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Chapter 27 - Imperial Double Jade

Chapter 27: Imperial Double Jade


“I’ve seen this many of times.” My first ‘class time’ was worse than yours. I threw up like crazy and was teased a lot because of that.” The veteran said.


Qian Ye felt the veteran’s care and good faith, so he revealed a weak smile.


The veteran pointed at the fire and said with a solemn voice, “No one should be blamed for this. All the people that had died here were because of vampires. You know, I myself, shot through my own brother’s heart because a vampire had bitten him. From that day on, I swore that I will never stop until I kill all of those damn dark blood bastards in this world! Even if I die, I will die on the battlefield!”


The truck fell in complete silence. The rookies were shocked, and a lot of veterans were brought back to their vintage past. All the veterans could have had told some story that were related to the Blood Slaves.


The burning town gradually disappeared from the horizon, but the fire was left deep down in Qian Ye’s heart.


After returning to the base, Qian Ye received bad news and good news.


The bad news was that Lin XiTang had just passed through the Qin Empire two days ago to the capital for the evaluation report. When his adjutant had contacted the Red Scorpion headquarters, Qian Ye had already been on the battlefield.


The good news was that Qian Ye received his first letter from Wei PoTian, so it could be considered a family letter. The envelope was made of snow white Dowling paper and the shading was created from dark gold filaments. If one looked carefully, that was the shading of a headless Angel Wings symbol.


Nan BaTian snorted looking at the envelope, “That birdy thing is too flashy.”


Qian Ye took out a silver empty bullet shell from the envelope. His look towards the shell was a bit subtle.


Regarding the letter, this bullet shell was Wei Po Tian’s first handmade product. Or to accurately say, the shell was an industrial product of the force compression and also was his first successful etching work. Wei PoTian had immediately sent it to Qian Ye, after his success, to boast of his progress.


At the Broken Wing Angel, Wei PoTian didn’t waste his life and made a breakthrough to a third level soldier. And because of his family’s secret art, he soon mastered the original force etching ability and created his first original force bullet shell. The letter didn’t forget to mention the challenge, but mostly worried about how to pay back the debt, three times the debt!


Qian Ye crumpled up the message into a ball then threw it into the wastebasket. He threw the shell high up, it made a silver light sparkled in the air in an inverted u-shaped trajectory and fell back into his palm.


The Military Champion League would happen in the next six months.


In the next few months, Qian Ye continuously applied for missions. Most of the time, he was shuttling around the battlefields. He had risen like a geyser with an extremely calm and relentless killing style.


The number of Dark Races that had died in Qian Ye hands increased rapidly. His record had also soared all the way to the top of the Scorpion rookies, overwhelming countless of shining geniuses, as well as many of the noble family’s children!


He was such a natural warrior and killer. His group always did a good job, but it would be even more dangerous when he was alone. No matter what the circumstances were, he could always find a place where he could expose all of his potential advantages and continued to grow.


Qian Ye could now kill a level four vampire on his own. He fought with an instinct as if the killer nature inside of him seemed to be awakened. Since then, the Dark Races intermediate warriors death rate began soaring significantly at the places that he had been through.


For the changes of Qian Ye, Nan BaTian was worried as much as he felt happy. He had to use a command to force Qian Ye to reduce his number of applied missions. Qian Ye was still under eighteen years old. He had a great future ahead of him. At this stage, Nan BaTian thought that Qian Ye needed more time to practice the force, which was the right path in becoming the strongest.


As for the commands of the captain of the Tiger Scorpion, Qian Ye had always obeyed unconditionally, of course.


In this way, Qian Ye’s fame gradually spread out amongst the rookies of this session. It was said that a few deputy commanders had paid attention to him.


In the eyes of many people, Qian Ye was a rising star. He would soon enough bloom in the Empire military world. His name had been written on a few of the nobles watch list. Even some families had even discussed whether to put him into the scope of solicitation.


A brilliant road was opening in front of Qian Ye’s eyes!


Qian Ye only regretted one thing. That was, until now, he still wasn’t able to meet Lin XiTang even once. Besides the missions, he gradually became familiar with the Lin XiTang that only existed on the papers of the military database, and he also slowly realized that the name of ‘Lin Shuai’ had actually carried how much weight behind it.


Lin XiTang’s origin was not outstanding. The Lin family was just a regular family with generations of soldiers, mostly middle and lower officers. His father was a hereditary Viscount. In the Imperial Monarchy System, it was just a blurry point that could be wiped out at any time.


Such a family could only provide Lin XiTang a good starting platform. Everything after that depended on his own will.


In the three decades of his military career, Lin XiTang had fought millions of battles and was rarely defeated. Even when he had lost to the most powerful Dark Races creatures, no one in the Imperial Army could prick about it.


However, Lin XiTang was not only a military talent but also a natural politician. And because of the practices of the Inscrutable Spell, he also discovered countless of talents for the Empire to use. In short, Lin XiTang could be considered as the most ‘perfect’ general of all time.


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In this way, thanks to his meritorious service, he became one of the top ten youngest generals in his early forties. He and his same aged, Zhang BoQian, were said to be the Imperial Double Jade!


Zhang BoQian had a different type of existence. He and Lin XiTang were like two sides of an bipolar extreme. Zhang BoQian was born to be a real noble. His ancestors followed the founding monarch since the beginning of the Empire and awarded QingYang Wang. [1]


Until present, the Zhang family was still one of the most powerful families of the Empire, QingYang Zhang Shi [2] had a total of four branches, and each branch of the family was the hereditary Duke. This was a family of both pen and sword combined. Their glory was only under the Imperial Royal Blood.


Zhang BoQian was the genius of the marching war field. Even Lin XiTang must have admired him in this area. At the same time, Zhang BoQian is also one of the emperor’s most arrogant martial arts master. This man had a bloodthirsty style which was totally opposite to the meaning of his name. His hands had been soaked in so much blood that even the Dark Races trembled when hearing his name!


However, Zhang BoQian on the political side was considered waste material. He hated trouble, and his favorite style of solving problems was to kill. He often said, “Where is the trouble if I kill all the bastards who caused it?”


Regardless of Lin XiTang’s outstanding identity, in Qian Ye’s heart and mind, the most impressive thing was still that warm and trustful hand.


However, Lin Xi Tang had been restrained in the West at the moment. It was said that the rebellion was not small. Even when he had directly commanded the fight himself, it was still an uphill fight.


Recently, it was heard that a few generals of the Imperial Army were looking for that position to replace Lin XiTang, and he had been called into the capital two times. They all ended very fast, though who knew what would happen the next time.


Qian Ye heard of the news that the Northwest general Zhao WeiHuang had begun to mobilize his famous West Wolves Corps and was ready to go to the rebellion provinces at any given time.


Qian Ye worried about Lin Xi Tang but was also curious about those Rebellers. What type of people were they, that they were actually able to have fought against the Empire for hundreds of years?


After joining the Red Scorpion, he finally realized how ‘monstrous’ the Empire was! The strength of the Red Scorpion Corps was barely enough to squeeze into the first three with some difficulties. How strong could the entire Empire Army be?


Perhaps the fate had been watching over Qian Ye. Just after his curiosity appeared, a small task fell on his head.


This was indeed a small task. The Red Scorpion only gave out five Black Scorpion veterans, including Qian Ye as a rookie. Even the local army had not been requisitioned. Since it was not a cross-continental task, the bald captain was in charge again.


Before the departure of the airship, when the bald captain and the captain of the mission checked the contents of the task, the bald captain’s fat face immediately sank. He coldly said, “Those old *****es really can do such a thing! Rebellion! Everybody knows what is happening!”


The captain shrugged and said, “What else can we do? Since their backgrounds are so deep that they could have gotten us involved in this, there is no room for changes, anyway, run and hurry back!”


The Bald captain suddenly looked up at Qian Ye, muttering, “It’s good to let him see! Rookies always have to grow up one day. He needs to see what the truth behind the light is.”


Qian Ye was confused by the dialogue between them. He could not help but be curious about the contents of this task. It might not be as easy as he had thought it to be.


The airship rose to the sky, still the same flying style like a horse letting loose of its rein, but this time, Qian Ye certainly got the feeling. He and other veterans sat still in their seats and meditated. A few minutes later, someone was snoring.


It was common sense for every Scorpion to charge their batteries before each battle.


The voyage lasted for three days and finally arrived at the mission point at night.


This was the edge of the mainland, and its location was quite remote, but there are several noble families in this province. In fact, there was less than half of the land which was under the Imperial management. The political situation was extremely complex.


There was a small town in the mountains. Since it was located next to a gemstone pit, most of the people in the town were miners. And this time the mission was conducted nearby the town. It was said that the Rebellers were attacking there and causing serious damages.


The rebels were very cunning and devious. They hid themselves in the inaccessible mountains and captured the fiancée of a local Viscount. He was unable to solve the problem and had asked the Empire to send a Red Scorpion Squad to solve the matter.


The airship flew to the top of the town, slowly lowering its altitude, and then hovering in the air about thirty meters away from the ground. The veterans opened the door, jumped down directly from a distance of a few meters, and then landed steadily.


Qian Ye seized a cable and headed down. After a few meters, he gripped the rope tighter to ease the speed of descent, and then let loose of his grip and landed on the ground.


The town had already had the station of the Viscount’s private army. When a military officer rushed out to see the landing of the Red Scorpion soldiers, he couldn’t help but hesitated, “Only that many people?”


The captain frowned, and he coldly said, “More trash is still trash!”


That officer was very young. He was around twenty with a haughty look on his face.


He was furious by the captain’s words, “Who is trash you said? Do you know who I am? A big head soldier can actually dare to f***ing clamor here!


Said the officer who waved a whip, aiming at the captain’s head!


Qian Ye quietly took off the rifle and put it on fire. He did not pay attention to the officer but focused on the aristocratic private army’s soldiers.


Including the bald captain, the Red Scorpion only had seven people this time. It would have been trouble to kill all one thousand of the local soldiers.


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[1] Wang the highest title awarded to a family. Only haver lower authority than a king.

[2] The combined of family name and the title.


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