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Chapter 28 - Quota of Casualty

Chapter 28: The Quota of Casualties


The Red Scorpion captain easily grabbed the whip with one hand. He pulled gently, and the young officer was dragged off of his horse, heavily dumped on the ground. His guards were surprised. They started shouting annoyingly and pulled out their weapons, ready to set on fire.


Bang… bang… bang…! Five gunshots rumbled continuously in a magnanimous rhythm.


Such neat shots were impossible to have come from these ordinary soldiers who couldn’t even ignite their Force Nodes. They didn’t even wait for Qian Ye to fire his gun, the five veterans pulled their triggers, one shot each and the five guards fell to the ground, dead.


“Do you all want to rebel?” The Captain’s swept all over the private soldiers that was gathering around.


These soldiers looked at each other, but none of them had put down their trigger fingers. Their eyes revealed the tempting look to attack which confused Qian Ye.


Those who practiced the force could be considered to have belonged to a different world from those who didn’t. This was not what quantity could make up, just like a hundred sheep gather still can’t kill one lion. The sheep-lion gap between these soldiers and the Red Scorpion warriors was enormous. Where did they get great courage and confidences to challenge the Red Scorpion Corps?


Was this task a trap?


Qian Ye seemed to understand the situation. He immediately took off the force rifle from his back and began to load his Original Force into it. In a blink of an eye, inside of the gun chamber had formed a force bullet waiting to be shot out. Force Firearms was the most suitable way to deal with the sneakers behind the scenes.


Being thrown like a rag, the young officer laid on the ground and felt like he was almost out of breath. He was struggled to stand up and immediately shrieked fearfully as soon as he saw what had happened. He saw the Red Scorpion captain with emotionless face pointing the muzzle at him, and then, he pulled the trigger.


Another gunshot sounded, and the young man’s limbs were all broken. He had immediately fainted on the spot.


Then, a middle-aged man ran out from the crowd. His face showed a frightened expression as he was trying to wipe all the sweat off his forehead. He nodded, bent over and said, “I am this town’s mayor and also the Viscount’s previous housekeeper. I am here to meet you and to report some information.


The Captain evaluated him for a while before he said, “Say it!”


The middle-aged man smiled, took out a portrait from his pocket, then handed it over to the captain, and said, “This woman is the Viscount’s fiancée. She was kidnapped by the Rebellers. Please bring her back but try not to hurt her. The Viscount said, in addition to the military fee, you will get expensive reward afterwards!


The captain took the portrait and looked at it for a while.


It was a very clear sketch of a very beautiful girl. Her eyes had natural charm, quite of an erotic feeling. She was about sixteen years old and wearing a local ordinary people’s clothes.


The captain passed the portrait to other Scorpions to take a look at, and then put it into his pocket. Then he said to the middle aged man, “Do you have any last words?


The middle-aged man was shocked. He almost lost voice, “What…last words! Are you kidding me?”


The captain said coldly, “I was never joking! I do not know who this young man is or what the contradiction is between you guys that you borrowed our Red Scorpion Legion’s hand to get rid of him. We have no interests in your aristocracy political problems, but since you want to use the Red Scorpion, you have to pay an equal price! Killing you is just to give your master a warning. The Red Scorpions knife is very sharp. He shouldn’t play with us in such a casual way! Be careful, if he plays too hard he might get his head decapitated!


The captain finished his words by pulling out his pistol. Without any hesitation, he pointed it at the man’s forehead and pulled the trigger!


That middle-aged man’s glabella immediately appeared a blood hole. He fell while his face still maintained a stunned expression.


Qian Ye frowned, whispered to a veteran next to him, “Is it ok?”


The veterans said casually, “No problem! We have a quota of casualties every mission!”


“Quota of casualties?” It was the first time that he heard of this.


“That is, we can ‘accidentally hurt’ some local people on the spot, specifically refers to the nobles.” The veteran explained.


Qian Ye took a deep breath. He didn’t know what to say for the moment.


At this point, the arrogance of the local private soldiers had completely vanished. Some people even began to draw back secretly. Soon, there were several officers originally hidden in the crowd stood out, began to give out commands and reformed the team.


The captain sneered at them directly, “We, the Scorpions, will do this task on our own, you guys don’t need to follow. I do not want to be shot in my back.”


The officers went silent. At this point, it was looking for death once opening their mouths.


The Red Scorpion Squad soon disappeared into the vast mountains. The traces that the Rebellion left behind were abnormally obvious. Even such a rookie like Qian Ye would never be lost in it. Therefore, the Red Scorpion quickly found their hidden spots and trapped them inside.


The camp of the rebellers was on a mountain with three sides that were all surrounded by cliffs. There was only one entrance.


This place was secret enough. Low shrubs and chest-height weeds covered the natural road. If not, someone who didn’t know how to destroy the trace, it would have been very difficult to be discovered. However, such terrain was also a defect because the entrance way, once blocked by the Red Scorpions, no one could have escaped.


There were about a hundred people that rushed out from the camp. When they saw the Red Scorpions slowly approaching, their faces revealed desperation.


Was this the rebellers? Looking at these people, Qian Ye could not ignore the question floating in his mind.


More than fifty of them were children and the elderly. Their clothes were ragged and torn covering their skinny bodies. Most of them only had primitive guns and even iron swords. Before that, Qian Ye had always thought that iron was just used to make household goods. As for weapons, it must at least have been made of copper alloy.


Qian Ye saw three fighters who had ignited their Force Nodes, but they had only ignited one node. And not even a Force Firearm could be found inside of the camp.


Such a team could form a rebellion? Those who could drag Lin XiTang’s feet in the West and put him in such dilemmas?


This was more like refugees.


The captain seemed to expect this. He stepped forward, took out the portrait in his pocket and said, “Where is this woman? Better show yourself!”


“It’s me! What do you want?” A girl came out from the crowd, staring at the captain angrily.


The captain took out the memo, looked at the mission statement and said, “Well, your father is the mine owner, and it was said that he had secretly funded a rebel team. Moreover, the Viscount said that you were his Beyoncé?


The girl cried furiously, “Bu**sh**! I have nothing to do with him. He only saw me once then forced me to be with him! I refused, and he wanted to kill my father and my true fiancé. He also said that our family was rebellious! From our great-grandfather’s generation, our family has given our loyalty to the Imperial army. Each generation has died on the battlefield. Is this how we are paid for being loyal to the Empire?


The captain said without any expression on his face, “Maybe the truth is like what you said, maybe not. Since we are already standing here, you should know that this thing won’t end well anyhow.”


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“A Viscount could control the entire Empire?” The girl cried grievously.


The captain was still calm as always, but his words were ruthless, “At least in this matter, yes.”


The girl ‘s face despaired, then she slowly calmed down, and asked, “Now what, you want to kill us all?


The captain pondered for the first time. His eyes swept over all the people in the camp. These people were obviously the old, weak women and children servants from the noble families.


He thought for a while then said, “Regarding the requirements of the task, you should go back with me, but I personally do not recommend you to do so. Of course, if you insist, and that there may be revenge opportunities later on. You can try.


The girl obviously knew what would happen to her if she came back. She said surely, “I won’t let that pig head touch me even if I die!”


The captain nodded and threw a finger-sized bottle toward her, “Well, then kill yourself. Drink this, and you will die without pain.”


He also pointed to the other two who had ignited their force nodes, “You’ll have to die too. As for the other people here, I will pretend that I didn’t see them.”


After a moment, three corpses appeared in front of Qian Ye.


“Carry them with us and leave. Our mission is completed!” The captain said.


Qian Ye carried one of the corpses, and he silently followed the team back to the base camp.


This task was very easy to complete. In fact, there was no real battle, but the atmosphere was very solemn afterward. Including the captain, no one said a word.


After delivering the three corpses to the local army, the Red Scorpion’s airship flew back to the sky, and returned to headquarters.


On the airship, looking at the sky outside the window, Qian Ye was wondering a lot inside his mind. Even the bald captain seemed to lose his vitality. ‘Scorpion Tail’ flew very smooth, just like it was a different airship.


The captain suddenly said, “Rookie, you see it? This is reality. We can only do that much. Later you will understand that politics is not for people like us. As a soldier, we are just the knives in the Empire’s hand. We have to stab wherever it wants us to. No matter whether it is right or wrong, we can’t do anything about it.


Qian Ye took a deep breath, but his mood was still heavy. The so-called politics thing was indeed unable to use guns or forces to have solved it.


Even in an insignificant frontier corner of the Empire, Qian Ye could experience the political turbidity. Then how burdening it was for that person to suppress the entire situation on his own in the far West?


Back to the Red Scorpion headquarters, Qian Ye immediately applied for a task.


Only facing the Dark Races on the battlefield could Qian Ye find his real value of existence. Compared to that politics matter, fighting against the Dark Races was easier.


But this application was shelved for a whole week before a reply. Qian Ye was transferred to participate in a more important task.


This was a first class mission marked by the Red Scorpions. They had found a secret military base of the Dark Race inside a city in the West.


Therefore, the Red Scorpion Soldiers and staffs were mobilized in a massive size. Wei LiShi personally led the team. They sent a total of thirty Red Scorpions and two hundred Black Scorpions. Qian Ye was the only rookie in the team. This arrangement was not surprising. As for being a rookie, Qian Ye’s record had been able to suppress many of the Black Scorpion veterans.


The mission location was close to Lin XiTang’s two provinces. Qian Ye heard that in fact, some rebellers were collaborating with the Dark Races army. Perhaps this task could have indirectly supported Lin XiTang.


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