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Chapter 29 - Trapped

Chapter 29: Trapped


More than two hundred soldiers were sitting separately in two large intercountry airships driving to the mission location.


Qian Ye once again felt the pre-battle excitement inside him, which had been absent long time ago. Just looking at the weapons that were armed, he could guess the mission’s degree of difficulty. It was said that the base would have more than one creature that reached the king level!


The soldiers had been distributed ten Force bullets each. Moreover, they were not any of the ordinary silver bullets but the special force created mithril ones. The knife and dagger edges were also covered with a layer of mithril. They were all high-quality goods!


Meanwhile, all the soldiers were armed with special Red Scorpion fighting armors.


This kind of armor was engraved on the inside with a special force array. After it was activated, it would form a loop of force shield which could have significantly enhanced the defense attributes against the dark force for a short period of time. This force armor was only provided to the officers of the Red Scorpions, but this time, all the soldiers had received one set, including Qian Ye.


The airship would have to fly five days to arrive at the West.


After taking off, Wei LiShi’s voice came through the brass pipes in the carrier’s cabin, “This task was issued by General Lin XiTang, confirmed that the base of the Dark Races is the stronghold of the rebels. Our mission is to destroy the base at all costs. Do not let any Dark creatures escape alive!”


All the soldiers involuntarily held their breath!


To them, Lin XiTang was a thunderous name. His life itself was a legend! However, his existence had a special meaning specifically to the Red Scorpion.


It was a decade ago-The battle of the century between the Empire and the Dark Race. The Red Scorpion was the main corps of the battlefield but suffered an unprecedented downfall.


The Empire reinforcements were trapped by a rare disaster – ‘sinuous rainbow flow,’ stuck in the zero gravity space and couldn’t land. However, Lin XiTang had led the North Army Corps and had bypassed the Deathly Star Road and miraculously appeared on the battlefield. With great timing, he had attacked the Dark Race army and successfully freed more than ten thousand Imperial troops.


Without Lin XiTang’s miraculous performance, the Red Scorpion Corps might have been removed from the Imperial Army’s history consequently. This time, the task was personally issued by Lin XiTang. For each Scorpion that participated in this campaign, it was the supreme glory!


Wei LiShi’s voice became solemn, “I think you all cleared the difficulty of this mission. Including me, everyone needs to get ready to make sacrifices. The Red Scorpion is fearless. For the Empire! For Lin Shuai! ”


The soldiers didn’t say it out loud, but solemnly repeated, “Red Scorpion is fearless. For the Empire! For Lin Shuai!”


Two interstellar airships flew tens of thousands of kilometers across the numerous mountains and rivers, finally arrived in the West of the Empire. When they had appeared outside of the target city, the night was thick.


Night time was the active time for all Dark Races creatures. Normally, a human would avoid having decisive battles at this time. Though, for this task, the raid moment was selected in the darkest night, when those creature’s powers were at most prevailing moment.


They wouldn’t think that the Empire could choose this time to attack. Therefore, the element of surprise would play the most important role. This was the reason why the Red Scorpion was selected. Amongst the Empire’s five elite armies, the Red Scorpion Squads were the best at night combat.


As the airship flew over the city airspace, each of the Red Scorpion soldiers directly jumped, landing in the city, and were divided into more than a dozen teams, separately searching forward.


A full moon hanging in the dark sky brought the bleak gray moonlights that sprinkled the mainland. The city was quiet. There were no lights nor smoke, just like an empty city of death.


Qian Ye walked down the street, carefully looking around, but the restlessness inside his heart was becoming more and more concentrated.


In the imperial intelligence system, the city was operating normally, and even maintained a normal relationship with the surrounding cities. However, when he was inside of the city, even a rookie would know that this was not normal.


There would be no city, with human existences, that would be this calm and silent. Moreover, the city was too clean, as if it was meticulously cleaned every day. There was no garbage on the streets, nor dust, as clean as if there were simply no living creatures.


On the empty streets, the sound of Qian Ye’s footsteps echoed repeatedly. Qian Ye slightly frowned, slowed down his pace, waiting for the sound of his footsteps to disappear. However, the other veterans didn’t seem to care about it and continued to move forward as if nothing happened.


Until this moment, those Dark Races creatures should be aware of their existence, which meant that this attack was meaningless. However, this campaign posted an entire thirty Red Scorpion’s with Wei LiShi in the lead. Wasn’t it worth it to set a direct fight?


Qian Ye was getting more and more nervous. He gently pulled the bolt and put a mithril bullet into the gun chamber. This mithril silver bullet was to send a level four Dark creature to heaven. Qian Ye wouldn’t have gone easy on them. As soon as catching a Dark Race creature, he would immediately crack it down.


The streets were still in deep silence but nobody knew when the fog had appeared. In the twinkling of an eye, the entire city was shrouded in the misty fog. Through the fog, those buildings were twisting like a living creature, maliciously stared at the Scorpions, that were invading its territory.


Passing through a street, Qian Ye suddenly felt that something was moving in the alley.


He immediately retreated two steps , and then he looked into the alley and his eyes bowed at the things inside!


In the dark alley, numerous dense entities appeared out of nowhere, quietly approaching them!


“Dark Races!” Qian Ye shouted, and without hesitation, he pulled the trigger. The Force turned the Mithril bullet into a ray of bright white light and shot into the alley!


Suddenly, the silver light illuminated the entire alley. For the Dark Race, this bright light could have caused serious injuries. Especially to some nocturnal creatures, it could even burn its eyes into blindness!


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A silver light shedded, the alley suddenly sounded a miserable cry. Countless Dark creatures had covered their faces, painfully squatted down, and the frontest shadow that was directly hit by the bullet, suddenly ignited a silver primitive force flame!


This silver flame was extremely sticky, and it would fiercely burn as soon as touching the dark force. In the blink of an eye, the silver flame had spread to a dozen shadows, and wrapped them in flames.


The shot was victorious, but it also caused Qian Ye’s hair to stand. There were too many Dark creatures, too many of them! The entire alley was crowded with all the Dark Races soldiers. Also, at the end of the alley, there were countless shadows, and countless enemies!


Qian Ye shouted, quickly retrieved, and opened a distance with the Dark Races while reloading another silver bullet into the chamber. As expected, from the alley flew out several shadows, that rushed to Qian Ye as fast as lightning. These were the real Dark Race fighters. Those crowded shadows earlier were just cannon fodders to consume ammunitions.


Qian Ye fly constantly retrieved. Suddenly, he stopped, put up the gun and fired it. Another silver light sprayed out from the muzzle, shot a Dark Race back into the air, covered it in flames and screams.


It was too late for him to load the third silver bullet, for there were two Dark Race soldiers rushing at him.


At that very moment, roared out two shots from behind Qian Ye, the silver lights sliced by Qian Ye and threw those two creatures into the air.


Qian Ye turned his head back and saw two veterans waving at him desperately, indicating for him to hide behind them. No matter how talented Qian Ye was, after all, he was still a rookie. The strength of a level two soldier was his mishap. He couldn’t be compared to these high-level Black Scorpion veterans.


Standing down behind the veterans, Qian Ye was able to regain his breathe while looking around. He saw flame and force shots covering the entire sky in every corner of the city.


Fighting broke out in an instant. The city had become a battlefield. Originally taking the advantage, the Red Scorpion Corps was instantly drowned by numerous Dark soldiers, that separated into different directions. The situation was very dangerous.


Qian Ye was desperately panting. The two continuous bombardment Mithril bullets consumed most of his force. Now he was like a fish on the shore. His entire lungs felt as if they were burning in fire.


“How can it be! This is not right!” A voice desperately called inside Qian Ye’s head. However, as if his brain had stopped functioning, couldn’t dig deeper down to see where mistake was.


The battlefield suddenly turned bright white. The light of original force and flame shined on the entire city like daylight.


In the city, there were dozens of tyrannical Dark forces that shot up into the sky just like a huge pillar. It was the strong Dark force of the real strong. As for return, the Red Scorpion soldiers had also let go of their force and respectively met these powerful opponents.


At a square at a distance away, suddenly roared continuous bombs. One building after another collapsed. The entire area was carpet bombed to the ground in the twinkling of an eye! From that direction, came Wei LiShi’s shout.


Lights were surging from his body, reaching to a hundred meters up in the sky. There was four stature silhouettes that followed him up high. The two sides began to fight in the air!


Qian Ye look up at the sky, there were enemies everywhere. From the buildings, from the streets, on both sides of the roofs countless of people rushed out with wild faces..


These people’s face were bloody, wrapped around with dark air, jeopardized their lives at the Red Scorpion Corps fighters. That was the dark race’s cannon fodder. They use to be humans who were assimilated by the dark force! Real Dark fighters were often hiding in the middle of the cannon fodder and seized the opportunities to suddenly attack.


Each of the Red Scorpion warrior’s guns were on the fire. With the fastest speed possible, sprayed the metal rain. Cannon fodder layers were swept down one by one, but more and more cannon fodder would emerge from all directions. Their numbers were simply endless.


In the twinkling of an eye, Qian Ye had emptied all of his magazines. In this environment, the original force gun became useless. Qian Ye immediately threw the automatic rifle, carried the force gun behind his back, and then pulled out the plating silver knife and dagger.


In his surroundings, there had been many veterans fighting bare handed with the Dark soldiers.


A red scorpion captain cried, “This is a trap!”


“All retreat, immediately retreat!”


“All the Red Scorpions stayed behind!”


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