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Chapter 102 - Conditions

Chapter 12: Conditions


Yu Ying Nan stepped into the wisteria flower door and immediately smelled light fragrance lingered on the top of her nose. It was two different worlds inside and outside the door. The garden was warm and humid, even the sky was a lot brighter as if it was in the light season.


By the waterside, several girls wearing flap skirts with different styles of buns were chasing after each other. They would often have ambiguous or explicit actions. A couple of two girls were even hugging together and kissing as if there was no one at the place.


Yu Ying Nan slowly walked on the no railing bridge. The lotus leaves had almost covered up the entire pond. The lotuses were all rare golden genus with two major colors of yellow and pink booming pedals like the colorful lady skirts dancing in the symphony.


The secret of this abnormal beauty lay deep down under the water, between sections of roots stems was a dense network of fine copper tubes. The tube sprayed out hot water and a small amount of pores were constantly emitting out of steam to keep the huge pond at the temperature of the light season. Meanwhile, the four corners of the garden were encircled with none smoke black crystal light belt, bringing the heat to the whole garden.


This was the noble’s luxurious design.


The largest water pavilion was at the end of the long bridge. Over there, a girl was laying down on the bench which was taking almost all the place. Looking at her imperial uniform, she should be a lieutenant colonel!


Hearing the footsteps, the soldiers lazily turned her body back on the couch, revealing a delicate face and said, “Yu Ying Nan, I could have believed in my ears when I heard that you wanted to meet me! I have never thought that you will have the initiative to come to my place one day.”


Yu Ying Nan coldly said, “Yin Qi Qi, if possible, I never want to see your face again!”


“Just call me Qi Qi, I prefer this name.” The colonel stood up from the recliner.


She was very tall, even taller than Yu Ying Nan. Her hair was cut short and dyed in a dazzling golden color. She had thick and pretty eyebrows, the thick lips and the arrogance face had given her an unignorable sexniess and beauty.


Qi Qi was very young. If not in the uniform, then she was an absolutely gorgeous and nobility lady, but with the uniform, besides setting off her superior body and a pair of amazing long legs, it also gave her a strange charm.


Qi Qi stopped in front of Yu Ying Nan, stared at her eyes and with a smiled on her face, she said, “I believe you! So, if it looks like I am not quite pleasing to your eye, you can leave at any time, I can turn a blind eye on this as consider as you have never appeared at this place. As for the task, I am not in a hurry anyway. However, if you want to take it seriously and negotiate with me, then you will have to take some of my habits quite… lenient.”


Having finished, Qi Qi reached out, slowly lifted Yu Ying Nan’s chin and raised it up higher and higher. As doing it, she had always stared into Yu Ying Nan’s eyes and gently licked her lips.


Yu Ying Nan did not move, but said coldly, “It almost reaches the limits of my tolerance.”


Qi Qi put down her hand, turned aside, facing Yu Ying Nan’s ear and gently blew. He tone was filled with an ironic smile, “It almost means it’s not yet come, hasn’t it? I am very curious, where is your limit? I heard that the real bottom line of any person is much lower than they thought!”


Snapped! Qi Qi heavily smacked on Yu Ying Nan’s butt!


“You will die!” Yu Ying Nan’s eyes turned into fire as she quickly strangled Qi Qi’s neck!


Qi Qi did not reveal any intention of resistance. She didn’t even use force but let Yu Ying Nan keep tightening her finger. Her face immediately turned into purple.


Yu Ying Nan was surprised. The non-force Qi Qi was nothing different than an ordinary. With just a little bit more effort, it was possible that she could crush her fragile neck bone. In the end, it was not actually big deal being grabbed in the butt, but the old days grudge between the two had led to her easy on flame stage.


Yu Ying Nan had to angrily let go.


Qi Qi pulled out a knife from her waist, tilted it to aside and used as a mirror to check on her neck. There were a few blaze fingerprints on her white skin.


“It was quite heavy to start with, it seems like you really hate me.” Qi Qi said while patting Yu Ying Nan’s face with the knife.


Then, Qi Qi’s hand went down along her neck, fell to the chest and gently untied the first button.


Yu Ying Nan grabbed her wrist!


Qi Qi said with a smile on her face, “Think about the task, think about your family, and then think about… that.”


Yu Ying Nan’s face turned pale as her body slightly trembled, “Don’t make me…”


Qi Qi’s hand firmly slithered down and unlocked the second button, “I cannot force you. From the beginning to the end, I just give you a choice, the one choice that can handle things properly. If you do not want it, then, of course, I have no other way, was it not? However, that problem could either be small or not, just have to see whose hand it will fall into. I just know that Mr. Sun who is now in charge of that matter hate you Yu family to his bone marrow. And for so, no matter how long will time pass, that matter will never be canceled.”


Yu Ying Nan’s hand which was grabbing on Qi Qi’s hand became more and more powerless. As seeing Qi Qi’s hand had moved to the third button, she determinedly let go of her hand. When the button was opened, the deep cleavage immediately exposed. Qi Qi reached out her long, beautiful fingers and slowly slithered into the middle of the deep gully.


Yu Ying Nan suddenly said, “You should know what the cause of that thing.”


“But in any case, killing a commander is always a felony. As long as any of the key evidence was still there, your brother would never be able to go back to the upper echelon, and your family will not be able to escape from that felony shadow.”


“He said that he loved this place. Only here he can really let go of himself and do whatever he wants and do not violate his own nature.”


Qi Qi laughed, rudely ripped off Yu Ying Nan’s corset and said, “Are you really gonna believe in this kind of bu****?”


Yu Ying Nan immediately embraced her own chest. No matter what she did let Qi Qi went further. Qi Qi did not force her more but threw herself back to the recliner. The girls who were playing in the other water pavilion immediately ran over to send tea and fruit. They looked at Yu Ying Nan’s with full of jealousy and hatreds, especially when looking down at her chest.


Qi Qi put up a finger and said, “First, complete my task. Otherwise, there will be no land left for Mr. Er to mix in with the Dark Blood city or shelters in other cities. As for that ChuXiong, I will kick him into the human shield camp, do not think I do not know what he had done under my name!”


Yu Ying Nan bust out with angriness, “Aim at me! What’s so good of you to bully others?”


Qi Qi’s eyes suddenly went cold. She raised her eyes and glanced at Yu Ying Nan, “Yu Ying Nan, you’re considering yourself too high! You don’t worth that many lives in exchange.”


She stretched out the second finger, “Second, I’ve already helped you to settle down your father’s things, he can then return to the main legion. Your little family does not have to be restricted and the three-year red alarm can also be omitted. For now, you can do your own thing but when I want you, you have to always be on call!”


Qi Qi threw a fruit in her mouth, then said, “These are all my conditions. If you agree then just accept them. If you do not agree then you can go at any time. I ensure that the passage will not be impeded on you. You are not worth for me to use strength. ”


Yu Ying Nan was startled for a long time, and then whispered, “I… agree, but those exchange conditions have to wait for everything to be done. Let’s talk about the task first.”


Qi Qi’s face suddenly turned sunny. She put away half a pear and immediately stood while saying with a smile, “That’s right! You little small family always feel that you are not the same as those civilians. Finally understand now? Under the eyes of a real noble family, you’re nothing more than an ant to be stepped on easily, isn’t it? Just need to spend a little bit of effort, but this was interesting, was it not?”


Yu Ying Nan stayed silent. She knew Qi Qi very well. This woman had always been so domineering and insolent.


Although the tumbled Yin family was incomparable to the four aristocrats, it was still in the top three of the noble ranking pyramid system. Qi Qi was quite favored by the elders of the Yin family. Therefore, she had never been afraid of anything and always used power to suppress others. In her words, she meant “since I am more valuable than you, what’s the problem if I want to bully you.”


“About that task, if you had actually willing to meet me in person, then that would have meant you were very confident in your candidate. You know me and my taste very well. Then, where’s that person? Let me see!” Qi Qi asked interestingly.


Yu Ying Nan took out a piece of paper from her pocket and handed it over.


It was a simple portrait. Although there weren’t many sketches, it looked incredibly vivid. A few little lines had lively sketched out Qian Ye, both shape, and spirit.


Qi Qi immediately whistled, took the paper for a closer look and praise, “Not bad, not bad! That’s what I want! Haha, if compared, those guys outside are just a pile of slag! How’s his power, what about potential?”


“He is now a level three soldier, very talented in fighting.”


“Level three, quite low. Oh well, it does not matter anyway. I have money. Even stuffing him up with dopes, I will bring him to level five! Level five is good enough and I won’t lose my face to take him out for events. Ok, let’s make it a deal. Bring him over, let me have a look. If there’s no big problem, he’s the one.”


“Hang on!” Yu Ying Nan snatched Qian Ye’s portrait back from Qi Qi’s hand then said, “I have a few conditions, if you cannot do that, then he will definitely not take this task.”


“Well, money, resources, or anything else?” Qi Qi said with a careless attitude.


“First, you cannot force him to do things, especially in that matter. Second, if he encounters danger in the future, you have to make your every effort to protect him once. No matter what, even if the four aristocrats want to harm him, you still have to protect him once!”


Qi Qi pondered for a moment and said, “You did not ask anything for yourself. This is not right! You are not falling in love with this person, right?”


“That’s none of your business!”


Qi Qi revealed a smile and said, “I can promise both of the conditions, but the second condition could only work when my task accomplishes.” As for the first one, I cannot… force him, but I do not guarantee that I will not seduce.”


Qi Qi came closer to Yu Ying Nan’s ear, suddenly stretched out her tongue and licked on her earlobe, “Rest assured, I will bring him to bed.”


Yu Ying Nan trembled two steps away from her.


Qi Qi burst out of laughter and said to Yu Ying Nan, “What’s up? Your beloved man will soon on my bed, don’t you want to kill me?”


Yu Ying Nan gritted every single word out of her teeth, “You should know that I had always wanted to kill you many years ago.”


“Come to me if you want! Why not?” Qi Qi mercilessly ridiculed, “You were afraid that if you killed me, then your little family would have tumbled? Well, you little rats, on one hand, you always see yourselves higher than other, but on the other hand, you are afraid of anyone stronger than you. You’re even worse than others ordinaries! In the end, you, also that Gu Li Yu, aren’t you guys only know of bullying weaker people? Are you really different than rubbish?”


Yu Ying Nan did not know how she had left the courtyard of the Yin family. She also did not know how she could have sat inside the floating boat.


When she left, her heart felt blank but surprisingly calm. After deciding to let go, it seemed that the pain was not as sore as the heart-cutting or lung-piercing pain as she thought. She was now only lost interested in everything, but perhaps, Qi Qi would be an ideal place for Qian Ye. At least he could earn more money.


In Yu Ying Nan’s small house at the Dark Blood city, Qian Ye had absorbed the last dose of the drug, and was fully driving force with the Art of Retaliation to impact the fourth force node. Now that the ordinary dark blood in his body had recovered into seven strings, they automatically formed a thin blood film to protect his internal organs. The film wrapped around the viscera up against the impact of the force recoil.


In a blink of an eye, he had leisurely completed thirty rounds. Though he did not dare to slack but repeatedly induced the original force tide to impact the left-hand force node barrier.


Thirty-three rounds had passed, the barrier began to crumble. Qian Ye continued to drive a new force tide!


When the thirty-fourth round reached its peak, the node barrier finally crashed!

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