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Chapter 108 - Using Force to Ruin the Game

Chapter 18: Using Force to Ruin the Play


A woman in white suddenly landed in front of everyone. She had been floating several meters above the four for a while, but including Bai Long Jia, none of them had notice of her arrival!


This was a frugal pure and noble woman whose age was a mystery. She dressed in typical costumes belonged to the empire’s nobles. Lapel, waist, loose sleeves were all purely white. The only jewelry was the jade ornament tied to her waist. Her long hair was randomly held up with a silk ribbon.


Her face was considerably delicate but the scar on her left cheek had tarnished the overall beauty. Moreover, she had no memorable feature to impress people. She seemed… normal, too normal and ordinary that would immediately be drowned in a crowd.


Luo Jian Yi and Yang, Du both generals did not recognize this woman, but that didn’t stop them from feeling her hovering. Anybody could appear on top of their head without them knowing would easily kill them.


As Bai Long Jia saw her, he could not control his facial change and shout out, “Sister!”


“I heard that there was an evil descendant fishing here with the blood feast. Since I was on my way through here, I come to take a look.” The woman casually said. Her voice was as plain as her look, neither attractive nor memorable.


Bai Long Jia said with urgency, “Just an evil descendant, I myself is enough! do you really want to go?”


“Do you think you are not a fish?”


“Even the fish, I am also a big fish!”


Bai Long Jia still wanted to argue but that lady had already put her finger on the lips for a silence gesture and nonchalantly said, “Big fish is also a fish.”


Bai Long Jia knew that this was her telltale sign of no more argument, as well as none opposition. His face was blushing even more and he was tempting to continue arguing on the topic of ‘big fish ‘. Though since a young age, he understood clearly that doing such was no different from committing suicide.


The woman moved around the hall. From the beginning to the end, she had never set her feet on the ground.


“Well, I’ll go see that fisher guy.” Having said that, her figure flashed. It looked like she was trolling, but just in a twinkle of an eye, she had completely disappeared in the wilderness.


Waiting until she left, the three generals then dared to vent out.


Young generals carefully asked, “General Bai, she, is she really that person?”


Bai Long Jia snappily said:, “Nonsense! I only have one cousin, who else could she be?”


After receiving Bai Long Jia’s confirmation, the three invariably hit a chill. Bai Long Jia also became languid, he waved up his hand and said, “Go back!”


Although Bai Long Jia was displeased with her judgment on the combat power, he knew that she had never been wrong. Also because of this, Bai Long Jia’s mood was even gloomier.


After a while, the airship slowly launched and returned to the Dark Blood city.


In the dark race’s territory, the young Masefield was sitting in the courtyard and boringly shaking the goblets wine cup in his hands. In the cup, there was bright red blood.


He was facing a huge moon in the sky. It seemed like he was talking to himself but more like whining, “Shouldn’t the big fish be coming soon? That human called Bai Long Jia A is not far from here, I heard that he was quite talented. Killing should be enough for those guys to remember my name, not the surname Masefield. It’s obviously a drag down to have such prominent surname”.


As whispering, Masefield put the cup closer to his mouth intended to take a sip of the blood. Though he saw the red liquid inside the cup was rippling.


He was stunned to feel the ground under his feet also began to vibrate at a constant frequency as if a gigantic ancient monster was slowly approaching.


An indescribable feeling suddenly struck his heart so that every single strip of his long hair started standing up on end. The eye on Masefield’s glabella suddenly opened, it was a no sclera dark eye!


When the third eye opened, a dark stream started rising behind Masefield and immediately merged straight into the sky. Then, it turned into a hideous monster head, staring at the direction, constantly producing gloomy roar.


The anti-entity monster had a skull that was up to ten meters in height. It looked like a tiger, but the two elongated fangs showed that it was the ancient monster had disappeared in the legend.


Masefield’s face suddenly flashed with panic. He had not even seen the enemy’s shadow and he had already been pressed to show out his inborn talent totem.


Who was it!


He could no longer stay calm and jumped into the sky. His shadow flashed up and appeared in the space outside, searching to the horizon. There was a white woman appeared in his vision, step by step she was approaching forward from the wilderness. The earth-shaking rhythm was syncing with every single step of hers.


No matter what, Masefield refused to believe that this entire piece of land was shattering up by that woman.


“Who are you?” Masefield shouted. There was a name rumbling in his head at the moment so that there was a trace of tremble in his voice, but that person should not appear here!


It looked like she was just casually jogging, but after every step, her shadow would flash up, and then appeared at the distance of around a hundred meters away. In a blink of an eye, she had appeared right in front of Masefield.


She looked at the monster totem in the air, then slowly said one word after the other, “ChangPing’s Bai, Bai AoTu!”


“How could it be!” The young Masefield exclaimed, then reluctantly calmed down and said, “I am the great…”


“To much bul*****!”


Bai AoTu approached closer toward Masefield and casually dent out a simple punch to his chest!


The entire world seemed to be twisting with her punch!


Masefield reached out both of his hands to make a shield against the attack.


Suddenly, the world became quiet from twisting and rumbling sound endlessly gushing up behind Masefield. All the buildings at the base started collapsing one after the other as if they were crushed by an invisible wave. Smoke and dust had covered half of the sky!


Strangely, there were crumbling sounds passed out from the ruins as if the dozens of the dark senior fighters and hundreds of residents there had never existed. In a blink of an eye, a thousand people capacity base had been razed to the ground, only the furthest half building survived.


If observing from the sky up high, the ruined area would show a fan-shaped scratch, the dark race on this land had completely been erased from this continent.


This was the power of Bai AoTu’s one punch!


As the punch reached its peak, Masefield still maintained his parry posture, motionless, the excess power of the punch which had caused an entire place to collapse did not let him retreat even half step.


Until the roar had all subsided, the young evil descendant was able to whisper, “I am the great Masefield…”


Bai AoTu clawed back her fist then gently patted his head and said, “If still a child, do not imitate adults to fish in deep water.”


once finished, she turned around and left to the vast night. When she left, that earth-shattering, no one is better momentum had completely faded and once again, she turned back to that ordinary and easy to forget woman.


“I am the great Masefield…” The young evil descendant was still murmuring over and over as if as he had become a jammed phonograph.


His body slowly tilted forward and finally fell down to the ground. The moment his body touched the ground, it suddenly shattered into white ashes and quickly blown by the wind away. A general of an evil species had disappeared from the world just like that. Finally, nobody would remember his name. It seemed like the only mark he had in this world was solely his outstanding surname.


He just wanted to catch a big fish but did not expect to hook a white shark.


At the only remaining half building, masonries suddenly flipped up and from the inside raised up a little girl. Her white skirt was so dirty that its original color had completely lost. Her entire body from head to toe was covered with shattered wounds. Her face was also covered in ashes and specks of dust. Though her eyes were still clear without any trace of panic.


She struggled to climb up to the top of the building and looked around. She was the only survivor of the entire ruins. All the dark fighters and residents here had turned into ashes under the fist of that buddha. As for her, before Bai AoTu started, she had seized the time and hid herself in the underground cellar and desperately ran to the furthest place to escape the impact.


The little girl chose a direction and walked away from the ruins. It looked like her post was struggle and stagger with blood flowing down her left leg. She looked down at the wound, then used full strength to pull the splinter out of her leg, and then tore off a piece of the skirt, tightly wrapped around the wound and stood up.


Though only after one step, she suddenly stiffened up, and then slowly turned around.


Bai AoTu was standing in the distance, quietly watching her.


Bai AoTu slightly tilted her head, seemed to think of something, and then asked, “Human?”


The little girl nodded.


“Talent is just normal, but only relying on the instinct to sense danger to actually escape my punch, that is very rare.” Bai AoTu’s tone was still as flat as always. No one could hear the meaning.


The girl hesitated, slowly moved toward Bai AoTu, tremblingly reached out her hand and said with a jerky voice, “Take me away.”


Bai AoTu looked at the little girl’s big eyes, and slowly said, “If you want to go with me, you’ll have to become the sharpest knife of the Bai family.”


The girl’s eyes were still clear and did not hesitate to answer, “I will,” and then she whispered in a low voice, “as long as I can… live.”


“What’s your name?”


“No name.”


Bai AoTu looked at the little girl’s eyes for a long time before she stretched out her hand, slowly held on that bleeding little hand. Bai AoTu revealed a faint smile, turned away, bringing the little girl toward the human territory.


Two women, one big and one small were drifting away in the wilderness, slowly merged into one to the night.


In the dark country, the dark Gemini city was at a distance compared to the Dark Blood city.


Gemini city was created by the Wolf city and Blood Castle city. The two middle of the city was separated by enormous walls, with numerous towers and weapon warehouses. The architecture of the two sides was completely different, only the southern area was a condominium. Any Dark race can freely access this place and it was also the Gemini city’s business district.


As its name, the Wolf City was ruled by werewolf under the control of four large tribes. Also, its archon was a Mad Wolf originated, Ke MoYa. Meanwhile, the Blood Castle city was led by Earl Wilde with its main citizens composed of various vampire clans. Since werewolf and vampire were natural enemies, there was no vampire could be seen in the Wolf City, and same for the werewolf in the Blood Castle city.


The Gemini City’s mayor position would be for the two archons to take turns in the three years term. In hundreds of kilometers of the Gemini city’s territory, MoYa and Wilde were the supreme monarchs.


This year was the last year of Count Wilder’s Mayor term. Though for the time being, this vampire Count’s mood was extremely bad was as if there was something irritating happening to him. No, the situation could not be described as uncomfortable. For over the last hundred years of his long life, not a thing had been worse than it was at the moment.


The Count kept wandering back and forth in his office and from time to time and occasionally glancing at the report on the desk. Every time he looked at it, his mood would be more irritable. Finally, unable to control the anger, he uttered a roaring sound that shook the entire castle. After that, the Count grabbed the tidy bookshelf and forcefully slammed it into the opposite wall. At the moment, he seemed to vent out the foul anger aura in his chest.


There were several vampires kneeling at the door of the office. Earl saw them and his anger started flaming up again!


“Can’t do anything right, not knowing anything! What do I need you for?!”

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