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Chapter 103 - Blood Feast

Chapter 13: Blood Feast


A hot, bright sun started lighting up inside Qian Ye’s body. For a moment, the entire world seemed to be lit up with sunlight! Force of the Dawn gushed up from the four nodes and surged to every corner of his body, added the energy which had almost drained out.


Those blood aura didn’t seem to get used to the presence of the abundance amount of Dawn Force, abruptly peeled off from the internal organs, regathered back into seven blood strings and swam to the heart. Suddenly at this time, that golden blood string rapidly surged up, seized the opportunity and snapped at one of the escaping blood strings. In just a blink of an eye, it had cleaned up the entire unlucky folk.


That was not enough, it came up to the heart and pulled out every single one of the original dark blood and swallowed until there were only two left. Only after then did it swagger back to its rune. It finally changed, became thicker. As getting back to the rune, the golden blood immediately coiled into a ball and finally condensed into a golden little cocoon to approach its dormant stage.


At the end of the practice, Qian Ye slowly opened his eyes. There seemed to have vague bloody light flashed up in the dark room.


He was now finally a level four soldier.


Level four soldier would not only continue to significantly strengthen his body quality in all aspects but also waiting until his realm was stable, he might be able to awaken a new ability. As for what kind of ability then it would relate to his talent.


Qian Ye slightly exercised his body. He apparently felt the inside of his body had begun to proceed some minor changes. Strength constantly quietly bred from every corner. The unprecedented strong feeling also gave Qian Ye an extraordinary self-confidence.


Even if he had to fight with Yu Ren Yan now, Qian Ye was confident to win him the direct battle, but if that guy wanted to run away, then there would probably no way to make him stay.


The promotion to a level four soldier had also brought him another direct benefit. That was, he could fire two Hawk Strike shot in a battle. Though after those two shots, he would basically collapse in the state of exhaustion and could only continue to use the force to fight if he immediately injected a dose of dope.


The progress of this practice was faster than what Qian Ye had expected. Only having used one box of drugs and had had successfully activate the fourth force node. No wonder there were countless of young masters in the noble families. Besides, the first two nodes must rely on their own practice and effort to complete to build a solid foundation, the node, later on, could borrow the power of medicine to abruptly heap up until all the talent potentials were dig out.


In those noble’s eyes, whether or not the person was talented, the mark was to break through the level of general.


But the higher the effective level of the drug, the higher the price was. Basically, the price would double up after every level promoting. It was not such big trouble between level four and, but from level five to six, the required pharmaceuticals would be in the scale of tens of thousands gold coins. Even for large family, this was not a small number.


Yu Ying Nan did not come back. He didn’t know even the smallest detail of that mysterious task, but Qian Ye had used up in advance the drugs which caused the value of three hundred gold coins. It seemed that regardless what the task was, he had to take it. Or else where could he earn so much money to pay? The stronger he got, the more money he could earn and money was resource’s foundation to have stronger power.


In the next few days, Qian Ye continued on practicing to consolidate the current state and also nurtured the blood strings back into seven once again. As the ordinary dark blood reduced, the protection of the viscera had been significantly weakened. In the situation where only two blood strings survived, Qian Ye could only withstand to thirty-three rounds of the original tide rather than thirty-four rounds. Seemed like it was only one round fewer but the cultivation speed would be reduced by an entire level.


Yu Ren Yan, who had engraved deep in Qian Ye’s reminiscence, was not in the city. After getting his wounds healed, he had once again left the so-call blind searching Dark Blade team at the Monolith Ridge and joined a high-level hunter task. At the moment, he had been at a distance of hundreds kilometers from the Dark Blood city.


This area was the edge of the humanized territory and often Dark Race activities happened in a large scale. The core controlling strategy of human here was to send Expeditionary Force brigade armed patrols over occasionally. On the other hand, they would rely on the military reward, mercenaries and hunters to clean up the dark forces in the area.


Yu Ren Yan had fully equipped himself for this wilderness operation. The mask attached in the short cloak had wrapped over half of his face like senior hunter. There were five people by his side, the lowest ranked of them all were five-star veteran hunters and together, they had formed a a strong squad.


This battle squad was searching in a settlement where about one hundred people were living. It was originally scheduled as one of their trip’s resting places.


It was in the evening and the weather was dark. Some of the buildings were still emitting dim lights. However, the entire settlement was dead and not even the slightest sound was heard. The hunter team stood at the only entrance to the village but the hunting dogs did not made a slight movement.


Yu Ren Yan suddenly made a stopping gesture, pull off the mask and vigorously sniffed in the air with his giant nose, then he no longer bother to cover up his location but quickly headed toward the conference from in the central village. There, he stopped for a while in front of the stairs then pushed open the door.


One after another hunter came into the hall then silently stood there.


This was original the conference hall of the entire settlement, but now it was nothing but a mess. There was a thirty-people long table at central room which was placing on it the remaining of several teenage boys and girls like a dinner table. The only perfect part left of their bodies was just the skulls. The vivid pain and fear before death was still engraving on their faces and the bodies had almost been chewed cleaned.


The walls were like a specimen gallery which was nailing with numerous bodies and the ground was stacked with even more. The ground, walls, and even the ceiling were covered in thick layer of dried blood. The unfinished limbs and internal organs were thrown everywhere. The back of the hall was also placed a row of stakes, each was piercing through a human’s body!


All the people of the entire settlement were here.


Suddenly, the hall sounded some clapping sounds. Numerous palm sized spiders climbed out from one of the bodies, the whole pack headed toward the hunters, staring their red bloody compound eyes as the mouth constantly opening and closing.


“Demon Spider’s servants,” Said a senior hunter.


“There were at least five or six vampires. Otherwise, there won’t have this kind of blood feast.”


“They’ve just left not long ago, it shouldn’t be less than a day.”


Yu Ren Yan pulled out the pistol and blew up several servant spiders climbing toward him, and then carelessly said, “Catch up, kill them all!”


The rest of the hunters opposed no objection. After seeing this scene, no one could suppress their inner anger.


The room immediately blasted out with gunfire sounds. Six hunters were standing back to back and formed a circle in the weapons in their hands was continuingly spraying out flames, blowing up the spiders to the other world.


In the hands of these veteran hunters, even if the automatic rifle firing, it would have no difference to aiming shoot, each of the bullets never failed to hit their targets. In the twinkling of an eye, the hall full of hundreds of servant spiders were all swept away.


A gray-beard six-star hunter took out a square flask and was intended to throw it out, but his hand was held back by Yu Ren Yan.


“Keep it, let other people see it with their own eyes so that they won’t forget the history of the past millennium, forget those countless wars.” Yu Ren Yan said.


This kind of blood feast was not common, especially in human authorized zone. Once appeared, the Imperial Expeditionary Force would regard it as a serious provocation. No matter what the idea behind the action of those controllers was, fierce retaliation would definitely be operated on the line. It could be said that once the blood feast appeared on human’s territory, another round of war was about to explode.


There was another meaning hidden behind Yu Ren Yan’s words, other hunters were also thoughtful. In this mainland of the eternal darkness, part of mankind had taken advantage of the special geographical location of this abandoned land to secretly make trading with the Dark Race. It was the open secret that almost everyone had known of. Even some people of the highest level of Imperial Expeditionary Army vaguely raise the opinion of whether human and Dark Races creatures could coexist.


However, how could thousands of years of blood flowing into rivers could be erased off the history just by that gentle word, coexist?


“These Dark Blood bastards are not weak.” A hunter slowly said.


“We are not bad! What, you are afraid?” Another young and hot tempered hunter snapped back.


That hunter got angry, “Afraid? I had started hunting those son of b*** when you have not born!”


One of the elder hunter said, “Listen to the little Yu’s point of view, he has more experience than any of us.”


This sentence was not a compliment but recognition. Yu Ren Yan had been working with them several times and had earned respect with all of the members by strength and record.


Yu Ren Yan’s voice sound quite husky, “We cannot bear such kind of thing. Catch up, get rid of those bastards!”


The older hunter immediately said, “Okay, let’s get rid of those bastards!”


The team left a mark outside the settlement and then rushed into the vast wilderness.


That group of Dark Races had not left many traces, but the thick bloody aura and Devil Spider’s unique smell were all eye-catching marks in those senior hunter’s eyes. Not mentioning of that tracking master Yu Ren Yan. After having chewed of a small piece of the servant spider’s meat, he had clearly remembered the tastes of two Devil Spiders that had participated into the blood feast.


After one day and one night, the hunter had finally approached to a Dark Race’s stronghold. The culprit of the blood feast had left their last traces at this area.


Several hunters started spreading out and quietly enclosed the circle. After the guns roared, all the guards crashed down.


All the hunter’s hearts went cold. Those earlier were just distracting shots. They did not expect to be success so easy. If the sentries were the senior fighters of the Dark Races then the best result they could have gotten in the first round of attack was to hurt the opponent. However, not only all had successfully hit but also were instantly killed, which showed that the sentries were not soldiers, they were all shields!


Yu Ren Yan was the first to react. He stood up from the hiding spot and issued a warning howl. This was the hunter team’s tradition showing that he had voluntarily stayed behind. Though the rest of the hunters still hid in their original place and did not panic to escape. In the wilderness, turning back to the Dark Race would receive death in exchange.


On the opposite buildings of the stronghold, dozens of senior vampires and Devil Spider fighters                                                                      rushed out in a wing-like formation, apparently wanting to sweep clean the intruding hunters.


And then four vampires came out from the main building’s door. They were all tall, arrogant and cruel. They were all wearing the same style of gorgeous armor, apparently from the same clan.


Yu Ren Yan and hunter’s hearts suddenly sank! Four Vampire Knights!


Entitled Blood Knight were all at least at level seven, occasionally there would have level six appeared. That knight must be very young and was recognized a genius by all the big clan. That would also be more difficult to deal with than the ones at level seven. Yu Ren Yan was confident to win a Blood Knight in confrontation, but he would certainly die in no doubt if facing two at the same time.


To the strength of their team, it would be a lose situation facing three Vampire Knight. As facing four, if not will to pay a few lives, they could barely escape. Not to mention that there were dozens of senior fighters eyeing on them and they were not ordinary shields.


At the moment, two people walked out from the stronghold. One was tall and handsome, his glabella appeared to have a vertical pupil! This was a Devil Descendent, an extremely rare species of the Devil Descendent. The third eye grew was a mark to prove that he had reached the limit to the God of War level!


There was a human girl standing by his side.


She was very beautiful. That pair of big eyes and the satin-like thick black hair was let loose to the shoulder. Her beautiful little face had a dull and innocent expression. She was thin, her bare feet set directly on the ground and the white dirty skirt covered up her body had has long been shattered into silk threads. The girl looked about twelve or thirteen years old. There were many unhealed wounds on her hands and legs.


Her little hands were actually dragging a one meter long bone chopper! That big guy was more than ten kilograms in weight if slightly swung with a bit of forced then lightly dropped down, the momentum created was enough to split a lion’s head!

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