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Chapter 110 - Unsolved Questions

Chapter 20: Unsolved Questions


The major raised up both his hands indicating that he had accepted the loss, and then smiled, “I will try as much as possible so that they will only have to do regular examinations. The observation period was one month. If there is no infection, they will be released. If this is not the case, you can kill me now.”


For standard examinations, there would have had a more reasonable survival rate. Qian Ye secretly sighed, took off the foot on the major’s chest, then put the Hawk Strike back into the holster and turned around.


“That’s the case then I will pay attention to the result.” Then, Qian Ye turned away to leave.


The major got up, forcefully twisted his neck, then suddenly shouted at Qian Ye’s back, “Hey! Kid, don’t do such stupid things next time!”


Qian Ye did not seem to hear, turning away to leave.


The major spit out a bloody sputum and cursed, “What a m********ing monster!”


As for whether this sentence was evaluating Qian Y’s strength or character, it was a mystery.


Qian Ye was leaving at a breakneck speed. Not long later, it was only him and the wilderness, but at this moment, every of the major’s words was still reverberating in his mind.


Now looking back, having brought those people who were raised by the vampires was truly an unnecessary stupid trouble. It was not that these people were not worthy to be saved, but because of the current system of the entire empire had had its own principle of rather killing wrong than to miss the actual blood slave.


This system and policy were pared after thousands of years of brutal war and sacrifice of lives, blood, and bones. A temporary limit of an area could no longer be determined the right and wrong of this regulation. If just saying, the empire had been in existence for a long time, and it was still as powerful as ever, only that could explain its correctness.


Even if there were different ideas in Qian Ye’s perspective, he was only one individual, could not fight against the whole system, not to mention he now had no clue how to. At least, now, he could not really kill those Expeditionary soldiers for a dozen of vampire-fed mankind, that was truly the fooling action to get himself in trouble. Even the Expeditionary army had a lot of problems, but it was the last line of defense to help human fighting against the Dark Race in this continent of the eternal night.


The final proposal of the major of had already been the most tolerant plan for the current circumstances. As Qian Ye was thinking deeply, he found that things would not end that easily. Even if they were all released in the future, the situation wouldn’t have been brighter.


The empire had four continents, more than 300 provinces, but comparing with the huge population, compared with the threat of powerful foreign enemies, resources were always limited.


On the imperial territory every day, there were billions of poor people struggling between life and death at the bottom of the society. In contrast, these people were not eligible to get better treatment, unless they could prove that they were useful.


However, it was always been easier to talk than to do. Some of those humans were captured, they had memories of the human kingdom, so perhaps it would be possible for them to fuse back into the society. Though the major of whom born and live in the Dark Race territory longer than anyone else, if not with specifically guide, it would become an unsolved question whether they could adapt the human society.


Today, for the first time in his life, Qian Ye encountered problem he had never faced in the past. That was, how to deal with the consequence of the war, but he did not know where the answer was.


Back to the dark blood of the city, Qian Ye went to Mr. Yi’s firearm store.


Mr. Yi raised his head and as always, he gave Qian Ye a blank looked and said, “You again?”


“I have good things for you.” Qian Ye said, put a bag on the counter.


Mr. Yi grunted, slowly stood up and said, “Good thing? It should be trouble. Oh, sooner or later, my old crooked bones will be crushed because of you…”.


Mr. Yi didn’t get to finish his sentence. His voice suddenly muted.


The bag’s buckle was broken and the had been revealed to be a pair of blood group antique pistol. Mr. Yi suddenly took off the glasses, carefully wiped it clean, and then took out a pair of white gloves to put on. He then held his breath, softly lifted the two short guns out of the bag and put them on the white cloth.


“Shut the door!” Mr. Yi said without looking back.


Qian Ye followed his words and locked the door, he was secretly looking forward to this. That level three force gun, Liquefied Golden Rose, was able to sell for five hundred gold coins, these two antique pistols were in pairs and also level four original force guns. How could they be worth less than two or three thousand?


This way, Mr. Er’s list would not be a problem.


Of course, for that mysterious task, as long as it didn’t bring up too much trouble, Qian Ye was willing to take. Although it might not be so simple as it looked on the surface or Mr. Er would not deliberately give it to him, with the trust for Yu Ying Nan, Qian Ye felt that it would cause no harm to try.


Mr. Yi wiped the shorts with a lint flannel sheet with one hand as the other fingers carefully rubbed each line on the patterns of the guns. On the handle of one gun, there was an R engraved and the other was a W.


Mr. Yi put the two pistols neatly on a parallel and said to Qian Ye, “You gotta take them back, I cannot take them.”


“You cannot take it! Why?” Qian Ye was stunned.


Mr. Yi pointed at the two letters on the guns and said, “If I am not wrong, then the you must’ve sneaked those two guns out from some aristocratic vampire clan’s collection room. Although the two abbreviated letters could have a lot of meanings, since they appeared on a pair of the original force gun, they can only mean one name, Ross Wilder. A very famous vampire aristocrat. These two guns were his weapons when he was young. They are called the ‘Twin Flowers’ and were famous with him when he was only a baron, that was equivalent to our human level nine soldier. When he was faced the decisive battle to kill the mayor general of the Dark Blood city, the final blow were these two pistols.”


“That should be more valuable, right?” Qian Ye puzzledly asked.


My. Yi shook his head, “The problem is that this Roth Wilder is not dead yet, he was still alive, healthy and now is a marquis. His territory is in the vast area at the far west side of the Dark Blood city. This pair of short guns should be a gift from him to his favorite descendant. No matter how you got them in hands, it will be equal to a heavy slap on that Rose the Marquis, he will never let go of this easily. So, I can’t take them and no one at the Monolith Ridge as well as the surrounding area dares to take these two things.”


At this point, Mr. Yi looked at Qian Ye and said, “You should know that the border between darkness and dawn was actually the gray areas in people’s mouth. And the so-called gray was the coexist area of black and white. Therefore, if the dark race wants to do something, they will have many ways to do it and there will be a lot of people willing to work for them.”


Qian Ye was stunned. Since what had happened at the Black Current city to the underground firearms market at the Dark Blood city, he had realized that the transactions and contacts between human and the Dark Race could be much more than he could have imagined. Though Mr. Yi was so straight out like that, he did not expect that a marquis vampire could actually have such influence power in human territory.


Though surprise become anger. In fact, if thought about it, even the expeditionary army’s active brigade had trading business with the Dark Race, what would be so strange that other families and forces did the same thing?


Qian Ye took a deep breath and took back the pair of short guns, “So to say, not only that I cannot sell this thing, but might also be hunted and killed by the vampires?”


“It seems like that.”


Though Mr. Yi then implicitly hinted Qian Ye that even though Ross’s guns could not afford to be sold in the Dark Blood city, it did not mean that could not be sold in the upper mainland. Qian Ye understood his subtext, a vampire marquis who could kill a human general when he was only a baron was indeed a big man, but he was only the big man at this territory. In the end, that Rose the Marquis’s hand could not reach that far to the upper continent.


In addition the unable to sell ‘Twin Flowers’, Qian Ye’s trophies were also a bag of crystal coins and a level three force gun of the patrol team knight, so eventually his pocket had had more than one hundred empire gold coins, which could be considered a small harvest.


After having done with the equipment, Qian Ye went to find Mr. Er to report. A moment later, the two hunters found a quiet restaurant nearby the Hunter’s House and sat down to eat something and chat.


After listening to Qian Ye’s adventure experience, Mr. Er’s face gradually turned from admiration to dignified, and then helplessly smiled.


Qian Ye calmly asked, “What? Do you think that I got into trouble?”


“The one that was murdered should be Ross Wilde’s descendants. Someone could develop into an independent clan must have at least five generations, what do you say? I know you have never feared to fight against the Dark Races, but fatal dagger is often stabbed from behind.”


Qian Ye smiled and said, “I am not that easy to deal with. If someone is willing to die for the Dark Race, then I don’t mind harvesting lives. How much they come then how much I will kill!”


“You’re only at level four!” Mr. Er solemnly said. In fact, because he was only at level four… if he was at level eight or nine or even break through the general level, the dark hands behind would be much less. To sell this kind of thing must also know who was the one being sold.


Qian Ye just smiled, did not say anything about level evaluation.


Mr. Er said, “Now we can talk about the matter of the task. Tomorrow, Miss Qi Qi will send her people over there for the last interview. If you pass, then you will be leaving the same day. However, I think you will pass in no problem.”


“Miss Qi Qi?” This was a completely strange name for Qian Ye.


“Yin Qi Qi, the core heirs of the Yin Ma Yin family. Looking at the entire empire, The Yin family could be included in the top three ranking family. It was one of the first foundation of the Qin empire, so you should know very well of Miss Qi Qi’s position.”


Qian Ye was very clear. The imperial aristocracy system was quite complex: Four Great prominent families, seventy-two aristocratic families, more than a thousand small land owners. In general, they were still using in the nine-class from founding era. The four valves Zhang, Zhao, Bai, Song were well deserved to be the top leaders of the three highest class. There were some super-families that were not much worse than them. Although the ranking of the next three classes would always change, Yin Ma Yin, Far East Wei, LangYa Wang, those three aristocratic families had never felt off the three first classes.


The most intuitive performance was when Qian Ye was still in a Red Scorpion mission, every time the task information had a page mentioned that the local was the exception of the ‘quota of casualties’, which meant, these three first classes were in the protected range.


Such core heir for one of the three aristocratic families like Yin Qi Qi, if only mention of the status in the imperial aristocratic sequence, she was much higher than both the city mayor and the expeditionary general.


What had doubted Qian Ye was why such a person with prominent status likes her need to find a low-level hunter to complete the task?


Mr. Er said, “Your task is to serve as Miss Qi Qi’s consultant, adjutant, soldier, assassin during her time at this mainland. And when necessary, a lover.


Qian Ye just drank a gulp of water and almost  spat out to Mr. Er’s face, “Lover!!”


Mr. Er rolled his eyes, “Of course it’s fake!”

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