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Chapter 20 - Easy as Snapping A Rotten Branch

Chapter 20: Easy as Snapping A Rotten Branch


Of course, Qian Ye was the winner of this game.


The referee captain looked at Qian Ye with appreciation while announcing his victory.


After Wei PoTian had vomited, he was brought away by his friends.


Not long after, Qian Ye had a new opponent, a Level Two soldier. Qian Ye had finished him as soon as he had started. His opponent had no room to fight back Qian Ye’s storm-like fighting style. That guy was even weaker than Wei PoTian. He could not stay for a full minute and was kicked out of the fighting ring with just one kick.


Then one opponent after another had also rushed in, just to be taken down one by one. In a blink of an eye, Qian Ye had won five consecutive fights.


From the participants’ gossip, many of the candidates were the so-called fighting masters, and one of Qian Ye’s opponents was also a master of the secret fighting art.


However, as soon as he got on the court and exchanged three punches with Qian Ye, this guy turned into a defensive ‘black turtle.’ Then he fainted after one minute of suffering Qian Ye’s kicks and punches.


If it was not that this kid had boasted the name of the art at the beginning, Qian Ye wouldn’t have even known that he actually had one.


From beginning to end, Qian Ye didn’t even get to see how the ‘Flowing Flame Melting Gold Thousand Weight Strike’ looked like.


A few games down, Qian Ye found out that all these ‘masters’ were all unexpectedly weak, simply defenseless. Amongst them, Wei PoTian could have been considered the strongest. Qian Ye did put some efforts towards defeating him. However thanks to the first fight with Wei PoTian, Qian Ye didn’t use all of his strength later on. Thus, no murder had happened.


After five games, Qian Ye had just finished warming up and stretching his joints. Burning up with the fighting desire, he stared at the space in front of him and eagerly waited for the next opponent !


However, what he got wasn’t a new opponent, but the referee’s angry roar, “You already passed! Go aside and wait. Don’t occupy this place!”


Qian Ye then understood that he had unknowingly  won five games consecutively.


This assessment had made Qian Ye feel like he was playing a child’s game. Compared to the kinds of fatal training at the training camp, it was simply a difference of heaven and hell.


Qian Ye left the fighting grounds, and the candidates who had watched him fight, all had fear in their eyes.


At the first glance, Qian Ye’s attacks were nothing special but were fast, ruthless, and accurate. Those were the fighting skills that all the beginners were fluent in. What was special about him was in his ability to strike through the smallest opening, and from there, put them into a dead end, and finished them in one shot.


However, the real masters, including the examiners had all changed their facial expressions. It was very clear to them what Qian Ye had used was the battlefield murder technique!


This fighting technique used neither tricks nor skill, that was, to use the simplest and most direct way in killing the opponent. This simple and rough way of killing was the most difficult technique to deal with.


Who was this person? Where did he came from?


There were some answers floating inside of the examiners’ mind, including the Golden Spring training camp and a few other mystery training camps.


Qian Ye didn’t know that the other candidates had secretly given him a new nickname, the crazy. With the appearance of a delicate, gentle kid, once in a fight, Qian Ye immediately turned into a crazy bull!


Qian Ye was the fastest one to finish the fighting assessment. He had to wait for all the candidates to have finished their performances before they could have all entered the last test together.


Qian Ye went the rest area, casually looked for a place and sat down. He picked up a glass of water and slowly drank it. Not long afterwards, there were some candidates that were also headed to the rest area. All of them involuntarily avoided sitting nearby Qian Ye’s area. Perhaps they were all scared of him deep down their hearts.


After a few minutes, Wei PoTian came over, then immediately laid his bum right next to Qian Ye.


“You actually passed?” Qian Ye looked at him, asked with great interest.


Wei PoTian angrily said with his eyes wide opened, “What was ‘actually’?! Don’t you know who I am! Our secret art is very powerful, how can I not be able to deal with those small shrimps? That, which is called the Thousandfold Mountain is…”


This was absolutely not the first time Wei PoTian bragged about this. Words after words flew out of his mouth enthusiastically in a blink of an eye, but for a sudden, the last sentence was stuck in his mouth as if his tongue got cramped. He had choked himself with his own words.


Just earlier in the fighting field, he was beaten up by Qian Ye. Not only couldn’t he fight back but also threw up on the spot, and now he was bragging about how powerful the Thousandfold Mountains was! He was snubbing himself.


Remembering that he had lost his necklace and bracelet to Qian Ye, his face immediately changed colors from green to black. Only with one look at his face, it was enough to know that he had pretty high authority within his family.


Staring at Qian Ye, Wei Po Tian didn’t know what to say, but be couldn’t swallow down the resentment boiling inside of his chest. He snorted, “You’re not even that great! If… if…”


This sentence was supposed to be if we had fought again, then something-something… but saying it halfway, Wei PoTian came to thinking that no matter how many fights that they had fought the results would have still been the same. Using only the Force could not have suppressed him. That was such a difficult problem.


Holding back for a long time, feeling like a mouthful of blood was about to spit out, Wei PoTian bitterly cursed, “Da** it mother******” As for this sentence was pointed to whom? Only he knew it for himself.


Wei PoTian then drowned himself in silence, but it didn’t mean that Qian Ye must have been silent as well.


He suddenly turned around and said, “Excuse me… bro.”


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Wei PoTian suddenly felt chilled  and immediately straightened up his body then moved away from Qian Ye.


Sure enough, Qian Ye said, “Wanna bet on the next exam? I find your belt pretty interesting.”


Wei PoTian wanted to immediately die at that moment. Though with his mouth wide opened, he could never have said it out loud, that heroic ‘bet’ word.


Fortunately, the fighting exam had passed at the moment. An examiner rushed over and ordered all the candidates to gather at the practicing area. It was time for the last assessment.


The last assessment was to test the strength of the original force and whether there were  special abilities.


This test was very simple, the candidates would practice their cultivations in the practice room for two hours, and as much as possible guided their own abilities to stimulate their forces, the performance would be observed and recorded for comprehensive evaluation.


Qian Ye went into the practice room and sat down then he thought of this exam’s special requirement. Those who practice the “Art of Retaliation” didn’t have to assess the special ability as long as they had shown how much they have had withstood the original force tide.


The Empire local army recruiting standard had seven rounds, regular army had ten rounds, ordinary special forces  had fifteen rounds, and elite special forces had seventeen rounds. As for those who had always been high above the top elite army, the minimum standard was twenty rounds!


But it was only the basic conditions to join those armies. Even if one could have had withstood twenty rounds of the original force tide, that didn’t mean that he would immediately be able to have entered these armies. They also checked the results of the other two exams, and sometimes even gave some extra tests.


No one knew that twenty rounds of the original force tide was a completely different challenge for Qian Ye, compared to ordinary people.


However, he had no time to waste. He was almost seventeen now. This was his only chance left to join those special force armies. He relaxed his mind and body and slowly began to control the Force.


Slowly, the force waves began surging inside of Qian Ye’s body, together formed a tide heading to the force node on his right hand.


Waves after waves continued to generate. When the nine waves had completed, a full force round was formed. When the first round of the original waves retrieved, it also stimulated the resonance force outside the practice room caused the gear rotation. At the watch on the door, the number flipped from 0 to 1.


The force was constantly oscillating and Qian Ye’s body also trembled more and more. His face had turned pale. Cold sweat poured out from every pore of his body. His face remained calm, to the point of being unbelievable.


The number outside the door kept changing, 17, 18, 19…


And finally came the most crucial moment! The twentieth round of the original force tide was completely a monstrous flood that swept through heaven and earth! Enormous rebound force caused his face to turn red. His nostrils, eyes, and ears kept on bleeding.


In fact, it had already been overwhelming at the seventeenth round. His internal organs started bleeding. He had never tried to complete twenty rounds of the original force tide before. With how things were going, the nineteenth force round rebound would have shattered Qian Ye’s heart.


In the end, is it worth it if I pass the test but am already dead to even know it? But can I really give up at this moment?


In a blink of an eye, Qian Ye suddenly realized, and immediately guided the original force waves to another path instead of the chest scar area. That area was like mud. The momentum was slowed down considerably while going through this way. However, the consequence of doing so was doubling the pain.


Qian Ye’s  eyes had darkened and he almost fainted!


He tightly clenched his teeth , ready for the faint and continued to drive the nineteenth wave!




From the practice room came out a shrill roar, the watch outside the door quivered few times, and finally flipped over the black nineteenth number, and revealed a scarlet twenty!


An examiner frowned his eyebrows, and immediately pushed open the door. He asked, “Are you all right? Are you still conscious?”


Qian Ye leaned against the wall. He was too exhausted to stand up, and his clothes were all soaked. There was a huge gloomy blood stain on his chest.


Looking at that, the examiners eyebrows frowned even tighter. When he was about to write something down in the list on his hand, Qian Ye suddenly raised his head and said in a dim voice, “I’m fine.”


The examiner looked at Qian Ye suspiciously, was that what he called fine? Anyway, it was none of his business. As long as the candidates remained consciousness after completing the assessment, then the exam results still counted.


The examiner noted down the number 20 in his notebook then turned away. And Qian Ye spent a full ten minutes before he could barely wobble out of the practice room.


The candidates who had fully completed their tests were brought back to the camp. The injured ones got free treatment. The imperial military also provided the highest qualities of medicine. As long as it wasn’t fatal injuries, they could have healed it. Qian Ye’s injuries were dangerous. In the end, after soaking his body in a special liquid treatment, he was able to recover about 70%.


When he was sleeping in the solution, inside of the main building they were holding a special meeting.


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