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Chapter 107 - People of The Bureaucracy

Chapter 17: People of the Bureaucracy


Qian Ye raised his voice and said again, “Who wants to go back with me to the empire? There may be risks on the road, but all the vampires in the castle have been killed by me. There’s no guarantee that you’ll leave here alive. I only give you three minutes to consider!”


“I want to go back to the empire!” A girl suddenly ran out from the crowd.


“What are you doing, come back!” A young man next to her pulled her back, but she had backhanded to give him a slap in the face and ran to Qian Ye.


The young man’s face revealed bitterness and cruelty. He suddenly rushed toward the girl, but immediately felt dizzy and stopped. He was like hitting a big mountain and was shocked to stagger back two steps.


Qian Ye appeared in front of that young man like a shadow and was coldly watching him. That young man had shot against Qian ye earlier.


“Do you want to die?” Qian Ye sounded soft and cold.


The young man looked at Qian Ye’s emotionless eyes and suddenly turned brave with the courage that even himself couldn’t fathom where it had come from. He shouted, “She is my fiancée! The Saints had agreed to give her to me after the exercise of the first night. You cannot take her!”


Qian Ye’s eyes drooped slightly but they then quickly raised up. He smiled and whispered, “Saint?”


The young man loudly said, “As long as we behave well, from time to time, the saints will select one of us to give the Embrace. Since then, we can become a member of the family!”


Qian Ye didn’t want to listen further, waved up his hand and gave the man another slap in the face! This slap had sent the young man flying with a mouth full of blood and several teeth gone.


The young man was quite vicious and cried, “Even if you go with him, it’s impossible to escape their slaughter! And what if we get to the empire? We were born here and raised here, so do you think they will let you live? They will only treat us like blood slaves, and kill us all!”


The young man then gave out a long scream. Qian Ye had come and trampled off all of his four limbs, “Cheap ass**** like you, die is too easy. Come and see how they treat a crippled animal!”


The young man then thought of the future which he might have to encounter. He suddenly trembled and twisted his body then screamed at Qian Ye, “You monster! I won’t let go of you even if I die!”


Qian Ye no longer cared about the young man and asked those people again. This time there were nearly a hundred people willing to follow Qian Ye back to the empire.


“This is not easy. We have to move forward at full speed, and won’t slow down because of anyone. So if someone is not confident to finish the entire trip can retreat now.”


All the people who had stood out were determined to leave, so Qian Ye brought with him hundreds of people who had been treated as food on the way home.


There were a few carriages in the castle and Qian Ye had taken them all with him to allow the fleeing people to rest in turn. Therefore, after days and nights, the fleeing team had been running for nearly two hundred kilometers.


At this time, all the horses were exhausted, nearly half of the team had stayed on the road forever. Some were exhausted, some were left behind, but the outcome was the same. In the dark race control area, dead human beings were no different from edible animals.


No matter how many people in the team had fallen behind, Qian Ye did not slow down and everyone was also silently trying to follow the brigade. No one complained, no one groaned until they had no effort to move forward.


When leaving the dark race controlling area, Qian Ye suddenly stopped and said to the girl who first stood out, “You bring them to continue going in this direction and must not slow down, got it?”


The girl nodded hard and asked, “What about you?”


Qian Ye looked at the road and said, “There’s a team of Dark Blood scums following, I’ll deal with them and then come back to meet with you.”


The fleeing team continued to move forward and Qian Ye turned back to face up with the tracking patrol.


Rescuing these food-people was only a secondary goal, Qian Ye’s true purpose was to catch a patrol team as they were chasing out for a few hours. After traveling for hundreds of kilometers, at the moment, not regarding his physical strength and vigilance were at the lowest, it was a good time to start.


This was a brutal retaliation for the blood feast. How could saving a settlement’s several lives be more satisfied than getting rid of a patrol team?


Qian Ye had waited for less than half an hour to see a team of more than a dozen of dark warriors appeared in sight. The leader was actually a blood knight, which was Qian Ye’s favorite type. After one day, Qian Ye had perfectly infused another bullet just for him.


The great roar of the Hawk Strike had shattered the quiet night. The knight was like being hammered by an invisible force to fly out. Qian Ye then pulled out a knife and rushed forward, fiercely attack the dark team.


Blood was now dying the night red!


After a moment, Qian Ye left the battlefield with numerous deep wounds and a level-three force gun. The entire patrol team had become corpses and had been stacked into a small hill. Whether it was before or after death, each vampire had all had their throats and limbs arteries cut off. This was human’s revenge on the blood feast.


When Qian Ye sneaked into the dark race territory, the Expeditionary Army barracks had ushered in a big boss who could let them feel respect and fear, Bai Long Jia.


Bai Long Jia had just got out the airship, hadn’t even bothered to show courtesy, immediately said to the head of the army, “General Yang, I heard there was a blood feast here. Go, take me there to see.”


Although they both had the ranking of Major General and Bai Long Jia’s ranking also belonged to the semi-virtual title, not as directly as the commander of the expeditionary forces army, but from the attitude of both parties, Bai Long Jia seemed to be the boss.


“This, the general Bai, seems to be.”


Not waiting for the Expeditionary Force Major General to finish, Bai Long Jia had coldly interrupted, “There’s no seem here! Take me to the scene, immediately! If you do not want to go, then I will ask someone else to lead the way. Then you don’t have to be the leader anymore! ”


The Expeditionary General immediately put on a smile and said, “No, I’ll lead the way! Please wait a few minutes.”


“Right, call mayor Luo and general Du.”


General Yang suddenly hesitated, “Both of them have been very busy.”


Bai Long Jia did not listen to his explanation, “Half an hour later, I want to see them on the airship!”


The mayor of the Dark Blood city Luo Jian Yi, as well as the two Generals from the Expeditionary Force’s dispatch division of the Dark Blood city: General Yang and General Du, were the three strongest human generals of the city. This distribution had shown that the Dark Blood city’s status was very promising. Generally, there was only one general in the city of the same size.


General Yang’s smile was immediately stiffened on his face. He then called the adjutant and shouted, “Invite mayor and General Du, no matter what way you use, be sure to let them hurry here in half an hour! Tell them this is the command of General Bai, got it?”


Bai Long Jia looked at him and said calmly, “It is useless to push things to my head. Just three generals of the abandoned land, I can afford it.”


General Yang was almost in his sixty and at the moment this gray-haired man was groveling and flatteringly smiling at the man who was only half his age, “I dare not to! Just that not hearing your name, they will not come. They will not give me such a big face.”


Bai Long Jia nodded his head, and then went straight back to the airship. He leaned his back on the chair and began to meditate, turned blind on general Yang who was still standing outside.


This was clearly an act of looking down at General Yang as just a commuting messenger. Several Expeditionary soldiers’ faces had turned ugly, but Major General Yang still looked as usual. He did not take this insult as he was quite bearing to the humiliation.


That night when Ge Shi Tu, the member of the Eternal Darkness Council came to the city, he had advocated not to show up. This resulted in himself inadvertently offended Bai Long Jia. Now was a good opportunity for atonement.


Even though both sides were Major Generals and their combat power was almost the same, Bai Long Jia not only was from the young talent generation belonging to one of the four most powerful nobles, he was also a member of the Broken Winged Angel. Therefore, he could be described as having in hands a promising future. The entire Expeditionary army together only held one main corps position in the Imperial Army and the one controlling the Dark Blood city was also just a second-rate army officer. In short, although both were at the same rank, the status difference was a big gap.


Only the dark city had special circumstances where there was a lot of ‘fat’ to fish, so the military had to send two generals over in order to balance the forces of various. Usually, the two generals Yang, Du did not get along. Each person had their own camp and no one was convinced by the other’s ability. It had been considered polite when the lieutenant which general Yang had sent over to call general Du did not get kicked out on the spot.


Though Bai Long Jia was not the same, the descendants of those families were unscrupulous and sometimes they didn’t even care about the definition of morality. If he got him angry, maybe he would send down a monitoring and evaluation officer. Such generals at border station like them, who could really withstand a fine investigation?


No more than twenty minutes, Mayor Luo and General Du had come over. Bai Long Jia didn’t say much but directly commanded the airship to set sail toward the settlement where the blood feast had occurred.


An hour later, the airship slowly landed outside the settlement. Bai Long Jia had already brought with him three officers of the Dark Blood into the conference hall.


The hall was still maintaining the same status as a few days ago. The blood feast had occurred days ago and most of the bodies had deeply been rotten. The thick rancid aura of decaying corpses filled up in the air everywhere, but still, the brutal and bloody scene of the blood feast was quite clear.


Regardless, Mayor Luo and the two generals were all secretly frowning. They could not stand such strong and rancid smell. On the other hand, Bai Long Jia was quiet standing there and slowly sweeping his eyes around the hall as if he had smelled nothing.


After a full ten minutes, Bai Long Jia said, “I’ve heard that it was an evil descendant who had set up this table, intended to catch a few big fish? You three must be really careful not to fall in!


These words were nothing like disparaging and the three was feeling anger surging inside, though there were nothing else expressed on their faces but shame.


Bai Long Jia stood with his hands crossing in front of the chest, facing the blood feast scene and lightly said, “Since the other side has put up such a battle, it’s not gonna be good if no one joins in! Let me see if that evil thing is as powerful as legend had mentioned of!




“Do not!”


“Please think more carefully!”


“It doesn’t matter if you want to die, just don’t drag us down the water with you!” Three people looked at each other. This was the first time they had the same idea.


Evil descendant was different than the ordinary general. They were called the son of the dark and their fighting talent was far beyond their peer of other kinds. It was the same as Major General Bai Long Jia alone himself could easily kill the other three major generals.


Seeing their face Bai Long Jia heavily grunted, “Just an evil descendant and you’ve already felt scared! Well, he wanted to fish… let see if he could drag this fish up to the shore or I will drag him into the water!”


“But it was a trap, jumping into it is not a wise thing to do!” Luo Jian Yi tried to stop Bai Long Jia.


Bai Long Jia suddenly said, “Maybe because you had been staying in this continent for so long that you had forgotten the history of the empire. From ancient times blood feast was always a trap. Every time the blood feast appears, the empire will brazenly respond, no matter how much the cost is we have to kill them all to respond for the provocation! You think, for over a thousand years, the imperial generals were all so stupid to not realize this is a trap?”


“Xing Zu once said, anyone who invades our Qin empire all need to be punished even if they had run far away! Is this how you respond?”


Each of Bai Long Jia words sounded like thunder, shocked the three and their faces turned pale. Yet how could those wicked old men who had been living on the border for years be moved by just a few words? Everyone nodded, but no one had moved their steps. They also winked at each other, wanted to stop Bai Long Jia.


At this point, everyone suddenly heard a flat voice, “Well! Very good”


This sound was like whispering from the void. From around the range of tens of meters, there was clearly no other person!


The three generals of the Dark Blood were all dismayed to turn around and even Bai Long Jia’s face also changed. This voice was too familiar with him, so familiar that he could not help but to tremble!

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