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Chapter 104 - That girl

Chapter 14: That Girl


That evil descendant put his hands together behind flowery silk sleeves then headed to the little girl and said, “Your idea is not bad. That field of blood feast and really hooked up some fish. Although not really fat, should be good enough to be appetizers. After this battle, I will give you a good reward.”


The little girl quivered her pink lips. The wretched dark eyes kept sweeping between the hunters and the Dark creatures, then she nodded hard and determined.


A vampire knight asked the evil descendant with respect, “Sir Masefield, what should we do now?”


The evil descendant sunk his face, “What should we do? Kill the of course! But I can remind you that this battle is far more difficult than what you had in your imagination. Though even if someone escapes, I will not do anything. I’m, the elder of the Masefield family, these brats have not even reached the God War, they are not worthy of my hands!”


Yu Ren Yan’s face looked sorrow with solemnness. He slowly took off the short cloak and threw on the ground. He also put away field equipment package on his back and said, “Do not hesitate, play it all out. If can’t escape then look for an opportunity to die. Believe me! It’s luckier to die here than to fall into their hands.”


The dark warriors began to approach. Yu Ren Yan slightly bent and then run up, directly headed toward a knight. That knight would certainly not refuse to face a challenge from such inferior human being, also began to accelerate the sprint.


They had instantly reached the highest speed and would soon collide!


The collision of the two bodies made a muffled sound that caused people around to chill to the root of their teeth. The knight and Yu Ren Yan all looked like they were the skillful warriors. Therefore, this forceful and fierce way of crashing had really surprised a lot of people on the scene. To be honest, it was more like an accident, but beyond the knight’s expectation, Yu Ren Yan was deliberate.


They staggered apart. Yu Ren Yan’s abdomen was opened into a big hole and even exposed the peristalsis intestines! And that knight was still standing firmly in more than ten meters away.


Yu Ren Yan sneered and reached out his right hand. There was a heart in his palm, the vampire knight’s heart!


Yu Ren Yan exposed a creepy smile toward the Dark fighters then threw the heart into his mouth. After several times chewing, he had directly swallowed it down. When opening, his mouth as python’s mouth, the mandible seemed to have completely absent and he could probably swallow down anything.


The lost right at the beginning of the battle resulted in the rest of the knights be fear and frightened. They put out all in the play and bust up a bloody war!


After several gunshots, the two quickly started to combat.


Not long after the combat, the battlefield was constantly shined up with the dazzling silver flashes, but the evil descendant didn’t seem like he cared about the silver but still looked directly at silver. On the other hand, the knight’s eyes were all covered with layers of bloody film which blocking the erosion of silver. The Dark fighters then began to adjust their location of the attack to avoid the flash bombs. These bombs could only work on the low-level vampire. As for the knight level, they had a lot of defensive tricks.


The silver flash violently exploded, the youngest hunter had already ignited all of his explosives matters. The silver burst had brought with it several dark soldiers together on the road and also wounded one of the knights who didn’t dodge the explosion on time.


The oldest hunter suddenly gave up his defensive, rushed toward the knight who had not yet set his foot on the ground, and then a loud crash bust!


After the explosion, the world had no longer had the two’s shadows.


The remaining three hunters seemed to have a tacit agreement, desperately encircled a vampire knight while Yu Ren Yan was dragging on the last knight, and exchanged knives after knives, wounds after wounds. The surrounding fighters found the situation was not good, no longer cared about their boss’s honor and the threat of explosives, swarming on for a crazy attack.


Masefield frowned then whispered, “Garbage! Go out there and help them. Consider it a small… cheat.”


The little girl carried the chopper and headed toward the battlefield. That little body dragged with her a chopper which was not much shorter than her body length. It looked like she would drop the chopper at any time and left a long deep mark on the ground behind her.


The surrounded was the strongest amongst the four. At the moment, he was calmly blocking and dodging, each of the movements was extremely steady and firm, didn’t seem like he was in the chaos. Meanwhile, the external dark fighters had kept attacking the three hunters and left many more injuries on them. At that time, a hunter suddenly issued a strange laughter, pulled out the grenade on his waist!


As if there was a breeze passing, that hunter’s laughter came to an end!


When the little girl suddenly appeared behind him and her chopper was like a feather like drawing a beautiful arc in the air. They easily chopped off his right hand to the elbow! The hunter’s hand together with the bundle of grenades flew off to the ground, trundled for a few rounds but the grenade didn’t explode. As cutting off the hunter’s hand, the little girl had also cleverly broken the grenade’s primer.


As the hunter was still gazed of frightened, several dark fighters immediately knifed up to kill him.


After hitting a blow, that little girl didn’t care for the results but immediately retrieved without hesitation, didn’t leave the other two hunters even the smallest chance to fight back.


Yu Ren Yan’s pale pupil shrank up, suddenly withstood a strike to get a chance to escape the opponent and immediately sprung up, piercing the knife directly to the back of her heart.


The little girl was obviously having her back toward Yu Ren Yan but it was like she saw his attack, suddenly leaped to aside with big jump to avoid the knife. She had landed right next to a Dark fighter, pulled his armor and so that guy was surprised to see her, he suddenly pushed him forward.


That vampire was suddenly pushed down, staggered a few steps and perfectly blocked on Yu Ren Yan attacking line, abruptly interrupted his sudden attack although the dark warrior had also paid an expensive price of his life. Yu Ren Yan’s mithril silver knife had thrust straight into his chest, minced off his heart.


The little girl drilled out from the back of the dark warrior who had gone out of breath. The chopper had once again swung up like weightless, leaving a deep make on Yu Ren Yan’s leg.


Yu Ren Yan hurtfully moaned, finally put away the despise and started focusing on attacking the girl. Although this little was only at level three, her fighting method was particularly demonic. Each of the attacking angles was all unexpected and with an extraordinary power.


However, the little girl did not continue to attack but borrowed the momentum to rush forward to the other two hunter’s battlefield.


The chopper flew out of her hand midway toward one of the hunter’s heart.


“Be careful!” Yu Ren Yan shouted out loud.


One hunter was stunned to turn back, and another hunter was determined to decide on detonating all the igniter on his body!


The violent explosion had fried up many fighters. The vampire knight was shocked to flip out. Blood instantly soaked his body and he had lost the energy to stand up.


After throwing off the knife, the little girl had also flipped backward to escape, at the moment of explosion, she had run far enough to just be blown to flipped backward and got some more bruise. She quickly got up and ran to the evil descendent.


At this point, the hunter team had completely been terminated and the death of those three hunters did not give the enemy many damages, which was naturally the little girl’s masterpiece.


Yu Ren Yan acted decisively and made U-turn and fled away.


The least injured vampire suddenly shouted out and threw a half-meter long multiple edge knife! The knife pierced through Yu Ren Yan’s back with the speed of lightning, revealed its edge on the other side of his chest and brought out with it a long strip of blood. The blood was shot out by the momentum and few in the air several meters before it could land on the ground.


Yu Ren Yan moaned, didn’t slow down his speed but actually surged up to escape the battlefield in a blink of an eye, ran into the depths of the wilderness. The knight’s face looked very ugly, he did not expect that human being to be so powerful and could actually run away with such heavy injuries. After having compared to his own ability, even with the well-known speed of the vampire, he knew that he couldn’t catch up with Yu Ren Yan.


The vampire knight looked back to the evil descendant, but as he didn’t even get to open his mouth to ask for help, the young evil had coldly said, “I’ve already said it, those little insects do not deserve my shot, can’t you catch up with him?”


Masefield’s words clearly had a murderous aura. The knight stiffened his body then bit the bullet and said, “No! I will.”


Masefield suddenly raised his hand and gently waved, a vague black line appeared and wrapped around the knight’s neck. Like a living creature, it slithered two laps around his neck and then disappeared.


The knight suddenly stiffened up as his head fell off of the body and rolled to the ground. The cut on his neck wound was exceptionally clean and smooth. All the flesh and blood had actually been crystallized and not even a drop of blood was able to flow out.


Masefield looked at the body on the ground then said with a casual voice “You cannot catch up with him and. I hate liar!”


All the surviving dark fighters seemed to be trembling.


The young man touched the little girl’s hair and said, “You’re doing well! Always give me surprise with your combat skill. You’re much stronger than those fools. Come with me and you’ll have plenty of harvests.”


He swept his eyes on the Dark fighters and said, “Clean the battlefield and then, like earlier, put a few cannon fodders patrol outside. After that little insect fled back, it wouldn’t take long for the real big fish to bite the lure. I’m here waiting for them! Now the game had truly started.


It seemed that all the human beings, including those senior generals at the Monolith Ridge, were only fishes on the slide waiting to be cooked in Masefield’s eyes.


A new day had begun and Qian Ye was practicing as always to consolidate his realm. After three days of recuperation, the ordinary blood had recovered to seven. After turning to a cocoon, the golden blood was still quietly sleeping in its dormant stage. Therefore, the poor ordinary blood was able to escape the fate of being swallowed. In contrast, the purple blood seemed to be much more moderate. It usually got full after two or three of the ordinary blood and also needed to digest for a few days.


However, in the afternoon, the door knocked and a hunter’s voice sounded, “Is Qian Ye inside? Mr. Er needs you for an emergency situation at the Hunter’s House!”


“Come right out!” Qian Ye put on his clothes and hastily followed the hunter to the Hunter’s House.


There was an off-road truck parking outside the Hunter’s House. Mr. Er had been sitting in the car. As he saw Qian Ye, Mr. Er waved at him and said, “Come on! I want to take you to see a person, you should know him.”


“Is it related to the task?” Qian Ye was a little confused.


Mr. Er said heavily, “No, it is another thing. An… unfortunately thing.”


When the off-road truck arrived at the Dark Blood’s military hospital department, Qian Ye did not think that he would see Yu Ren Yan.


That man, who was considered his rival enemy, was now lying on the operating table. His eyes were staring at the ceiling… lifelessly. The doctor pulled up the white cloth to cover his body and shook his head toward the man standing behind. Blood was spreading on the cloth had quickly become black and purple.


“This is Yu Ren Yan, the special operations team commander of the Imperial Expeditionary Force at the Dark Blood city. He now has another identity which is a five-star hunter. He had killed a lot of Dark Blood bastards around the area. Though there was a problem this time and our best hunters were all dead, only he was able to flee back, but in the last battle he had overdrawn all the vitality and can’t stand any longer.


Having finished, Mr. Er sighed and said to Qian Ye, “He said that he knew you. He insisted on meeting you for the last moment. You two talk!”


Mr. Er and others left the room. Qian Ye went to the operating table, looking the opponent who he had risked his life to kill more than one.


Yu Ren Yan moved his eyes. As seeing the night, he forcefully revealed a smile. His mouth slightly moved, Qian Ye had to pay a lot of attention to hear what he was saying.


“Qi Ye’s father is… the Expeditionary Force’s Brigadier… Wu.. Zheng Nan. They had always been trading with the Dark Races. Not only in firearms, but also… humans…”


Qian Ye’s heart slightly trembled.


Yu Ren Yan’s breathing suddenly rushed up. Apparently, his life had come to an end. His eyes began to lax out as he gasping the last bit of the words, “Be careful … that little girl! Help me take care of… her. Finally, I can die… on the battlefield.”

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