but a new vampire. We have lost his trail though. ”


“A new vampire? no big deal, right?” asked another officer.


“That’s it. Publish it in the newspaper, we end our mission here. That’s a military airship, I do not want to get involved in their businesses.”


Other officers also agreed with that decision. The Imperial Army was like a giant combat monster with numerous tentacles, the relationships between different corps were complicated. The local guard army and official imperial army belonged to two different systems. Many official regiments often liked to enlist the local garrison army as their cannon fodder in the battlefield. In the end, the relationship between the two sides wasn’t much better than water and fire.


A crashing lifeboat, an escaped newborn vampire was not even a small bubble of this vast ocean-likeempire. People were too lazy to spend their time on this. Therefore, as if it was an implicit understanding, this little matter had disappeared into the huge bureaucratic system of the empire.


A few days later, in the area bordering the empire and the Dark Race, there was a lonely shadow. He looked at the front, and there was a small town on the horizon. Inside the town still parked an old, huge airship.


This person was Qian Ye, at first glance, he determined that this airship could be transported intercontinentally.


It seemed right, this was the place.


The town was not marked on the map, and all the official documents of the empire did not have any information about it. Though, it did exist. This was a gray area at the junction of Night and Dawn.


In this town, the dark race and humans could coexist. Though, the first condition to survive was money and sufficient strength of self-protection.


Qian Ye went to the town, on the entrance was standing a huge fat guy who blocked his path.


“Little guy, what are you here for?”


Qian Ye took a glance at the fat guy and realized that he was a level three practitioner!


Qian Ye’s heart felt cold, re-evaluated the place again, and then said, “I’m here for HuiYu.”


“HuiYu? That’s our leader! What’s the matter with you?” The fat man was a little bit more serious.


“I need a ticket.”




“Abandoned Continent.”


“Oh,” said the fat man, “Only crazy people go there! Did you get into some serious trouble? Well, you do not have to answer my question, I’m just curious. Boss Yu said I had to be polite with people who wanted to go that place. But really, some people are willing to spend money on such an expensive ticket just to smuggle themselves to that hell of a place?”


The fatty said while moving his huge body and walked to the town. Qian Ye followed behind him and quietly came into the town.


After half a day, the huge old airship took off, and spent an entire day to leave the continent, into the void. Qian Ye was sitting on the side of the window, through the turbid glass, looking at the empire that was gradually disappearing. A few days later, a new continent appeared on the window side.


It was the Abandoned Continent, Qian Ye’s hometown.


Forever abandoned, this piece of the landfill was where all the surviving creatures were completely forgotten by the empire.


Qian Ye chose it as his shelter. He would continue to struggle against fate here. Maybe he would be able to suppress the erosion of the Dark Blood, or perhaps he would eventually be swallowed. Whichever ending, it would end here.


The abandoned continent was indeed a hell of a place, but this was now the only place that would be able to accommodate a possessed blood slave.


The world underneath the floating boat was still a dark gray sky like Qian Ye’s mood at the moment, he could not choose the dawn, but did not want to forever fall to the darkness. The only thing he could do now was to rest and wait in the gray shade between dawn and darkness, waiting for the fateful sentence that was his last trial.


Book 1 ended


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At this time, one of the scavengers with a huge scary scar on his face came over, heavily leaned on the bar and said with a strong nasal voice, “I heard you have something called Man’s… something is very strong! Give me a big cup!”


The young man did not move, “One imperial silver coin.”


“Damn!” The scavengers scolded exaggeratedly and said, “Is there something wrong with my ears? One imperial silver coin! Am I drinking a virgin’s blood? Well, since I have already come here, I have to try and see if your wine is as good as I have heard! Boy, I don’t have any silver, but you can use this as my payment, as long as you dare!


Snapped! The scavenger took out a gun and put it on the counter.


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