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Chapter 105 - Blood for Blood

Chapter 15: Blood for Blood


Qian Ye did not understand many things. Yu Ren Yan did not say who was that little girl neither the name of the person he wanted him to help take care. Only at the last sentence, Qian Ye heard the voice of a warrior.


The true empire soldiers were already made a ‘not to come back alive’ preparation when they set foot on the battlefield.


The Qin Empire had their kingdom founded on weapon and power. For over a thousand years, although there are other successful founding of humans, if talking about the military officers, the imperial proportion of casualties was far above other countries.


Qian Ye straightened his back, in this moment when no one was paying attention, he had proposed a formal military propose toward Yu Ren Yan, who had lost his life for the Empire’s future.


This was a real warrior, a warrior who had died on the battlefield. Perhaps he was quite ‘lacking,’ but his fighting against the Dark Races could offset everything.


Qian Ye went out of the room and said to the doctor, “He is gone.”


The doctor nodded his head then brought several people with him to finish up Yu Ren Yan’s body.


Qian Ye and Mr. Er stood in the corridor and was quietly waiting. Since people of the Black Current city couldn’t come on time, the funeral would be on the Hunter’s House.


“What was his task, how can the casualties be so serious?” asked Qian Ye.


Mr. Er sighed and said, “They had founded a blood feast in a settlement at the border and went out of control. So they had followed to the Dark Race territory and fell in the trap. That was the whole team of senior hunters ah! Yu Ren Yan was the only one to escape. It was said to have four blood knight and one evil descendant.”


“Blood Feast!” Qian Ye’s eyes were suddenly overflow with murderous.


In the Red Scorpion Corps, Qian Ye had seen more than once the blood feast. Not a single time that he wasn’t deeply shocked of the tragic. It was a normal instinctively sorrow feeling when a normal life seeing his species being violated, tortured and killed.


Even within the Dark Race, the practice of the blood feast was also very controversial. Only a few who adhered to the ancestral tradition factions will hold on to this ritual. This part of the Dark Race had always been human’s invincible rival enemy.


The principle of the empire was to kill all the people who stood behind the blood feast once it happened. If not possible to pursue the murderer, or temporarily not in the condition to kill the slayer, they would kill all the people in the area, took blood to pay for blood.


This was the military’s tough style. Although this insistence had been used by the Dark Races many times to set up the trap, the upper echelons had never changed the idea, even if the revenge took a heavy price, the empire was willing to bear.


Once an empire marshal had said, “In front of the blood debt, rational and utilitarian are meaningless.”


Because of the blood feast, that marshal had led his army and fought with the enemies in an unfavorable condition. In the end, he had paid a painful price to harvest the victory. Although the family descendant who had to follow him to the war were killed more than half and he himself had also been politically attacked by the opponent. Though after the campaign, during this period, there had no more blood feast appeared in his territory.


Qian Ye took a deep breath and said, “I need to go out for a few days. We’ll discuss the task when I come back.”


“What are you going to do?”


“Kill a few dark blood bastards!”


Mr. Er was surprised, “You are crazy! There is an evil descendant! You will die!”


Qian Ye calmly said, “I certainly will not go to that place to die, but there are many dark blood bastards at other places. Facing such hatred, blood for blood is the duty of every imperial soldier!”


“You are not an imperial soldier!” Mr. Er said with a headache.


Qian Ye then suddenly turned back to reality, immediately changed the topic, “This has nothing to do with the imperial army, those hunters are not soldiers but had they not killed to the dark blood territory?”


“They are a whole squad, and you…”


As seeing Qian Ye’s expression, Mr. Er did not continue, but deeply sighed and said, “That sight has arrived, go with me and pick it up first and then go out. Maybe it’ll keep you alive for a while.”


Qian Ye nodded and said, “Rest assured, I will not reckless, only the living people will be able to kill more dark blood scums!”


At that time, Yu Ren Yan’s body was pushed out from the operating room. His expression was very calm as if he was just falling asleep.


Qian Ye quietly watched his body being pushed away and said a farewell in the bottom of his heart, “Goodbye, friend.”


There were not many words had been said between this man and Qian Ye, but they had had a fierce battle and the same hatred of the imperial soldier for the Dark Race so that they had gradually come closer to each other. In Qian Ye’s heart, that man had already been his friend.


An hour later, Qian Ye was carrying the Hawk Strike and other wilderness equipment to leave the Dark Blood city to the Dark Race activity area. Qian Ye had selected the opposite direction which Yu Ren Yan and his team was attacked. He certainly would not rush to find that evil bastard to die, but every single dark fighter, even the entitled vampire knights were all in Qian Ye’s hunting list.


Whether it was to fight back the blood feast, or just simply taking revenge for a friend, Qian Ye was heading to the enemy’s territory without hesitation. Even if he could no longer wear the imperial uniform, he would have never forgotten the glory and responsibility a soldier had.


After one day and one night, Qian Ye had run for hundreds of kilometers. He then immediately slowed down and began to carefully emerge. This area was already the territory of the dark race, and even had compiled patrols, but those were formal Dark Races fighters, which were completely different from those roaming stragglers at human’s territory.


Qian Ye continued to go in depth. Relying on the panoramic sight, he dodged several patrol waves and successfully sneaked near a dark racial settlement.


Very lucky, this was a vampire clan settlement.


The whole settlement was actually a castle and ancillary mansion, which was the typical pattern of the traditional vampire. The main building was cylindrical and there were long narrow windows around seven or eight meters from the ground. The walls were covered with thorns. After a long period of time, they had heavily tangled and winded to each other, nobody could realize how many layers had they grown. The most characteristic was the three conical towers, on their external walls, the top, and the corridor stood a lot of beautiful demon sculpture, created the whole castle a gorgeous and gloomy pressure.


Qian Ye silently infused force into the Hawk Strike and then observed the entire settlement with.


Regardless day or night, the castle was always lit up brightly and could always dee shadows roaming around the long windows. This was a small clan with about dozens of formal vampires. The clan leader was a horseman level vampire. He was a silver-haired, elegant and majestic elder. The other part of the tribe was one vampire knight and ten none senior fighters. The rest were just the ordinary vampires. There are several pure blood descendants, which had not yet grown up.


In the rear of the manor, there were rows of cottages, which living hundreds of human beings. These people took care of the field work and livestock during the day. In the evening, when the vampires were ready for their ‘holy meal ‘, they became the livestock of the main course.


Though these human beings would not die, they would be the roundabout blood for those vampires to enjoy.


Up to this point, Qian Ye knew that this clan was a moderate vampire family, commonly known as the “New Party”, they would not directly drink blood under normal circumstances but made it into drinks to enjoy so that blood slave would not be contaminated of the Dark Blood and could be repeatedly used.


However, regardless of moderates or ancestral factions, they were all vampires. Therefore, they were all in Qian Ye’s list of hunting this time. Though the castle itself was a small fortress, Qian Ye, of course, could not directly attack it on his own so he was patiently waiting for the opportunity.


Finally, on the second night, the clan headman left the castle with several fighters, ready to go to another settlement for a party. The headman and his knights hustled to a four carriage whose van was wrapped in dark blue velvet and both sides were embroidered with a gorgeous family badge.


When the old headman was relaxing his body back on the comfortable bench, Qian Ye pulled the trigger!


Hawk Strike’s shrieking sound broke through the quiet night and brought with it the frightful light of original force heavy warheads. There was vague a ray of blood string swimming inside. This shot had grasped just the right moment, in the right distance of fewer than three hundred meters. The headman didn’t even get to sit his butt on the ground, the guards had already dispersed and it was too late to dodge or block the shot.




Half of the carriage was shot open, the headman was bust to flew backward and half of his body quickly covered in blood and splattered flesh. Chaos suddenly raised up, frightened horses desperately struggle to break free from the bridles. The guards rushed toward their headman and used their bodies to form a barrier, afraid the follow-up attacks would soon follow.


Qian Ye pressed the second infused bullet into the chamber. This time the muzzle slightly tilted, pointing at the six hundred meters outside the castle gate where a young blood knight was rushing out. The tragic had happened so sudden. He was wearing a linen shirt and breeches, carrying the slender sword and didn’t even have time to wear the armor.


Hawk Strike and violent shot up, the original force warhead carried with it the silver light to pierce through the sky toward the vampire knight. The knight was startled looking at the silver light! He didn’t expect the powerful silver light could reach to him in such a distance.


What kind of force guns could fire from a distance of seven hundred meters?


No one answered his question and blood knight only had a bit of time to form a defensive posture before he was shot up by the original force. With the heavy warhead capability, Qian Ye had put the blood knight into the half death state.


Qian Ye took out a military dope, injected into his neck and endured the burning heat, waiting for the liquid to quickly stimulate and recover his combat force energy. This type of dope could also temporary increased twenty percent of the reaction rate.


He then stood up from the hiding place, quickly half-kneeled on the ground, grabbed a large gunpowder caliber sniper rifle and pressed in it five rounds of the curved magazine, and then he began to shoot. Each shot would knock down one guard.


Qian Ye’s shots were very accurate, the large caliber sniper rifle was used like a mini pistol in his hand. The sounds of gunfire had almost connected into a long string. This type of sniper rifle was equivalent to a level two primary force gun and was very useful against the vampires under level three, but also wounded the following level five vampires.


As seeing Qian Ye had been using the gun, the vampires immediately spread out, sped up, avoided the shot and rushed toward Qian Ye like a ghost. Dealing with a human sniper, as long as approaching a close range, he must die!

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