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Chapter 25 - Blood Slave

Chapter 25: Blood Slave


The mission location was in another lower continent. Its content was very simple. There was a border town that was occupied by a Vampire clan. Since nearby that small town was a secret research base of the Empire and the local garrison’s rescue mission had failed twice, the military then decisively dispatched the Red Scorpion.


The Red Scorpion mobilized an entire company with a total of one hundred Black Scorpion soldiers led by three Red Scorpions. Including Qian Ye, there were fifty rookies that accompanied him.


This town belonged to a local county. Therefore, the local county had also mobilized tens of thousands of infantry of the local army to accompany with the Red Scorpion. This was an actual large-scale mission. Many rookies were very excited since the beginning of the preparations.


Qian Ye flew in an intercontinental airship that arrived at the target area after a full five days of uninterrupted flight.


Qian Ye jumped off the ship with the rest of the unit then boarded the truck, waiting for them to load up the trucks and then drove off to the scheduled positions.


As for the attack plan, it was incredibly simple: soldiers were divided into three groups and launched a general offensive directly into the town. Rebellers would be instantly killed on the spot. Then… there was no then.


The military trucks were still so wild, hustle and bustle as usual. An entire fleet roared wildly, rolling on the road just like a prehistoric mammoth herd in a hunt.


Sitting in the truck, Qian Ye held an original force rifle in his hands. His body slightly swung a few times to maintain the balance every time the car bounced up and down in a one-meter gap. Now he had already been so familiar with this type of Blackstone vehicles that he could duck-out in the desert with no problems.


He didn’t re-check his firearms excitingly like the other rookies but began to recall the information about the Vampires.


The vampire was one of the most important Dark Race species. Their height was very similar to that of a human. Though, they were more beautiful and elegant than any human being.


Theoretically, they had long lasting life and held powerful force within their blood. A Vampire that had reached the Duke level could have lived for more than a thousand years long. Therefore, they usually choose to sleep for a long time. During the slumber, their life would have retrograded extremely slow. It was said that deep inside of the Vampire territory was still hidden a thousand years sleeping ‘monster’!


The vampire was extremely dangerous. They had sturdy strength, excellent speed, and also magnificent wisdom.


The original force firearms were to make up for the human’s strength weaknesses, and the later manufacturing methods had been stolen by the Dark Race. They also developed their typical force firearms, of which the Vampires were the most beautiful and luxury. In the upper continent’s high society, those types of firearms were extremely rare and expensive. One of which that was produced by a Vampire could have often sold for an astronomical price.


Lastly was about the unique way of the Vampire’s inheritance. They could either reproduce the normal way with the other sex or through the name of a ritual called the ‘embrace’ to inject their original essence blood into the human body, then turned them into Vampires. Also, human blood was the Vampire’s favorite food.


Therefore, Vampires and Humans had the deepest understanding of each other amongst all species. In the past of the Darkness Era, Vampires had captured numerous humans as their food. Humans were no different than sheep or any other livestock.


Regardless of the training camp or the Red Scorpion, Qian Ye had killed a few Vampires. However, those were just low-level Vampires, and the numbers wasn’t much. Also, their powers were restricted by the force bondage and could only randomly scatter in the examination area.


This time was different. This was a direct war with real Vampires.


When the truck arrived at the destination, the veterans on each truck sent three special sterling silver bullets to each rookie.


This kind of bullet was a physical Force bomb that could be used with a normal charger. The empty shell might have been industrially produced or handmade. However, only a level three and above soldier could have put their Force into it, forming complete physical bombs.


The three silver bullets could cause absolute fatal damage to the Vampires. The reason why there were only three was that they were all rookies. Even if they were given hundreds of bullets, they could have only fired no more than three shots.


The rookies silently pressed the silver bullets into the rifle cross-belt and then waited for the battle to start.


The trucks rushed to the distance about five hundred meters away from the town wall and stopped. After some ear buzzing brakes, the vehicles stopped in a serpentine line queue. This turned the trucks into both roadblocks and good bunker.


Some people on the wall began to fire gunpowder firearms at the trucks. However, the metal warheads couldn’t have gone through the shield reinforcements that were a centimeter thick. While the Black Scorpions began to fight back, suddenly a Force cannon shot straight from the sky to the wall and immediately blew everything, including the shooter up in the air.


The fire from the wall was suppressed in a blink of an eye, Qian Ye and the other rookies immediately jumped out from the car and ran to the town under the veteran’s leader.


Fighting was easier than expected, the Red Scorpion captain quickly rushed to the forefront. Any Vampire daring to stick his head out would get a silver bullet in his head.


The Red Scorpion captain didn’t miss a single shot. He only picked high-leveled Vampire warriors to set fire at and ignored the others. The scorpion-level soldiers would pick out and killed most of the rest and saved a few for the rookies to practice on.


Qian Ye raised his hands and the original force rifle tremored. This time, it was no different than his practices in the past, once the silver bullet came out of the chamber, the vampire’s forehead would open a big hole. Their flesh were like being burnt by acid while white smoke slowly emerged from the wound.


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The head-shot Vampire was deadlocked as his body bloomed two more bloodflowers because the other two rookies could not hold back their fires. In the end, they couldn’t get any points wasting two expensive silver shots in an already-dead Vampire.


Qian Ye’s rifle quickly changed direction, another shot and another Vampire fell off from a roof at a distance. In just a few seconds, Qian Ye’s rifle had roared again. Another vampire fell after a horrible shout.


Qian Ye’s performance was extremely eye-catching amongst the rookies. Three shots had knocked down three Vampires. His record had almost caught up with that of a Black Scorpion!


Now setting foot on the real battlefield, Qian Ye deeply understood the differences of the training camp.


Nine years of brutal training between life and death, his fighting reaction had become a part of his body’s instincts. In any case, Qian Ye would make the most precise responses and grasped the fleeting opportunities to counterattack.


The Golden Spring training camp was to train the top of the killers. Therefore, their fighting style was instant kill. As soon as catching an opportunity, Qian Ye would make his enemy immediately dead.


For that reason, Qian Ye started to shine on the battlefield. His record was far more beautiful than the strengths data recorded on the papers. Not only had he suppressed the vast majority of the rookies, but also many of the Black Scorpion veterans were inferior!


This was the real manner of the Golden Spring trainee!


There were around a hundred Vampires inside of the town. It seemed to be a small clan invasion. The local army had mobilized tens of thousands of troops, launched two battles, and nearly ten thousand soldiers were lost, but nothing had been gained.


However, since the Red Scorpion Corps had now participated in the war, they had opened up the front line as if snapping off a rotten branch. They soon captured all the main points in the city. All the vampires were killed on the spot, no one had escaped.


After this war, Qian Ye understood why with just ten thousand regular fighters but the Red Scorpion Corps Headquarters had up to two hundred thousand support staffs. A company of the Red Scorpion had a combat power equaled to tens of thousands of regular infantry units, and the local forces weren’t even worth mentioning.


The Empire had always been pragmatic, even in the most ruthless ways. Warfare efficiency directly determined the level of treatment that Legion got. It was fair, all to the strength of the hero. As for the number of people, it was never a thing to be considered.


The next thing that happened inside of the town was frightening.


From inside of the buildings suddenly ran out thousands of people. They frantically rushed towards the Red Scorpion and the Imperial Warriors. They all had sluggish eyes, dense white teeth, and purple-black lips. These people had completely lost their sanity, and had turned into blood-thirsty animals!


The Red Scorpion soldiers had seemed to expect this, they calmly put away the original force guns and used gunpowder firearms instead. Machine guns, automatic rifles, and even pistols roared constantly. The metal storm had shredded the crowd into dust!


Many of them were still wearing fairly complete Imperial regiment uniforms, they perhaps were the missing soldiers of the last two attacks!


The local army soldiers who followed the Red Scorpion Corps into the city were stunned, and stopped in their tracks, but the Red Scorpion didn’t. They continued to harvest those people’s lives in cold blood!


“No! Stop, that’s my brother!” A young soldier suddenly screamed out. He rushed to a Red Scorpion captain and reached out to hold onto his waist, trying to stop him from shooting.


But the Red Scorpion captain just gently sliced away causing the guy to slip and fell to the ground. Then he pulled the trigger and continued his job.


“You killed my brother! I … … I want to kill you!” The young soldier cried angrily. He had the muzzle pointed at the captain.


The captain eyes flashed coldly. He pulled out a pistol, one shot, and half of the young soldier’s head had disappeared!


The captain swept his eyes at the local army’s soldiers, and coldly said, “You also want to rebel as well?


The local army’s soldiers immediately denied such thoughts.


“Then why don’t you hurry up and attack! They’re no longer human. They are Blood Slaves!” The captain roared fiercely. As soon as the last word came out of his mouth, the captain pointed the cannon toward those local soldiers. The cold metal tube was aiming at them.


Under the canon’s influence, the local army’s soldiers finally put up their weapons and started shooting anxiously. A number of people were a dozen times more compared to the Red Scorpion Corps, after a round of shooting, the results were quite positive. The crowd was lessened a lot.


The Red Scorpion captain nodded his head satisfactorily. He then raised his right fist, and shouted, “All attention! Now we begin to attack freely, kill all the people in this city! Repeat! Kill everyone, even the children, women or the elderly!”


Qian Ye was surprised. In his mind, killed soldiers and adult were normal, but why should the elderly, women and children be killed as well?


However, whether in the training camp or the Red Scorpion, obeying direct orders was the first military regulation.


Qian Ye carried his rifle, picked up the spare automatic-rifle, and began to search every corner of the valley city.


When he had just turned to a corner, suddenly, a teenager ran out from a door in front of him.


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