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Chapter 24 - Before the War

Chapter 24: Before the War


At this point, Qian Ye had a certain understanding of the Red Scorpion Legion.


Each warrior had their own score, and a combat battalion also divided into different levels based on the points they have. Once a mission completed the soldier could get a certain amount of points. With the points they could exchange a variety of equipment and facilities. The Red Scorpion Corps headquarters was only responsible for the most basic supplies. All the other benefits relied on the points each camp had to exchange.


The gap between different camps could be very big within the Red Scorpion Corps. One outstanding example was the gap between Tiger Scorpion and Blood Scorpion. This was not only the quality of individual competition but also commander’s managing ability.


The pattern of the Red Scorpion Legion was very popular amongst the Empire’s managing system. Many regiments, especially the special force corps, was very fond of adopting this style of management.


Nan Ba Tian took Qian Ye into the Tiger Scorpion Battalion, showed him his dormitory, then said, “You will live from now on. We don’t have a lot of people. There are a lot of spaces for you. If you need something, look for the administrative supporter named Bai. Good night, tomorrow morning you’ll start your rookie career!


Rookie, Qian Ye whispered. He had understood what the meaning of this word was.


The rookie was a special ‘existence’ in the Red Scorpion Legion.


Although many legions called their newbie rookie, the Red Scorpion rookie was different. In the Red Scorpion, the new young soldiers would have to serve as rookies for the first two years. Two years later, they would be promoted to become neonatal scorpion. Not until then would they become a formal member of the Red Scorpion Legion and could apply to go on missions independently.


Higher than the neonatal scorpion was the black scorpion, scorpion and finally, scorpion king.


A rookie in the Red Scorpion had almost no position because just they were rookies. In those experienced veterans point of view, rookie was the object of being reprimanded and ordered. On the other hand, the status of the rookie was unique.


Red Scorpion Corps had an unwritten rule, when there was death crisis situation on the battlefield, the rookie would be withdrawn first, and followed behind would be veterans and officers. In any case, the rookie’s life was the highest priority to be considered. Red Scorpion had used their blood to write this rule in the legion’s history. A unit of 100 people was annihilated, and two rookies had successfully escaped the war.


Indeed, as Nan BaTian said, starting from the next day, Qian Ye got to experience the difference of a rookie’s life.


In the next few months, Qian Ye only received a few little missions. The rest of his time was for training. The most important thing was to continue to practice the ‘Art of Retaliation.’ In addition, he also studied dozens of different courses, which includes driving almost all models of vehicles and airships.


On the other hand, there were special training for the use of special equipment, and the study on the empire’s secrets including political, economic, and a few historical events that had been removed from general database.


For example, the Golden Spring training camp.


The true behind-the-scenes supporter of this training camp was the Imperial Army. It and the three other training camps, AnHua, JianYu Quan, and DaDao FangYuan were the secret training bases established by the Ministry of National Security, but the Golden Spring training camp was far different from the other three in both size and efficiency. Golden Spring was always on the top three strongest training bases along with other deep-root noble families.


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Golden Spring was a very special existence. It had a completely different concept from the general military academy. On one side, it created the top killer whom could survive even in the worst environment. At the same time, it was also the empire experimental field of reality survival.


Many people from the upper continent believed that only at the moment between life and death, a human could stimulate his real potential. Thus, awoken their original force and became more powerful.


During the era of the Dark Races, there were hundreds of other races enslaved. In the end, human stood out and surpassed the others because, in the long path of life and death, there were generations after generations of heroes had awakened their force and lead people to the bright future.


People thought that in the lower class, especially the civilians living too comfortable and indulging in a stable life had lost the enterprising heart. Fewer and fewer talent were found, powerful ability had gradually subsided. If it kept on happening, the entire Qin Empire would collapse sooner or later.


In order to maintain glory, open up the soil, humanity must always survive in the crisis, and evolved between life and death!


This was the idea of the empire upper echelon, especially the army upper echelons. Golden Spring training camp deliberately required each trainee to be shrouded in the shadow of death from the beginning. Therefore, their potential would be extracted out from the harassing survival environment.


Although the death rate was very high, and there was also some internal criticism, but the students always recognized as the top talent.


Their real combat power was far above the paper data. A student graduated from the Golden Spring training camp could fight five elite soldiers with the same level without any pressure. Also, in the complex environment or even the extreme environment, the student’s force could even expose higher than people expected.


It was said that in a real combat test, a unit of three graduated from the Golden Spring had wiped out an entire empire army.


After the campaign, the training camp funds directly went up five times. The number of students recruited each year from increased from a few thousand to 20,000 people.


Moreover, every two to three decades, there would always appear a real astonishing talent .This person could change the situation only one hand! As long as there was such a figure, the camp could ignore all criticism and just worked the way it wanted. Moreover, for nearly a hundred years, there were four people like that ‘produced’ from the camp!


The Golden Spring training camp wasn’t just there but growing. Their presentation was known as the tassel hawks all over the Empire.


Originally, most of the trainees were civilians and orphans selected from all over the world, but after the successful tests, many noble families began to send their children there.


Compared to civilians and orphans, they had the advantage of basic resources. The probability of success was greater. Once successfully graduated, one could be admitted far beyond his original identity. For example, if a small branch of a family wanted to surpass other branches and control the whole family, their children would be sent to the camp.


Nearly three hundred years had passed, and their fame had been increasing significantly, Even the most powerful family would send their descendant there to be tempered and became the mainstay of the family later.


The training camp also made some adjustments. These children were given a certain but very limited care. Mainly two, one was life insurance. And second, girls didn’t have to participate in the adult rituals.


Because of on the battlefield, such thing as privilege was meaningless. Since the nobles had more resources and conditions to help their children’s awakening, would become the army’s main resources in the future. Rights and responsibilities had always been equal.


And for these big family children, once in their resume had the word Golden Spring Training camp, then their future would blossom, regardless of the future with the empire or back to the family would develop smoothly.


Qian Ye did not think the place he spent a full nine years actually had such a deep, complex background.


He only knew about a class of one hundred students. Besides the harassed exam, he rarely saw other people. Even that one hundred students were eliminated, makeup, and then re-eliminated. There were less than fifteen familiar faces in his memory.


That night, Qian Ye lied on the bed, playing with the last piece of ‘Zhu Yan blood.’ Now he knew that this precious herb only worked the most effective in the initial stage of the cultivation, when the Force node ignited, its effect began to decrease. This was one of the few items he had brought out from the training camp.


Then, Qian Ye began to learn the system of the empire. Today he understood that even a rookie of the Red Scorpion Legion would have a very high authority to be able to understand the insider of training camp.


In the extremely complex and arrogant hierarchical system of the Empire, Red Scorpion warrior’s authority was even higher than some noble.


Just like that for the first few months since Qian Ye joined the red scorpion, his time was basically spent on studying and practicing. He divided a day into fifteen minutes units, which sleeping was less than four hours. Half of the other time he was soaked in the body repair solution to speed up the recovery and enhancing body process. This liquid was specially provided to the Empire’s elite army soldiers.


The era of ‘Zhu Yan blood’ had passed.


Now Qian Ye had known the true size of the red scorpion.


Red Scorpion Legion members were only 10000, which also included more than a thousand rookie. The annual elimination rate of rookies was about twenty percent. Of course, the eliminated didn’t have to die but was sent to other corps. Even the red scorpion eliminated people were considered aces in other places.


And for this million red scorpion, their logistics and support staffs were up to two hundred thousand!


This was the reason why Qian Ye was a small city like a red scorpion headquarters.


After a few months, Qian Ye was considered having  preliminary human rights. His novice sentimental of a rookie faded little by little. In this study period, Qian Ye’s meticulous, concentration and patient got acknowledgment from other soldiers. Some officers even thought that he had reached the first degree of metamorphosis. Qian Ye could use several days to concentrate on doing one thing without distracted.


As a result, Qian Ye almost got full score on every subject. The only constraints were his cultivation speed. Though in the rookie’s comprehensive ranking, Qian Ye was around ten.


As soon as the rookie learning period finished, Nan BaTian appeared in front of Qian Ye again.


This giant began to personally take over Qian Ye fighting and physical training. He also successfully marked on Qian Ye the tattoo brand of the Tiger Scorpion Squad. Qian Ye became stronger and stronger. Ignored the elegant face, he had completely transform into a robust soldier.


This way, in the fourth month, Qian Ye received a mission that he would remember for the rest of his life.


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