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Chapter 111 - Examination of An Heir

Chapter 11: Examination for An Heir


“That’s fine.” Qian Ye sighed with relief. He did not feel like Miss Qi Qi would need a lover. To her prominent status, even if she looked like a sow, that lady would still have a lot of the handsome and capable men revolve around her.


Though Qian Ye still frowned, “Why does it sound like I will have to do everything? Does that mean I don’t have anything to do?”


“True. You’ll do everything that she asks you to and you have to do it well. As for the reason, you will always know after the interview tomorrow. If she does not give any order, you will just have to stay by her side.”


Qian Ye continued to frown. He did not have sufficient reasons to refuse this task and it obviously looked like there would be a lot of troubles. However, in the end, he still took it. For a rich remuneration, a little trouble was not a problem.


The night had passed just like the way it was. Early the next day, Qian Ye was dragged to the city’s most modern hotel, straight to the top floor.


This hotel was expensive. The top floor would probably cost several gold coins per day and thus, such expense was actually just for someone to come and make an interview. This had made Qian Ye, who was still taking silver coins as his standard reward, for every hunting task felt speechless. Even though they were standing on the same floor, both felt like creatures from two diverse world.


Qian Ye sat in the open living room for a full forty-minute to hear the brisk footsteps outside the room. A middle-aged woman was coming in.


This was a very fine maintenance of a woman though he could see a bit trace of aging from her face. She wore a loose mantle with long large sleeves. Her long hair was partly tied up into a twist on a side of her head. Every pearl and jewelry from the hair to the clothes were meticulous to flawless, though that long face expressed no feeling and made people felt like she was very harsh and critical.


“Are you Qian Ye? Stand up!”


Qian Ye stood up and looked at the woman’s eyes full of vigilance. This woman retro dressing lady was a level-seven senior!


It was not difficult for Qian Ye to deal with level six soldiers, but this was a level seven. Moreover, the masters of those noble families often practiced a variety of secret laws, so that their fighting ability usually surpassed the same level masters.


At that time in Xiang Yang recruitment point, Qian Ye didn’t think that the family’s secret laws were powerful, but after seeing the way those rookie angles fought, Qian Ye realized that with the increase in level, the laws would indeed play an important role. Like Wei PoTian’s secret law, the Thousandfold Mountain would immediately enhance his defensive skill into a fixed hard turtle shell. Therefore, he started to pay more attention to those masters of the nobles.


The woman walked around Qian Ye two times with her eyebrows always locked together, “Level four rather than three, ah, a bit better than expected, but still a waste. You may not know how lucky you are and how much others have to pay for you to be able to stand here. Ok, anyway, it’s none of my business. Now, remove your make up.”


Qian Ye hesitated for a while but still went to the bathroom. After several minutes, he came back in front of the woman with all of the faint camouflage wiped clean.


This time, the woman’s eyebrows immediately stretched as her eyes also looked a lot softer, she nodded and said, “Well, very good! You are just right! Go back to pack things, you have two hours. Throw away unimportant things. The Lady’s place has everything!”


“Wait a minute…”


“Pack up, immediately! Throw away all debris and do not keep anything! Money is not a problem.”


Qian Ye opened his mouth but finally understood that it was impossible to communicate with this woman. He couldn’t do anything else but to say goodbye and left to the first floor.


Mr. Er was waiting at the door with nervous feeling palpably expressed on his face. He immediately asked as he saw Qian Ye, “How?”


“She asked me to pack things in only two hours.”


Mr. Er immediately sighed in relieved.


Qian Ye was curious, “Is this task very important to you?”


Mr. Er revealed a faint but helpless smile and said, “A word from a big boss like Miss Kiki will affect many people’s future. At least, if this task can make her happy, two families will get to change their fates. Of course, this task is also good for you, a lot of money and a good amount physical enhancing materials which cannot be bought in the Dark Blood city even if you have money. So, at least, it should be worth the trouble.”


Qian Ye could hear Mr. Er’s helplessness.


“What about Yu Ying Nan? Why didn’t I see her back?”


“She has left.”


Qian Ye was stunned, “Left? To where?”


“Her family’s trouble has been resolved, so she’s probably back to her family and doesn’t need to stay here as a hunter. She said she would say goodbye to you. As for those things in her house, you can take anything you want. If not, I’ll keep the rest for her.”


Qian Ye felt an inexplicable melancholy surging, “Her family is related to this task?”


Mr. Er sighed and said, “A bit, ah… not too much. Miss Qi Qi has been trying to help her but she rejected. Ying Nan, sometimes this child is very stubborn.”


Mr. Er patted on Qian Ye’s shoulder and said, “Do it well, for you, but also for her!”


Qian Ye silently nodded.


Two hours later, an airship took off into the sky, carrying Qian Ye away.


In a suburban cemetery of the Dark Blood city, several guys were carrying an oversized coffin, slowly putting it down into the grave. The coffin had not been covered and Yu Ren Yan was quietly lying inside, he looked peaceful as if he was just sleeping.


Yu Ying Nan stood on the side of the grave, quietly watched the coffin being buried down. Mr. Er was standing beside her, sighed and asked, “Don’t you really want to think about it again?”


“My brother has long told me to bury the battlefield where he died. Previously, it was because of protecting me from not being insulted, my brother had to kill those bastards and took me to seek refuge at this abandoned land. Now that he has gone forever, then his dream will be for me to help him finish. His greatest desire was to become a general to command the army and kill those Dark Blood scums, so I will return to Qin Empire and joined the Imperial Army.”




“I’ve decided!”


At the moment, Yu Ying Nan suddenly felt something, turned around and looked up to the sky.


Above the western sky of the Dark Blood city, there were several airships floating. Looking at the root, some should be setting sail as other were landing. And the most beautiful one was a diverse shipyard type floating boat. From the white mast pulling up, there was a vague sleuth of a green horse head. The floating boat was slowly turning in the wind and drifting away. That was the Yin’s private airship.


Not until the airship disappeared in the sky did Yu Ying Nan stop looking. She suddenly untied the ponytail. With one hand holding the long end, she pulled out the dagger with the other hand and brandished a knife to snap short the long hair, then casually threw it away.


The wind swept away the hair to the far skyline.


The wrinkles on Mr. Er’s face seemed to engrave deeper. He intensely sighed and said, “I didn’t know you and Qian Ye have developed to that kind of relationship.”


Yu Ying Nan smiled and said, “No, not that relationship. I know that he doesn’t like, so I can leave with nothing to regret. When I recommended him to Qi Qi, I had decided to give up. You know what type of person Qi Qi is. She will never let go of Qian Ye the moment she sees him. For Qian Ye, perhaps Qi Qi is more suitable for him!”


The coffin was now covered and the guys had begun to fill up the grave. A moment later a new tomb had appeared at the cemetery. It was blank on the tombstone, not even a name was engraved. This was Yu Ying Nan’s idea. What should be remembered would always be remembered, if it meant to be forgotten, even more words on the tombstone were useless.”


Yu Ying Nan walked toward Mr. Er, hugged him and said, “Mr. Er, I have to go, thank you for taking care of me for such a long time. You have to take care to witness I become a general. Until that day, I will come back and drink with you! ”


Mr. Er deeply sighed. He couldn’t control his eyes to tear up and slowly said, “Ying Nan, I can only give you a few words: Stay alive!”


Yu Ying Nan smiled, forcefully nodded her head.


She retreated a few steps, threw the backpack over her shoulder and headed to the public transport airship base.


That short-haired back looked free in the twilight, but also so bleak.


Qian Ye was sitting on the floating boat, looking at the ground flying backward outside the windows. His heart suddenly felt empty as if something had been lost, though this feeling was very light and very plain like the gentle breeze in the light season.


The middle-aged woman, Mrs. Lan came over, handed two sheets over to Qian Ye and said, “These are the main points of your task. Moreover, remember this person, maybe you’ll encounter him as doing the task. If he causes obstruction to your progress, do not hesitate with him. As long as he does not die, anything’s fine.”


Qian Ye took a look. The original main task was to help Yin Qi Yi passed the heir’s examination. Qi Qi’s test content was planning the fighting strategies against the Dark Race at this eternal darkness mainland and taking her feat as record. On the other hand, other rare resources and some important information were secondary additional points.


This was a very common family assessment content. Qian Ye had participated in a similar task at the Red Scorpion. A big boss wanted his son to get a better assessment result had quietly used a small Red Scorpion squad.


On the other sheet was a drawing of a young and handsome man. Although it was only black and white sketch, his spirit and self-confidence were fully sketched and presumably he was a very talented young gentleman. Next to the portrait were small characters recorded this person’s resume. Qian Ye carefully read as his face gradually looked serious.


Gu Li Yu, born from a noble family, went to Imperial Military Academy under family support, graduated in the top ten after several years. Then, he entered the Flam War Front Corps, after five years of serving with numerous exploits, last year, he left the corps and participated in the Imperial Army and was now a lieutenant colonel.


This record was dazzling. Although it seemed that his individual record was not as good as Qian Ye, also the Flaming War Front Corps was always suppressed by the Red Scorpion on the top five elite corps ranking, Gu Li Yu was obviously seeking the development in commanding aspect rather than force and power, though his personal strength was not weak. At level seven, he was only twenty-nine years old this year.


For the descendants of the noble family, this promoting speed was completely full of pride. After all, the enhancing drugs were extremely expensive, not just any medium status family could afford. And their secret law was also mostly inferior. If not willing to practice the high-risk-rate “Art of Retaliation”, they would have to rely on opportunities, such as joining the higher family or having to worship a senior teacher.


“Who is this?”


“Miss Qi Qi’s fiancé.”


Qian Ye was dumbfounded. That guy was at level seven, a whole three-level repression was not just to see. Such person who could enter the elite army, and exited out to the military as a colonel, even if there was no secret law, then the real combat power could not simply be equal to an ordinary level-seven soldier.


Moreover, since Gu Li Yu was Qi Qi’s fiancé, it looked like he was also a young talented man, so in the end what was Qi Qi’s purpose? Did she hire Qian Ye for the family exam or to fight against her fiancé?


If it was for the family exam, a four-star hunter couldn’t really play a big role in the fight. They should not know about Qian Ye’s true strength and didn’t seem to care. And if to deal with her fiancé, why didn’t they look for a stronger person?


Qian Ye seemed to smell the taste of conspiracy.

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