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Chapter 100 - Spring of the Manly Lady

Chapter 10: Spring of the Manly Lady


Qian Ye was asleep. He was still struggling with suffocated feeling from his dream. His consciousness was still sinking under the deep vast sea, unable to reach out to the upper world.


Though in Yu Ying Nan’s eyes, with so much of the movements, how could Qian Ye not wake up, he must be deliberately faking his sleep, apparently needed her step further.


“F***k! You want me to come?”


Yu Ying Nan vaguely muttered, and then threw herself on Qian Ye bed, as she lay down, and listened to her own heart that was beating like a drum. She looked at the person resting his head on the pillow by her side, thought for a while, then stretched out her arm, embraced and then turned him over, let him rested on top of her.


Even though Qian Ye looked thin, he was remarkably heavy. Yu Ying Nan’s breath had paused for a moment, but that heavy feeling immediately filled up her heart. She stretched her arm and hugged that body which was as hard as steel covered with a layer of satin. Only then, her frightening heart was eased down.


Qian Ye then opened his eyes. He was stunned, apparently had not figured out the immediate situation.


“Faker! Keep on faking it for me!” Yu Ying Nan was very embarrassed deep down her heart.


However, she still tried to squeeze out the gentlest smile as possible, but as looking at Qian Ye’s lost expression that he did not understand the situation, she knew that all her efforts had become wasted.


“What’s wrong with you?” Qian Ye touched Yu Ying Nan’s forehead. Her entire body was very hot, but not like a fever, she must be drunk. The thick, sweet sense of milk and wine mixed together had turned the air of this small room a bit wet.


This was the heaviest blow, Yu Ying Nan’s hot temper finally lit up.


She simply put aside all the faking gentle gestures and expressions, tightly buckled on Qian Ye’s thin and powerful waist, gritted every word out of her teeth, “I want to find a man tonight, are you willing to?”


Qian Ye was stunned, not until Yu Ying Nan had repeated it again that he really came to understanding.


The meaning of this sentence was straightforward and any man could understand it. Although since it was spoken out from Yu Ying Nan, it was particularly weird. Qian Ye had never imagined that one day, this mighty domineering lady hunter would say such a word.


He carefully looked at Yu Ying Nan. For the first time, he looked at her like a man. If he ignored her expression and momentum, then she really had a good looking body. Only her facial feature was already a beautiful woman and she also had a good body.


And since there was not even the slightest gap between the two, Qian Ye once again felt the amazing elasticity under his body. That energy was like going to spring him up at any time.


Since the last time when he had accidentally on top of her, Qian Ye had felt that this was a physical lethality body. No wonder she could reach the level four as such a young age. Now, Qian Ye finally realized that this was a body of a woman, also a sexy temptation body.


On the other hand, her taste was as good as ever. The rich sweetness of energy was very attractive to Qian Ye especially when he had become unusually hungry like these days.


But that was not important, the important was that, tonight, things seemed to have developed to the point where it must be resolved. If they didn’t do anything in such circumstance, then it would clear that they would have to cut off all connection later on.


Yu Ying Nan clumsily kissed on Qian Ye’s lips. She couldn’t control her strength. In fact, Qian Ye felt bit painful, but this pain was like a match burnt up Qian Ye’s instinct of a young man. Just after a few simple tear, Yu Ying Nan had become undefended.


The most pure and primitive skin contact had pulled the temperature much higher. The flame in the atmosphere around seemed to be lit up at any moment. After several tempting searches, Qian Ye forced forward then deeply invaded the battlefield where he had long whished of!


This was a more pleasure intense feeling. The instinct which was continuously expanding had overwhelmed all his consciousness. From every breath exchanged, there were like fire burning up. Qian Ye stopped looking for Yu Ying Nan’s tongue, tilted his head, dawdled, then reached for the white neck where the source of desire was beating like crazy. His white teeth gently rubbed on her skin, where strong and vitality pulse of life was beating under.


The golden blood which had silently entrenched in its rune suddenly moved, emitted an unprecedented bloodthirsty desire, Qian Ye’s hunger and thirst immediately surged up and wanted to take a big bite!


“No!” Qian Ye was frightened. He suddenly woke up from the vague drunken state. He had clearly aware that she was Yu Ying Nan, not another stranger.


He immediately looked back at his strong will to fight the pain which had been trained for many years and forcefully suppressed the bloodthirsty hunger surging. However, the repeated waves of desire attacking let Qian Ye knew that blindly suppressed it was not the right way. He needed to use some tips to cheat on his own body.


So he heavily licked on her neck, that rich blood aura rolled from the tip of his tongue into the throat suddenly him felt a little bit satisfaction. The night became more excited. Yu Ying Nan was surprised and creamed out of the unexpected attack. She subconsciously held on Qian Ye. Apparently, that part of her was particularly sensitive.


Her body suddenly squeezed up let Qian Ye fell the joy had doubled up. He no longer cared about anything else, sped up the rhythm to ride up. Every time he came in with force, that beautiful body would involuntarily spasm up in screaming!


Yu Ying Nan’s hands were clutching on Qian Ye’s back. Her fingers dug deep into the muscle texture but did not leave any scratch. And that man who was controlling everything began to become harder. He became so hard, contrarious and unreasonable which had force her to do nothing but screamed out of desire.


Yu Ying Nan screamed lasted for several hours. Some of her neighbors couldn’t stand the harassment and wanted to rush to the door to fight, but was shot back out by the traps.


As the explosion sounded, the people immediately around dispelled the idea of asking for trouble. And so, some of them started to find their own women, some find someone else woman, while the other find men. In short, they did what needed to be done.


When Yu Ying Nan barely crawled into the bathroom to turn on the shower and began to rinse off her body, she saw the face of a satisfied woman in the mirror. As fondling her neck side, she also bit her lower lip with the sexiest way ever. “Qian Ye is so naughty. He must have known that my neck is my weakness, so that he had constantly attacked there the whole night and almost drove me crazy.”


Her wish had been satisfied, now she even had a bit of hope, looking forward to the future. As thinking of the satisfaction, she grinned, and then could not help but look at the mirror and erected up her middle finger.


Next up, she had to wake up from the dream.


Yu Ying Nan stared at her own domineering self in the mirror and heavily sigh. She still remembered of her original decision. As for the future that she had imagined of, in the end it was still a dream. Now that her wish had got satisfied, then she should go back to the real world. Therefore, she changed back to the casual lady hunter.


When she was in the bath, Qian Ye was still asleep. His face looked very weary and obviously exhausted. It seemed that he was too tired recently. Of course, for any man who had fought for several hours, no one could have been in a better situation afterward.


Qian Ye was frowning even in his sleep as if he was trying to solve some bothering troubles. Yu Ying Nan gently reached out and fondled on his tangled features little by little. And then, she carefully looked at his face.


This was the first time she found that this man was actually very beautiful. In Yu Ying Nan’s memory, the deepest impression of her about Qian Ye was his bumpy appearance. Also,  he had firmly posture when he had blocked Heaven Snake’s shot. As for Qian Ye’s look, it was a bit fuzzy.


“Being beautiful is not a bad thing to be talked about” She thought, leaned over, and then quietly kissed on Qian Ye’s cheek. After that, she put a note on Qian Ye’s side, then packed up and left into the vast night.


When Qian Ye opened his eyes, the sunlight was shining on the window. The mechanical clock was heading toward number 12.


“How could I sleep for so long?” Qian Ye was surprised of himself, but still, he immediately rolled on the bedside to sit up. As seeing the paper lying by his side, Qian Ye picked it up and realized that Yu Ying Nan’s handwriting at the first glance. He couldn’t tell exactly what font it was, but very stroke of the letters were powerful and obviously was her style.


“Qian Ye, I go out to help you pick up a task. This task is very suitable for you. We’ll discuss the details when I get back. Don’t leave the house too long these days.

Wait for me!”


Yu Ying Nan did not specifically mention what the task was but Qian Ye believed that she would never harm him. Therefore, it wouldn’t be hurt to wait for a few more days. If he continued to stay in the Dark Blood city, that devious Yu Ren Yan might be a little trouble, but Qian Ye felt that even if he couldn’t defeat him, it still meant that he would have not necessarily lose.


Qian Ye got out of bed to look for some food in the kitchen. Not long after that, his meal had swept almost all of the food in the house. However, Qian Ye had only filled up less than half of his stomach. He felt his body was particularly weak and also the hunger cane faster and faster after days. Not until he was ready to go out and got some more food that he found himself only had several silver coins. The last piece of gold coins was given to the strange girl earlier whose name was still a mystery.


“Have to find ways to make money.” Qian Ye reluctantly thought.


At this time, Mr. Er’s voice suddenly sounded outside, “Is Qian Ye inside?”


Qian Ye opened the door so that Mr. Er could come in. After they had sat down, Mr. Er put a list toward Qian Ye and said, “This’s what you’ve asked me to find for you. Check it yourself.”


At the first glance, he was quite frightened of that was written inside. The first part of the list was the imperial military pharmaceutical products which were used to speed up the cultivating process. They were all considerable the upgraded version of Zhu Yan Blood.


The second part of the list was all about armors, including a set of light armor and a tactical sight. The armor was made of the imperial army’s standard armor, which could change the direction of force to lighten the impact on user. The armor had been disguised into a normal outlook which was a wide-used trick of the black market. The tactical sight could also be used alone as a telescope, but also could be installed to the sniper rifle and other standard weapons.


This tactical sight was actually original force equipment! Along with the specified force array, it could switch between four different fields of vision once the force infusion was completed. Besides vampires and werewolves detector fields, it was added two more fields of Evil Spider and Devil Descendants reconnaissance mode. It was not simply that this tactical sight was reinforced with two more dedicated reconnaissance mode, its complexity of the force array was also increased a geometric progression. And so, this tactical sight was worthy its value of a staggering price of eight hundreds gold coins!


Of course, its material and production expenditures were not so exclusive, but the facts that only the most elite Imperial Army Legions were qualified, thus not many people in this mainland could get to such modern and sophisticated equipment. Therefore, this thing belong to a category where money was not the biggest problem, also its price at the upper mainland was only a reference meaning. At this continent, an all-racial sight had an irreplaceable price which the value of money could be used as an equivalent exchange.


If not that Mr. Er’s had his own channel, then Qian Ye, who had had a bitter taste the black market price at this Dark Blood city, believed that this tactical sight could not cost less than one thousand gold coins.


Of course, other things on the list were not cheap either. That set of standard armor offered two hundred gold coins and the drugs cost fifty gold coins. Those drugs should be considered expensive. They were particularly helpful once proceeded the force node impact process. Though the problem was, the efficiency consumption of such products like Zhu Yan blood would be decreased at least a dose every day.


“They’re exactly what I need, but…” Qian Ye revealed a bitter smile as putting down the list.


When Qian Ye asked for the price list, he had not wanted to buy Hawk Strike. Now that he had exchanged almost everything for a Hawk Strike, he could no longer afford for just one single thing on this list.


Mr. Er took the list back, took the brush pen and checked on more than half of the items on this, including the armor, the tactical sight and half of the pharmacy. After having done checking, he said, “I’ve already order those for you and they’ll come within a month.”


Qian Ye was almost frightened to jump up and hurriedly said, “Hang on…” Not mentioning of so many stuff, he could not afford even one single thing at the moment.


Mr. Er seemed to know what Qian Ye was about to say, quickly interrupted him and said, “I know you have no money, but soon you will be rich. There is a task. As long as you agree to do it, the partial deposit is more than enough to pay for these.”


“Task?” Qian Ye instinctively felt like something was wrong.



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