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Chapter 109 - Check Point

Chapter 109: Check Point


The shrieking voice of Count made every single vampire shivered. This was the instinctive fear of the weak toward a higher power.


Moreover, the Count’s temper had never been considered good. He usually needed to have some lives torn off personally to vent out his anger. Most of the time those were human captured outside, but sometimes some bad luck vampires also became his victims.


Originally, Wilde was slightly stronger than MoYa and as a result, vampires also had higher social status in the Gemini city as compared to werewolves. However, not long ago, one of the Eternal Darkne Council had come to the Gemini city for a brief break on his way to the Dark Blood city to attend a big event.


However, the whereabout of this big boss had somehow been leaked and it resulted him to be stopped outside the Dark Blood city by a human. Moreover, it was said that the gun of the legend, the gun which no one had been able to fire for over hundreds of years, the Blossom Red Spider Lilies had found its owner. The mysterious power of the Styx River had forced him to swallow down the bitterness and to retreat.


Member of the Eternal Darkness Council was a big boss that even Wilde had to desperately look up. He had thought that this would have been a golden opportunity to flatter that person, though he did not think of such a big flaw. Ge Shi Tu was very angry and after having returned, he gave out an order to look for who had leaked the news, and then wandered away. From that moment, Wilder knew that the impression of the honor councilor had fallen to the lowest point.


The aftermath of this matter has not passed, and then it was Luke Masefield.


The young Masefield was so arrogant that he did not give a good face for either Wilder or MoYa. Wilder could only remain patient because regardless of strength or status, he was far weaker than that young evil descendant.


As having heard that young thing would throw out a bait through a blood feast, this experienced vampire Count instinctively felt wrong, but there was no way for him to stop, though he was clearly aware of the cruel retaliation that human empire would operate to take revenge on the blood feast.


In the beginning, this innocent Count only hoped the powerful evil descendent and his arrogance was strong enough to fight again mankind’s revenge. Though he did not expect those human beings’ counterattack to be so quick and fierce like that, they had erased both the arrogant thing and his base off the world map!


Upon having received the news, Wilder immediately understood the seriousness of the problem. It was not important what his name was, but the terrible thing was that he had the Masefield surname! A Masefield had died on his territory, also in his ruling term!


Wilder could not help the headache surging inside. He really did not know how to explain to that huge family of the Eternal Darkness group. Could he say that your young Masefield had died all because of his arrogance and stupidity?


And the last message had become the last straw to overwhelm the camel, let Wilder completely bust.


Snapped! The document directly hit on one of the vampire Baron!


“A human hunter had not only killed Benjamin and the entire of his clan under your eyes but also saved dozens those human cattle! And, he had not only taken those little ordinary food and fled back to human’s territory but also killed the entire patrol team? This is the army you have trained for years of thousands of crystal coins?”


“It’s just a hunter! One! How many levels can he have? 7 or 8! Do not tell me, there is a general level hunter!” Wilder waved his hands and roared, “Go check! Dig out everything of this scum who had dare to provoke the beast! No matter how, in what cost, in short, I want you to bring his head back to me! Contact our friends. it’s time for them to be useful. Within a month, I want to see his head, have you heard it!!”


At this moment, there was only Count Wield’s shrieking voice echoing the entire castle.


Qian Ye didnot know that what he did had caused such a big impact to become a tie score to Masefield’s. And from the point of provoking anger effectively, it was even more excellent.


After all, one who had been able to kill Masefield together with the entire stronghold was certainly not an ordinary human senior and Earl Wilder knew that he would only have died faster if he went out the take revenge. He was not even that young Masefield’s opponent. However, just a human hunter, a thing that was not even more worthy than a reptile had dared to gone wild in the Gemini’s territory? Moreover, Benjamin was not an ordinary vampire knight.


With the anger of Wilder, the entire most powerful forces of the Gemini city started to take actions. The hidden chess disguised in the Dark Blood city was also summoned to search for that human hunter.


A large network had been open and started enclosing Qian Ye from all directions.


At the moment, Qian Ye was facing a new problem. The people who he had saved were stopped at an expeditionary check point.


“Who are you!” When the guards asked, those who had never been to the Great Qin Empire were all at loss. Some people honestly said that they had been slaves for vampires and was rescued to seek refuge here.


Expedition Army sentry’s face immediately changed, quietly retreated back a few steps then out of a sudden, he loudly called, “Alert!”


A moment later, the alarm went off and the military barrack next to the gate quickly busted open. In less than three minutes, hundreds of soldier had rushed out and surrounded the survivors.


Qian Ye had just arrived to meet this scene.


“Stop!” Qian Ye called, and then rushed the responsible first lieutenant and asked, “What’s happening?”


Although Qian Ye was a hunter, but he had already been at level four. That expeditionary army lieutenant was only at level two. Regarding of the level difference, the guy had reluctantly explained the situation .


As hearing the problem, Qian Ye immediately knew that what his worries had become real. The lieutenant apparently regarded these people as blood slaves, at least suspected them to. According to the expeditionary army rules, even if these people were not directly executed, they would be isolated with suspected objects label. The so-called isolation was that they would be thrown into the black mine until the observation period was end. The problem was the observation period was often a lifetime period.


Imperial soldier had great discretion in judging if someone was a blood slave, especially in the expeditionary force’s hands, where the right could be summed up in one sentence: “You are if I say you are.”


“They are not blood slaves!” Qian Ye was trying to distinguish the fact.


The lieutenant had lost patience and sneered, “You count as nothing!”


“They are really kept by the vampire, but they are all indirectly drawn blood and have not been bitten!”


The lieutenant continued to sneer, “Who knows?”


Qian Ye tried to stay calmed and said: “I saved them from the vampire’s castle and brought them running for hundreds of kilometers is to come back and see them killed as blood slave label?”


“Young man, you do right!” A voice came from Qian Ye’s back. It was a cold-faced major. It seemed like he was highest level of the executive.


“But I only want to point at the part where you had gotten them out of the castle, there was no need for you to bring them so far. You are putting yourself in unnecessary danger. You could’ve just killed them all. Keeping such people keep will only enhance those vampires’s power.”


“They are also human!” Qian Ye gritted one word after the other.


The young man looked at Qian Ye for a while, shrugged his shoulders, and then swept his eyes to the group of survivors where most of them were either still numbing or shrinking. Suddenly, he carefully observed the girl, revealed a vague thoughtful smile, and then he pointed at her, “You! Come here!”


The girl came out uneasy.


“You do not look like a blood slave, stand over there!”


The girl felt more and more uneasy, she could almost imagine what would happen next. In the vampire’s manor, when guests came they had occasionally been selected like that. Though compared to living, it seemed not worthy. She hesitatingly looked at Qian Ye while walking toward the major.


The major then handily pointed at several other ladies and let them stood with the girl. After that, he took out a cigarette, light up, swaggered toward Qian Ye, then fiercely poked on his shoulder and said: “That, boy! You also see it. I have let go of some of them. That should be enough to give you a face! Now, you can roll away!”


“What about the rest?”


“Of course, they must be quarantined and checked, if they are not contaminated then they will be rearranged.”


Qian Ye was clear what was the meaning of isolation check, so he immediately said, “Let them in, I will figure out how to arrange them.”


“You? Arrange?” Major looked at Qian Ye with the I-am-looking-at-idiot look, “What are you to give them arrangements? If there’s a blood slave in here, can you take the responsibility? If not looking at your ability, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time with you! What are you! A shitty hunter is just like a wild dog in front of me!”


Qian Ye revealed murderous intention in his eyes but the major did not let go. He walked two steps forward and had almost come in touch with Qian Ye. Without hesitation, he released the aura of his force. This guy was also a level four senior.


Qian Ye coldly said, “You better put away that arrogant attitude!”


The major suddenly laughed, “Who do you think you are? Aristocracy, dog of those big ignorant family, my boss? You are nothing! Why should I listen to you! Let me tell you, in this place, I am the big boss! Da Hei!”


A face of the barbarian sergeant stepped out, fiercely he smashed away a middle-aged man with his gun handle, and then pulled the trigger to fire the entire magazine of bullets. The ground was bust to splatter with dust and foul smoke. The middle-aged man was scared to death, lying on the ground and did not dare to move a little.


The major bit on the cigarette butt, looked at Qian Ye, then he waved at the sergeant and said, “Next, his marksmanship will be surprisingly accurate. Show him some more.”


The sergeant grinned and searched his eyes in the crowd to for the next victim. Soon he aimed at a handsome boy and struck the gun on his, “I hate beautiful guys!”


As the major was thrillingly waiting for the next screams, a fist suddenly enlarged in front of him and then quickly, he then felt like being hit by an ancient monster, could not help but to fly out.


Qian Ye punched on the major’s face, then reach out and grab his ankle and heavy slammed it on the ground. Finally, he gave the guy a heavy foot to his abdomen!


Although the major had the enhanced physical body of a level four cultivator but he still felt like being crushed over but full-harvested heavy truck to almost fainted. As he was reluctantly recovering from the pain, a thick cold steel pipe had mercilessly inserted into his mouth, straight to the throat!


As for that cigarette butt which was still burning, it was deeply pressed into the throat to reluctantly died out of fire burning.


The major finally understood the situation, Qian Ye was holding in hands an amazingly long force gun and its barrel was inserting in his mouth. With the first glance he had recognized that was the famous sniper rifle, Hawk Strike!


Not saying of Hawk Strike, that was, for any gunpowder sniper rifle, a direct shot into the mouth and one would die no matter what kind of enhance body it was.


All expeditionary juncture guard were stunned looking at the scene. Their ruthless, arrogant, invincible major had already been knocked down. This, by all mean, did not look like a same level combat. Even a level five against four could not be so overwhelm.


Qian Ye said coldly, “You are nothing in my eyes!”


The major now could only issue meaningless sounds. Some Expeditionary soldier’s eyes finally revealed fear. They did not recognize the Hawk Strike they had recognized its appearance seemed to be a sniper rifle. People like Qian Ye, who usual played with sniper rifle, were always the most terrible hunters. Of course, they couldn’t touch such giant beast like the Expeditionary Forces. Though if grassroot officers like them were killed on the way home, the governors would have no interest in investigating to the end.”


Qian Ye slowly pulled out of the barrel and said, “Let them in!”


The major smiled bitterly and said, “Can’t! If I let them leave, once people up there know about this, all the brothers here must go into the human shield camp. They must do the isolation check! Since you can use the Hawk Strike, you should know this.” The major only felt bad luck was wandering upon his head. The moment he recognized the Hawk Strike was the moment he realized that he had kicked an iron plate (get himself in trouble). The adventures, hunters, and mercenaries in the wilderness were worthless, but people who used these identities as their cover… only god knew who the hell they were.


Qian Ye gently asked, “Then you tell me, what should we do?”

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