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Chapter 106 - Poisonous Blood

Chapter 16: Poisonous Blood


As the distance between them quickly shortened, Qian Ye suddenly bounced up from the ground like a cheetah, and directly struck the level-three vampire’s face with a punch!


Being struck by that move, the vampire’s face immediately crumpled and concavely depressed down. His body was dragged aside before making a beautiful arc to collapse on the ground.


After the huge slamming sound, the ground under his foot suddenly cracked, and Qian Ye sprung up an artillery to face another level-five guard, ignoring the stabbing knife, he sent out another punch toward the guy’s face!


The short knife pierced through Qian Ye’s back but like thrusting through a bunch of heavy, thick leather. It went particularly slow and finally stuck in between the two rib bones. The guardian’s reaction was not slow. He quickly raised his left arm to barely block Qian Ye’s punch. Though his body was still fiercely fisted to staggered backward as the bones on his arm was giving out strange creaking sounds.


After having been promoted to level four and had the dual enhancement of both original force and vampire constitution, Qian Ye’s body was now extremely powerful and he had soon surpassed the ordinary level-six human soldiers and level-five vampire fighters.


Qian Ye clutched the guardian who was holding on of the knife with his hands, did not let him have a chance to escape. Meanwhile, his right hand gripped into a fist and heavily hammered down like heavy storms. Each of the strikes was like a giant hammer axing down the mountain!


Qian Ye’s two fists had smashed broken the leader guard’s arm and the final elbow had crashed the blood shield protecting his body into pieces. He then quickly retreated, use the entire body as a bullet, heavily shot toward wounded guard!


A heavy bang rumbled, the guard was shot to fly backward as his body twisted into a strange shape. With a great physical strength enhanced by the original force, that power was like a heavy mountain that crushed every single bone on the guard’s body into pieces!


Suddenly, there was a slight thrusting sound merging toward him, a short knife had pierced through his back. The knife broke through the armor but had difficulty to pierce through the muscles. Finally, it could only barely touch the bones.


Qian Ye didn’t seem like he had felt a sharp blade had inserted into his flesh, backhanded to grasp on the fighter’s neck. With five fingers tightened, Qian Ye snapped the fighter’s neck. With vampire’s tough physical constitution, this injury might not become the cause of death, but at least would disable his combat ability.


Qian Ye waved his hand up to stop another vampire knife stabbing up and made another punch that hit the opponent’s middle chin. In the grieving sound of bone broken, that fighter was shot and collapsed back.


Qian Ye was like a lion walking in the wolves pack. His punches were as fast as lightning, as heavy as mountains. There was no one in this group could even take a direct hit from him!


In a blink of the eyes, Qian Ye had slaughtered all the enemies around him. Only not far away from the wrecked carriage, that vampire horseman was struggling to get up, but he staggered in difficulty to even stand straight. His tattered body was not suffering from fatal injuries, but the opening of the wound kept emitting out black blood, all had carried with it the rancid taste of death.


The vampire horseman was furious and frightened, desperately drove all the power of blood force to finally eliminate the invasion of this special blood aura, which was working as a poisonous agent non-toxic. However, his injury was not only two times eroded, the blood force consumption had caused him hurtful exhaustion.


Qian Ye quickly approached and reached out one hand, intended to clutch on his opponent. The vampire angrily waved up to fight back. The two palms came in touch and they began to wrestle. The ground under the two was stumbled to deafening sound and was crumbling down. In the end, there were a few shallow pits some meters deep created of the fight!


At the moment both sides were having equivalent power, but the vampire’s injured left side was becoming weaker and weaker, and would soon feel numb. He suddenly issued a beast-like roar as bloody aura suddenly surged up from both of his eyes. The double pupils suddenly lit up in the dark night like two red spotlights. Two long vampire’s fangs quickly grew out from his lips then fiercely bit toward Qian Ye!


Qian Ye did not retreat, just slightly tilted his head and casually let the vampire’s fangs pierced into his shoulder. As the vampire fangs emerged into his body, Qian Ye obviously felt two lines of dark poisonous blood began to infiltrate into his blood, but his own dark blood immediately had a strong reaction.


The purple blood string had almost shot out from the vampire constitution rune, rushed straight to the two invaded poisonous blood and swallowed them clean as soon as it faced them. Did not stop here, it twisted and quickly duplicated into a fine hair-like purple string, went back along the path where the blood had come in and finally drilled into the vampire fangs, invading into his blood.


The vampire had his eyes wide opened in absolute fear, desperately wanted to push Qian Ye away. He was now shrieking with meaningless sound from his throat.


Qian Ye, of course, would not let go of this. He was still keeping on the wrestle, and began to slowly gain advantages. However, when the purple blood rushed against the current, his eyes suddenly raised up with a dense red mist. As if being attracted by some mystery force, he suddenly bit down on the vampire’s neck!


Blood carried with it rich and powerful original force gushed out the influx of tide. Qian Ye instinctively swallowed big gulp one after the other. Each gulp caused his body to burst out with joy and excitement. This was the power of a level-eight vampire, his blood power had surpassed far beyond Qian Ye. Each of them contained the dark force which was equivalent to all the original force power which Qian Ye had at the moment.


Though as just swallowed down two or three times, Qian Ye had accidentally sucked up a stinky blood. He had almost vomited to immediately spit out that gulp of blood and then pushed the powerless vampire to aside.


This vampire could now be described as haggard as if he had been aging for decades in such a short period of time. He had completely lost his life. A level-eight vampire should’ve had much more power than that, but he had first shot by the poison bullet, which had purified and consumed more the half of his blood toxin. Moreover, the direct suction of purple blood had caused his other half corrupt quicker.


Qian Ye had realized that his current blood was highly toxic for the vampire. And now he could not help but curious about the origin of the purple blood and perhaps when the golden blood came out of the cocoon, it would bring him a greater surprise.


Qian Ye quickly search for a round on the battlefield and brought all the other fighters into hell. Now this clan only had a few ordinary vampire inside the castle.


He picked up a sword, wiped away the blood aura of vampire, took out the leather bag and dumped all the silver liquid on the blade, and then he went to the two defenseless bronze doors.


Red fireworks suddenly shot up from the castle ceiling straight to the sky and then exploded. Qian Ye moved his ears to catch the almost undetectable sharp sound. This was the distress signal and it would not take long before the vampire patrol squad heard the news.


Qian Ye was not afraid of the patrol. He quickly strode into the castle and saw entire clan was gathering in the hall, quietly watching him.


The middle sofa was occupied by an elder vampire who was even older than the horseman earlier. The other elders were standing by the side while the children were gathering under the elder’s knee.


If not knowing that this place was a vampire stronghold and these people’s double pupils were not lighting up in bloody red, then he would have thought that he was walking into an ordinary nobility’s living room.


The hall was very quiet. The silver liquid was dripping from the blade and the gloomy ticking sound was like beating in everyone’s heart.


Qian Ye slowly headed toward the middle elder. His old face was as dried as dead wood. His expressionless eyes stared at Qian Ye, and then he slowly said, “Human, you are very brave.”


Qian Ye revealed a faint smile, showing no interest in chatting. He raised the sword, pointing at the old man’s throat.


“Grandpa, is this today’s dinner? Looks like it’s delicious!”


A little girl’s voice immediately followed by a pain on Qian Ye’s leg. He looked down and saw four or five years old little vampire was biting on his thigh. That two small blood-sucking fangs were piercing more than half into the meat. Through the shiny ivory translucent fangs, he could see two strands of thin blood lines rolling into her mouth.


The old man’s face looked happy, he grinned and said, “You are doomed, mankind! Even if you kill us, you cannot escape the fate of becoming a slave!”


Qian Ye just looked down at the blood family little girl and faintly said, “Is it? This little girl is a pure blood ah, her hidden talent is also quite good. In the future, she can grow up to be a horseman. What a shame… Little girl, don’t be hurried, don’t be hurried or you’ll get a stomachache.


When blood leaving Qian Ye’s body, the purple blood suddenly woke up again from its rune and quickly send a ray of purple blood to the little girl.


The little girl sucked and sipped, suddenly dumbfounded then started shrieking. She felt to the ground and curled up, quickly become stiffened. Meanwhile, there was a gush of purple blood coming out of her mouth.


The old man seemed to see the world ‘s most terrible scene, shot up from the chair and shouted, “Holy blood! The Holy blood! You are not human! Why!”


“Is this the Holy Blood?” Qian Ye revealed a faint smile as he was saying with the tone confused with statement and doubt, “But I think I am still human.” Said, his hands pierced straight into all the vampires’ hearts.


The silver blade in Qian Ye’s hand constantly waved up like dancing, gently pierced though hearts that was either about to exhausted, or new born mortal vampires. After the short screams, the hall again silenced down.


Qian Ye carried a sword and quickly searched all over the castle. As he was walking to the gallery room, Qian Ye saw a lot of oil paintings and also a pair of pistols on the wall.


This was a pair of kinship original force guns of the vampire. Their golden handles were all rubbed to shine, and obviously at old age. If they were placed in such an eye-catching position of a vampire clan, these guns must have great value and different meaning.


The rest of the oil paintings and furnishings were all valued as luxury goods in the human kingdom, but Qian Ye had no time nor power to move so many things. Therefore, he only took the antique force pistols from the wall and took a bag of crystal coins on the desk then left the castle.


Into the atrium, to the half closed door, Qian Ye hesitated for a moment then turned around to the back mansion.


The unusual movement in the castle has disturbed those human beings. They walked out of the room and stood at the door, looking into the castle. Many of them were all at a loss and numbness. The manor was like having an invisible red line, no one dared to cross the border.


In Qian Ye’s eyes, these people were not blood slaves, not polluted by dark blood, but there were dozens face looked too pale, they seemed a bit weak, seemed like they had just been drawn blood recently.


For the vampire race, sucking the direct flow of blood from the living body was a kind of enjoyment, which had a completely different flavor than to drink in a cooled blood glass. It was the unique ability which their ancestors had given them. Though human who was contaminated by the dark blood would soon become a blood slave and they couldn’t use them after two times of consumptions. Regular bloodletting could be used for a long time, like human captive cows.


Qian Ye said, “I come from the Qin empire, who wants to go back with me, stand up!”


These people started looking at each other in confusion. Some people showed hesitant expressions, but most people were still standing there, numbingly.

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