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Chapter 26 - Cleanup

Chapter 26: Cleanup


He was around eleven. It seemed like he came from a noble family in the town in regards to his fancy looking outfit.


The junior turned around and looked at Qian Ye frighteningly.


When the teenager just ran into the Qian Ye’s view, a rifle had been aiming at his head.


Although the gunpowder firearms were weaker than the original force firearms, with three shots, it could still create significant injuries to vampires. However, Qian Ye felt that the trigger was heavier than usual. He found overwhelming to pull it at this moment.


He should be a normal person… Qian Ye couldn’t ignore this thought.


Facing a normal unarmed teenager, was it necessary to shoot him without asking anything? Even though, it was still an order.


The juvenile suddenly reached his hands to Qian Ye as if seeking for an asylum. His left cheek was a little dirty with some blood stains. In the chaos of the battlefield, situations like that were very common.


Qian Ye let loose of his finger off the trigger. The muzzle was slightly moved away from the juvenile’s forehead.


At that moment, the boy suddenly jumped at Qian Ye, his movement was strangely agile, unlike any human! He opened his mouth and revealed the long teeth with saliva dripping out abnormally crazy. His eyes were staring at the blood veins of Qian Ye’s neck with both of his eyeballs bloodshot. It was extremely hideous!


Qian Ye immediately lifted up the muzzle and aimed at the juvenile’s glabella. The time current at the moment seemed to have slowed down, and the finger that he had always put on the trigger and slowly pulled it.


Suddenly a big foot flew out next to him and kicked the juvenile to the opposite wall. He crashed into the wall that was dozens of meters away! It sounded like a heavy thing that had hit the wall, the juvenile’s body slapped against the wall. He was stuck there for a while then slipped down the ground, leaving a gloomy long bloodstained mark. Every single bone that was in that body were crushed.


“Rookie! What are you waiting for?” He stared at Qian Ye and asked. The Red Scorpion captain had just walked out from the other side of the alley.


“No, nothing, I just … wanted to see what  ‘it’ can do.” Qian Ye said with some guilt.


“They are blood slaves. All they have left are instincts of the beasts. No special abilities, no need to research any further. Kiddo, put away your learning temptations and curiosities. Have you never heard that curiosity killed the cat? These things can be more dangerous than you could ever imagine! If you had gotten bitten or let their saliva mix into your blood, then you better kill yourself immediately, so I don’t have to waste a bullet to bomb your head!


The Scorpion captain’s harsh voice meant that he wasn’t joking.


Qian Ye replied to him in agreement then continued to search forward. He had killed a dozen blood slaves and a Vampire in this valley only. These blood slaves weren’t transferred for long. They had the basic appearances of human beings, and some of them still had clean clothes on their bodies.


But all the blood slaves were like beasts. Seeing Qian Ye, they started attacking crazily. Their desires for flesh and blood had overwhelmed all their other senses. A few of the blood slaves were the elderly, young women, and even three or four-year-old children. No matter what they were originally, at the moment, they were no different than animals.


Qian Ye silently counted in mind each person he had put down. It seemed that this would be able to distract him from thinking about whether there were human beings that had survived.


The blood slaves were the direct results of a human being that sucked blood or was just simply bitten by a Vampire. Since there was no Vampire blood replace the lost blood, the blood slave would never have become a new member of a Vampire family.


The consciousness of the blood slave would disappear slowly due to the corrosion of the blood poisoning and turned into half of the vampire, half beast. Later on, the instincts desire for flesh and blood as well as the fears and absolute obedience toward the true vampire would have become their everything.


So far, the humans had found no cure for the vampire’s blood poison. Within one or two days after being bitten by a vampire, human’s brain would completely be devastated by the dark blood poison, which meant the loss of sanity, and the main cause of the first stage to turning into blood slave. The transformation process was irreversible. That was, even a vampire had no way to have reversed it.


The worst was that the blood slave also had blood venom, and was even more violent than the regular Vampire. People who were bitten by the blood slave would basically turn into another blood slave. Therefore, this town had been completely turned into a blood slave town within just a few days.


As for the Dark Races, the blood slave was the lowest creature, no better than a human shield. They could live long and be treated as food. Sometimes, they were to be raised as war monsters.


Regardless of the Human or Dark Races species, the fate of the blood slaves were extremely miserable. It couldn’t be changed nor repairable.


The Qin empire, as well as the other human countries, had a surprising consensus: All blood slaves or even humans who had gotten poisoned by a Vampire should be immediately executed.


Therefore, although the Vampire was not the most powerful creature or the most crowded creature, they were the greatest enemy of the humans. This was the natural relationship between prey and predator.


The battle of the town soon came to an end. All the vampires and blood slaves had been cleaned up. The entire city was full of corpses, and blood was wandering around every corner of the streets. Qian Ye’s boots that were stepping on the blood made up some slimy, gloomy sounds.


“Everybody in this town listen! All listen! Come out to the center square! You have ten minutes! Repeat! You have ten minutes! After those ten minutes! Any lingerers will all be considered to be blood slaves and immediately executed! ”


From the loudspeakers of the chariot came a loud voice constantly echoing through the small town. A few minutes later, there were some people trembling from the houses that headed towards the central square.


Walking along the street, Qian Ye suddenly stopped by a Black Scorpion veteran.


“Rookie, come with me, time for class!”


Class? Qian Ye doubted, but still turned around and followed the veteran to the central square.


The center square had gathered hundreds of people. They were uneasy, but from their expressions, they obviously still had their sanity. Some of them were hurt. They carefully covered their wounds and hid it. However, it still couldn’t fool Qian Ye, not to mention those veterans of the Red Scorpion Corps.


The Red Scorpion Corps soldiers and all the rookies appeared in the square and tightly barricaded the four sides of the town square.


The veterans who came with Qian Ye turned around and said, “Later if anyone runs, just blow their heads off! Got it?”




Another Red Scorpion captain headed towards the commander of the local army and said, “Now let your people search the city, do not let go of any corner! You have … … twenty minutes!


The commander was shocked by the twenty minute limit, but immediately jumped like a rabbit, and yelled at his team so that they could search the entire city at the fastest speed possible.


After a moment, the city sounded sporadic gunshots and some miserable screams. The people that were hiding in the homes that did not come out were immediately executed on the spot.


Twenty minutes seemed extraordinarily long. The town slowly turned quiet. There were no more gunfire and screams.


This time a Red Scorpion captain raised his right hand, pointed at the square, then sliced a cut throat signal!


Qian Ye’s hearts shivered, this was the command of a massacre!


Qian Ye stably raised the rifle but didn’t fire. Not just him, but many of the rookie’s faces had become very ugly. On the other hand, the Black Scorpion veterans used their cold eyes to sweep over the people in the square.


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They were still normal people!


Qian Ye and many of the other rookies had the same thought.


“Captain! They don’t look like a slave!” A rookie finally called out.


The captain said coldly, “There are a few blood slaves, other people are uncertain, there may be polluters, then there may not be. Regulation procedures in dealing with these people is to throw them into a special black mine and make them work till death! But this time we don’t have enough time, and there are no black mines around. Therefore, direct execution is the best way. You understand, rookie?”


The rookie shook his head and pointed to a few normal people, and said loudly, “They have no injuries! How can they be blood slaves!”


The Scorpion captain said, “blood poison is not only infection through the blood. So long as there is a chance of deep contact, infection is highly possible. Although this is unlikely to happen, we cannot take this risk. If you do not control the situation now, with enough time, a blood slave can destroy an entire city! I cannot afford this responsibility. I think that you cannot either, rookie! Well, as you had doubted my command, after leaving here, you will take ten days of isolated confinement, and then temporarily cancel your Red Scorpion Legion membership. Others will be talked about after you have killed one hundred blood slaves!


That rookie’s face immediately turned pale.


This punishment was basically kicking him out of the Red Scorpion Corps. Even if having another chance to have rejoined, it would have been very difficult to get any attention in the future. The Red Scorpion slots were fixed and very valuable. Once his quota was emptied out, there would be many families staring at this position.


The Red Scorpion captain’s eyes swept through all the rookies. His voice became extremely harsh, “Rookie! This is war! This is the continuation of thousands of years of war! Those bastard Dark Races must die for us to live, any compromises is to sell our own people! Take back any ridiculous sympathies, obey the command. Kill all the enemies. This is the fate of the Imperial soldiers! Now, rookies, raise your guns, fire!”


All the rookie guns were firing. Qian Ye unconsciously buckled the trigger. His muscles were stiff. The automatic rifles continued to jump in his hands and shots after shots came out from the muzzle, and shattered the people into pieces.


In three seconds, the eighty capactiy slide magazine had been emptied out. Qian Ye with a mechanical skill put on a new magazine, and then continued to shoot. When all the rookies had emptied two rounds of magazines, there was no one left standing on the square.


And so after the guns stopped for a while, the local army’s commander trotted back. Looking at the square, his fat cheeks could not help but jump a few times, cold sweat rolling down all over his face. He came to the Red Scorpion captain and whispered for the next step.


“There are still a lot of people in this town, and some of your men just seemed to turn a blind eye to them.


The commander was sweating all over his body. He said in a hurry, “Give me twenty minutes, no! Ten minutes! I’ll dig the last person out! I promise!


The scorpion captain looked at the blood on the ground and shook his head, “No, the town has been completely contaminated. There’s no possibly way to recover it. I will burn it to the ground.”


“Bur… …Burn it?” The commander was stunned. Though it was a small town, there were quite a bit of property. Just burn it down like that?


The captain nodded his head, and meaningfully said, “Yes, burn it all! This is the consequences of having any relationships with the Vampires!”


The commander sweated again, and constantly nodded, “Yes, I understand! Burn, immediately burn everything in sight!”


The trucks roared and slowly left the battlefield.


Qian Ye looked back and saw the flames reaching up towards the sky. His ears sounded a subsided explosion. The small town had been swallowed up in the ??sea of fire. Not for long it would become history. It wasn’t uncommon to have a town, that had been completely burned down, in the Empire’s history.


Qian Ye’s shoulder was patted upon. He turned around and saw a veteran sitting next to him.


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