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Chapter 101 - Came Back

Chapter 11: Came Back


“Yes, this task was very suitable for you. Ying Nan was on the way to negotiate the conditions with the other side. In my opinion, it was more likely to be successful. You just need to wait for the news.”


“What kind of task?”


“You’ll know when the time comes.”


Qian Ye frowned. He didn’t like Mr. Er secretive attitude, “But why should I take this task?”


“Because you are suitable. And why not try to make money when you can? That’s a big amount of money, even hunter’s top missions are not so highly rewarded.” Mr. Er waved the list in his hands and said, “Moreover, this was a good thing. These items are very suitable for your physic condition at the moment. They’ll help you gain a lot in just a short amount of time. Moreover, if I eat this shipment, the Hunter’s House can also prove that it has real ability to continue taking goods from that channel. Those drugs can attract the top hunters of more than six stars. Moreover, this task also benefits Ying Nan.”


Qian Ye frowned. A moment later, he nodded and asked, “Well, I agree, but for how long with it take?”


“May be half a year or even longer.”


Qian Ye nodded in agreement. Not until now that he found this information was accountable. If a few thousands of gold coins could be earned within just a month, then it would be a hoax if not a trap. Anyways, a two-star hunter like him should not be qualified to receive this kind of task.


After Mr. Er left, Qian Ye got ready to stay at home for a good practice in the next few days. There was something wrong with his body, it was abnormally weak.


In the evening, Mr. Er sent five portions of drugs over. Its encapsulated kit was made from the special material with the internal force array engraved inside to keep the medicine away from being eroded. Once the kit was opened, all the injections would need to be used all within a week, otherwise, it would lose affection.


Qian Ye got the food ready, rechecked all the traps from inside out and make sure they were all still in good conditions. When all were set, he opened the kit, injected one shot into his arm and then began to drive the Art of Retaliation.


The dose soon took effect, and Qian Ye felt his sense of force became much more delicate. Moreover, it was also easier to draw force through the three nodes. Besides, the drug itself would release more force throughout the entire meridians system. This force would enhance for the tide to be more active and aggressive and could also directly integrated into the entire force waves.


Originally, Qian Ye’s force was much stronger than his same level cultivator. After getting through the most difficult QiHai node, the other nodes would not have been so difficult to activate, but also need nearly twice as much as power compared to ordinaries to be able to break through the barriers.


Under the influence of the force, rounds after rounds of the tide became more turbulent and more powerful, but also easier to form. In the twinkle of an eye, he had formed a complete twenty-round of force tide. As Qian Ye silently counted to the last round, he suddenly realized that it seemed to be unexpectedly easy and quick reaching the twentieth force round.


When he paid attention to the inside body situation, it was found that only the two left-over ordinary blood strings were pouring out original force amongst the seven blood strings. The gold and purple blood had completely no movement. Qian Ye had a crazy feeling that those two uncooperative blood string seemed to have the same thought, knowing that the ordinary blood was too little at the moment, they wanted to free-rage them like cattle.


After a while, Qian Ye’s heart was fiercely thumbed up and gave birth to a newborn ordinary blood string. Meanwhile, the force tide was close to the thirtieth round.


Qian Ye’s physical constitution had long surpassed the past him, both of his viscera and physical strength had been strengthened multiple times. The shock and pain of thirty force rounds were not much different than the past twenty rounds. Qian Ye gritted his teeth to withstand the pain and had successfully passed the soldier king’s mark. He no longer had to endure the fatal visceral injuries as he was in the past.


Under the dual strengthen effective of both the drug and the physical enhancement ability, Qian Ye was able to withstand to the thirty-third round before reaching the peak of endurance.


Now Qian Ye had experienced himself why the imperial army would take the thirtieth force round to be the standard quality of a general master. The thirty rounds of soldier king would give a double practice efficiency compared to twenty rounds of elite regiment rookies. After thirty rounds, each ear a round, practice efficiency would roughly increase by ten percent.


General laws usually paid attention to step by step process and sophisticated. The deeper the practitioners went, the more they were affected by the talent and the potential always became a bottleneck to stop them from improving. In contrast, the Art of Retaliation was always fierce and direct. From the beginning to the end, it would only go faster and had no almost tailback before the level of God Warrior.


If the twenty rounds of the Art of Retaliation could be called the powerful first-class law, then the speeding process of its thirty-five rounds after the entry speed could take the dominant place amongst several secret laws of the noble families of the Empire. The only problem was the vast majority of people could simply bear up to twenty rounds and they would be killed by the original force tide recoil.


At the current moment, Qian Ye’s ordinary blood power was in a tremendously frail state. He had to wait until they restored back to the number of seven to automatically protect his own organs. And when that moment came, he might be able to try the thirty-fifth force wave. Thus, even if his force was partially consumed by the dark blood strings during the cultivation, his speed wouldn’t be worse than a Soldier King.


At the end of this practice section, Qian Ye was thrilled to find that the force node barrier on his left hand had faintly ignited which apparently meant that his original force had been saved enough to get close to the critical point. Next, he only had to constantly accumulate more force and it wouldn’t take long before he could ignite the fourth node.


And so, in the next few days, Qian Ye only stayed at home and had always been maintaining the cultivating process as long as his body could still bear the impact. Each pharmaceutical dose could last effective for one day and shouldn’t be wasted by all mean.


At a few kilometers away from the Dark Blood city, Yu Ying Nan was getting off from a military floating boat. The airship base had a solid military style. The goods and services airships were all squeezed in a corner at the northeast area. Most of the landing airships, floating boats, or transferring vehicles were all marked with varieties of military emblems.


Yu Ying Nan stood in the place for a few minutes. She couldn’t be more familiar with those emblems and could casually tell in accurate more than half of their subordinates although she quickly left to a station near the base.


She handed a metal nameplate to the sentinel and said, “I want to see Miss Qi Qi.”


The sentinel looked at the inscription on the nameplate, immediately became divine and respectful. He delivered a formal salute to Yu Ying Nan then said, “Please wait, I need to report to the administrator.”


Yu Ying Nan nodded, “It does not matter, I can wait.”


The sentinel immediately fled like a wind into the military station. After a moment, an off-road car ran out from the military station. The captain seating by the driver gave sincere smile to Yu Yi Nan and said, “Please come with me, lady Qi Qi is waiting for you.”


Yu Ying Nan jumped on the back seat and silently looked out at the window. The captain inserted a flag in the front bumper, then launched the engine and sped away. The wind opened the flag, revealing an eye-catching gold snake cast.


This was the imperial main force emblem. The vehicle which carried this emblem had its privilege of a level two military vehicle. In this continent where the eternal darkness took the dominant, a level two privilege meant that in most cities it could ignore all the transportation laws.


Sure enough, the captain drove the truck as if he had been flying. Even though he was still in the crowded downtown area, he was driving it as if he was still in the battlefield. The off-road truck had left behind it chaos where it had rushed through. The pedestrian on the streets had panicky dodged that arrogant vehicle and even caused some accidents.


Though as people saw the emblem on the off-road truck’s flag, they did not dare to speak and could only admit their bad lucks with several minor injuries. On this mainland, the guns and the bloody bayonet cast was enough for the expedition army to be arrogant, not mentioning of the empire’s main force army.


Yu Ying Nan looked out at the window. Those were all familiar scenes. Even most of the shops were still the same. She had been here a few years ago, when she had just set foot on Qian Ye forever.


This was XiChang city, which was less than three hundred kilometers away from the empire’s largest city in this abandoned continent, Wei Yang city. It took a few hours to reach there with the airship or only a one day distance if traveling by car.


Wei Yang had an intercontinental airship base which could head to the imperial mainland, the Qin continent. And inside XiChang city, besides the military base which Yu Ying Nan had just arrived from, there was another small airship station which could provide the same intercontinental airships to the imperial upper mainland. Wei Yang was in the hands of the empire, and XiChang and several other surrounding cities were dominated by the upper family, where the greatest force was not the military but the nobles.


In fact, when Qian Ye came back to this continent, he had also landed in that small airship station of XiChang city. As long as they were profitable, these families often turned a blind eye to a lot of things. The airship which had carried Qian Ye was obviously smuggled in but as long as the entry fee was fully made, the passengers didn’t even have to go through the inventory system.


Such kind of thing had happened a lot within the noble’s authority territory. The situation was in fact, better under the direct control of the empire. At least, many things had followed the rules to save face. On contrast, on the family’s site, things were nakedly done.


The truck rushed straight forward without caring of the situation outside. It had even pick a detour road. The captain seemed to enjoy this unbridled feeling so he had deliberately wanted to stretch the process a little longer. Though in the end, the off-road truck still stopped in front of a suburban villa.


The architecture in front of her looked magnificent with the endless corridor pavilions. Obviously, it was a noble’s private courtyard. However, the two rows of guards from inside out were all the imperial army soldiers. Moreover, based on their badge, they should not be just the expeditionary army but the main force of the Empire.


The captain jumped off the driver seat and went to the back door to open door for Yu Ying Nan and politely sent her to the gate. There was a handsome lieutenant standing on the steps. He smiled and said, “Miss Qi Qi has been waiting for you for a while.”


This was the most common courtyard layout of the upper continent villas, gatehouse, temple house, flower wall, door, were all followed to the central. Perhaps because of the lack of light on the continent, landscaping plants almost had no tall trees but clusters of shrubs, which had created a unique masculine beauty.


Yu Ying Nan followed the lieutenant all the way to go to the main building, then turned by a corner to another corridor. She knew that the destination was in front of her as the heart couldn’t help but tighten up a little. The scene had become more complicated as they went deeper inside, delicate and also beautiful.


She suddenly saw ten imperial soldiers standing on both sides of the corridor. They were almost perfectly at the same height, all handsome, tall and upright. Although their personal strengths didn’t look very good, the sale was indeed superior. This was Qi Qi’s typical style. Yu Ying male couldn’t say she was feeling ironic or angry, but the tension had no longer took that much place in her heart and turned into a faint sadness.


The lieutenant suddenly stopped in front of a wisteria flowers curtain. If looked at the inside, behind the hollow wall was at the lotus pond, which was not much smaller than a lake. The long bridge vaguely appeared on top of the water and connected two waterside galleries.


The lieutenant was no longer willing to move forward, only said that Miss Qi Qi was waiting inside.

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