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Chapter 30 - Infected

Chapter 30: Infected


However, they were all surrounded. There was no way to have escaped at the moment.


Qian Ye wasn’t an exception. He had just stabbed the dagger casually and killed several Dark Slaves. The moment he was busy with the hectic killing, Qian Ye was suddenly knocked down by a shadow. It then bit his neck, and the pain immediately burned, as if it was tearing up his consciousness!


Qian Ye’s ears suddenly sounded a gunshot, the vampire had been blown up into a blood mist. Right after that, he was lifted up.


“Are you all right, rookie?” Asked a Red Scorpion captain.


“I’m… I’m fine!” Qian Ye didn’t know what else to say, the pain on his neck was burning hotter and hotter. Luckily, the vampire’s blood and brain had been splashed all over his body and had covered up the wound.


In the sky, the two floating airships were attacked by dozens of black spots, couldn’t maintain its status, and started to fall.


Qian Ye felt worried, but the Red Scorpion captain didn’t stop for a moment, he dragged him and rushed out of the city. Perhaps because all the strong had gathered at the city central, the external area didn’t have many barriers. They had run through layers of blocks and didn’t stop until they had gotten out of the city.


Pointing at the direction of the falling airship, he said loudly, “There is a lifeboat in there! Go and use it to escape, understand?”


“Understand, sir!” Qian Ye answered the loudest that he could at the moment.


The Red Scorpion captain was satisfied. He patted Qian Ye on his shoulder and said, “Very good! Go, rookie, I will cover your back!”


“But …”


He didn’t let Qian Ye finish his words, the captain interrupted him and said, “Run! This is an order! Stay alive! This is also an order! Find out who is behind this and take revenge for us! Go! Rookie, run!”


Qian Ye’ heart sank. He couldn’t do anything else but obey and ran to the falling airship unwillingly.


The Red Scorpion captain turned back into the city, but in front of him was a dead end! Countless of Dark Races soldiers welled out from every corner, merged into a black tide and rushed towards the Red Scorpion!


The captain’s strength seemed to be so tiny against that flow, but his footsteps were fiercely strong. Each and every step was like stomping on the ground. Leaving deep footmarks that were like craters behind, he rushed towards the dark tide!


Soon, the tide swallowing the captain suddenly stopped, and then it was slowly retrieved! The tide formed of numerous Dark Race warriors were being pushed back by a little Red Scorpion!


Inside the tide suddenly shot out a light, then it quickly expanded into several light beams. Those silver light beams shot through sky, startled and made the Dark Race warriors creamed painfully!


Right after that, there was an earth-shattering explosion! Hundreds of Dark soldiers were bombed to the sky, the streets were suddenly emptied out. Though the price of it was the Red Scorpion captain had disappeared forever, leaving no trace behind.


At that moment, Qian Ye found a lifeboat from the fallen airship and opened its door. Those strong warriors who could shoot down the airship had returned to the war, no one had noticed that a small rookie had slipped through the net.


Before getting into the lifeboat, Qian Ye took a glance at the city behind just to see that memorial explosion! That dazzling light were like fallen stars burning, and stung Qian Ye’s eyes.


That powerful bomb was originally used to destroy their base. Every Red Scorpion captain had one, but no one had expected to have used it that way at the end.


This explosion was like an opening signal. Inside the city, intense explosions began, blocks of buildings were destroyed. The Dark Race warriors had no chance to survive. However, each explosion meant a life of one Scorpion that would have vanished forever. The entire Red Scorpion Corps, which had only about a hundred Scorpions, had lost one-third of their soldiers on this battlefield.


Qian Ye closed the door, forced himself not to look back the scene behind. Punching on the console, he started the lifeboat.  A five-meter long lifeboat shook violently, left its base-ship, rushed to the air and escaped away at full speed!


He hadn’t relieved himself for so long, that Qian Ye felt an extreme heat burning his body followed with dizziness taking his mind away. Finally, unable to stand it any longer, he fainted. The metal cabin turned into silence. There were only mechanical functions running in slight clicking sounds heading towards the default coordinates.


Qian Ye didn’t know for how long it had been since he had lost his consciousness, but the view in front of him was strange.


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After a long time, Qian Ye had figured out that he had flown back to the night sky.


Countless stars were lighting up the sky, the crescent moon was hanging obliquely on the side of the sky, and its cold moonlight was reaching towards the mainland. Qian Ye shook his head grudgingly and then struggled to sit up.


He found himself on a small hillside, there were no traces of humans our any other existences. It was a primitive mountain area.


Qian Ye slowly recalled his memory about the war, but the memory only started from when he escaped the battlefield and ended up here. He couldn’t remember what had happened in between those moments.


Qian Ye suddenly felt his body burning. Also, his throat was so dry as if he didn’t get to drink a drop of water for days. However, drinking water didn’t seem to alleviate this inexplicable hunger and thirst.


Qian Ye looked around and saw a body of a deer not far away from him, it was dried up as if a vampire had sucked all of its blood.




A flash suddenly struck his memory. Immediately, Qian Ye touched his neck! At that moment he remembered that a vampire flew towards his neck, and then it seemed that he had been bitten!


Qian Ye’s fingers suddenly touched the eclipsed wound. The wound was very deep, the surrounding area was hot, but he couldn’t feel anything else but hotness as if he was paralyzed. He couldn’t see the wound, so Qian Ye didn’t how its shape looked like!


It was a teeth mark of a Vampire’s fangs!


He could not believe the conclusion, with a trembling hand he pulled a dagger from his waist, used the silver-plated smooth blade like a mirror. This time from the mirror, Qian Ye saw two deep holes. Qian Ye had seen this kind of wounds millions of times in the past. Every human who got bitten by a vampire would have this kind of wound.


Qian Ye suddenly felt weak as if all the strength had left his body. He seemed to hear a cracking sound, his world had completely collapsed at this moment.


A vampire had bitten him, and his body had been infected with the vampire’s venom. It wouldn’t take long for him to turn into a blood slave, instinctively, always hungry, thirsting for blood and flesh, a Blood Slave!


Qian Ye didn’t remember how many blood slaves had died in his hands, but he never thought that one day he would become one.


Qian Ye reconfirmed the status of the wound, and the last trace of luck inside his heart had completely disappeared this time. He stood up, staggered to the side of the deer and looked. The deer had been sucked to death. Though from its wound, the deer should have been bitten by human being because there was no trace of a vampire’s fang.


There was no doubt that Qian Ye had killed this deer and unconsciously sucked out its blood. It must be because of the fresh blood that was supplemented, so that Qian Ye could have regained his consciousness.


Qian Ye sighed, slowly put the dagger on his neck. Every Scorpion should have been ready for this ceremony. Once bitten by a vampire, one must end his life before completely losing his consciousness. Even death was better than becoming a Blood Slave.



A burst of scorching pain appeared when the blade touched the flesh wound on his neck. The wounded area sounded like meat on the grill, emitting a ray of smoke, and charred a small piece of his skin. After the reaction, Qian Ye knew the dark blood had flowed throughout his body, there was no way for him to turn back and be a normal human.


Qian Ye closed his eyes again and was ready to kill himself. Just one slide and his neck would be cut open, that was his final destiny.


However, before pressing down the dagger, Qian Ye’s mind suddenly flashed a question: why did he still have his consciousness?


After the bite, most people would have lost their minds after a few minutes and no longer than one or two days. They would lose their consciousness and turn into a bloodthirsty beast. Nothing besides fresh blood and the higher class vampire’s orders could pierce into a blood slave’s mind. Theoretically, there should be no way to have reversed this process.


And since Qian Ye had lost his sanity and killed a deer instinctively, he should not have been able to regain his consciousness.


This question was like the sunlight shining its rays in the dark and brought him a glimmer of hope.


Qian Ye slowly put down the dagger.


He never gave up, as long as it wasn’t the most truly desperate moment, he would grasp on the last hope and live on. Although Qian Ye couldn’t understand why he still maintained a sober sanity, as long as one day had passed by without a complete loss of his sanity, he would live.


Of course, the moment that he truly became a Blood Slave, Qian Ye would not have hesitated to end his life.


Qian Ye searched his surroundings to see if the lifeboat had crashed a few kilometers away. He went to the lifeboat, and from which he found a backup original force gun, clothing bag, dry food, water, and a signal gun. Heading the muzzle towards the sky and getting ready to pull the trigger, Qian Ye was suddenly stunned!


The signal shot would explode at a high altitude, releasing a special force fluctuation to activate the nearby military alarm device so that the military could follow the signal to the rescue point. However, the problem was that when the Imperial soldiers arrived, how would he explain his status at the moment?

Red Scorpion Legion rookie? No, he was no longer an empire soldier. His identity was now a Blood Slave! Once being found, he would immediately be burned alive!


Even if he had set a lot of military exploits, even if he had kept his sanity, still, the best treatment waiting for him would  be thrown into a mine, a full year around without sunlight mine. He would have to work his entire life and dug into the ore in exchange for a little pitiful food. Until one day when he died, there was only a bunch of white bones left.


That time at the unnamed town, the raging fire had let Qian Ye understand that the empire would never have mercy or forgiveness towards the blood slaves. Once his blood slave status was discovered, he would be at a dead end.


As to report that this mission had been a trap would completely be impossible. How could those people believe in a blood slave’s words?


Even if Qian Ye was normal, one could use Lin XiTang’s fake order as a trap to mobilize a Red Scorpion Squad and eliminated an entire one-third of the backbone Red Scorpion Corps, how could a person like that be threatened by a little rookie?


As the old captain of the Red Scorpion said, in some specific things, some people, some powers could have covered the entire sky with one hand!


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And he got bitten…

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