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Chapter 23 - Rookie's Duty

Chapter 23: Rookie’s Duty


Qian Ye felt as if his intestines were jumping around inside, the other two young people were not much better than him. Therefore, after half an hour in the airship, the three finally couldn’t have held back their vomiting any further.


At twilight, the airship circled around the Great Yellowstone fjord and landed at the military base of the Red Scorpion assembly at the northern end of the Qin Dynasty. Though, the three little rookies did not have the luck to go sightseeing around the mysterious Red Scorpion headquarters.


They had not even gotten off the airship, yet they had already received their first rookie task: cleaning. They had to make the cabin, and even the whole airship as clean as from the inside out and upside down. The standard was that not even a miniscule speck of dust should have been found.


As soon as he had started, Qian Ye realized that this job wasn’t much easier than a fighting course.


Not even talking about the cabin with full of vomit, the most difficult thing to deal with was the engine compartment, with layers of oil built up year after year, covering the walls. Although the three rookies were provided with special cleaning tools for those oils, every small area still needed a vat of water to have cleaned it.


In this way, the three rookies took an entire night just to have cleaned up almost half of this 20 meter long airship.


The airship area was strictly divided into a three-day workload. They weren’t  allowed to eat or sleep until the work had been done.


So the three little rookies, who had just arrived at the Red Scorpion, in the first three days, had to work like crazy in hunger, drowsiness, and fatigue. Later on, they couldn’t even smell the oil that got onto their bodies. Finally, after having thoroughly cleaned the airship, the three went back to their dorms and immediately went to bed. They couldn’t even have been bothered with shower nor food.


In those three days, Qian Ye showed his determination and meticulousness. He didn’t look past any corner and wiped clean every bit of oil stain. The airship’s power and transmission machinery cleaning and maintenance were also perfectly done.



Thanks to the training he had in firearms maintenance, and his meticulous attitude towards the weapons, even the bald captain, who was very picky had to give non-stop compliments towards his work.


Meanwhile, the other two rookies could have only kept up their superb performance for half of a day. They had revealed their flaws soon after. Noticing how serious Qian Ye was, they, either purposely or unintentionally, left the most difficult and dirtiest areas for him. Although from the outside it had looked like the three of them had done the same amount of work, but in fact, Qian Ye had done even more himself than the other two combined.


Qian Ye didn’t care about those little gain and lost things. He had learned in the training camp to absolutely follow the orders. The so-called ‘absolute’ didn’t only regarded the behaviours but also of the mind.


In the training camp’s dictionary, those words shouldn’t have been exploited.


The two other rookies were so happy to have put more and more work on Qian Ye. They came from noble families with pride, and also had surpassed thousands to have become one of the Red Scorpions. They were  having promising futures in front of them. These young people could have suffered the wounds and pains pf the field like the warriors did, but not this kind of tough and dirty janitorial job.


While the rookies were burying themselves in their dreams, five people were currently holding a meeting in a small conference room at the Scorpion’s headquarters. One of them was the bald captain.


The bald captain wrote the score on three boards and handed it to the others.


After being passed around a few times, the board went to Wei LiShi. He took a glance and talked to the bald captain, “I think, regarding the results, but the score distribution shouldn’t have been this spread out, shouldn’t it have not?


“I gave them scores on every centimeter! The ‘Scorpion Tail’ is just like my baby! Even a little change couldn’t have escaped my eyes. Those two little brats wanted to play tricks in front of my eyes. They had better waited another hundred years to do so! Qian Ye, this little guy is good, very smart, and hardworking, I like it!”


Seeing the bald captain so insisted, Wei LiShi nodded his head, signed his name on the form, and then talked to the other three soldiers, “That’s the results, you decide it for yourselves!”


“Qian Ye.” One man said.


The other one immediately objected, “No! Last year you had already picked first, this year, it is our turn to do so!”


The third leisurely said, “Do not say so, your team last year had run out of this year’s priority selection. Do you intend to use the next years too?”


The three people had quarreled for a long time before finishing dividing the three rookies. Finally, the bearded guy painfully had agreed to use a lot of his personal good stuff and successfully got Qian Ye in his team.


The total score was one hundred points, of which Qian Ye got sixty-five points for himself. The other two had a total of thirty-five points.


The Red Scorpion scores were widely used. Ranking promotion, resource distribution, and even task selection would have consumed these scores. The total score was very high for the initial test. After the rookie stage people would rarely have encountered such a high score task.


Of course, Qian Ye and the others didn’t know about this. The two little guys thought that they were smart, but as the bald captain had said, that was a useless little trick. In front of those big eyes, playing tricks were not much different than destroying their own future.


The next morning, Qian Ye was awakened by a burst of brutal smashing.


“Get up! Hurry, rookie! When are you gonna sleep until?!”


Qian Ye jumped off from the bed and rushed out to open the door. There was a bearded officer standing outside of the door. He was extremely burly, up to 2m34 height! Slender Qian Ye standing in front of him was just like a little doll.


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The beard sniffed his nose and frowned, “Take a bath and remove all the oily smell from your body! You have…”


He looked at the watch and said, “You have a full five minutes! Clean yourself from top to bottom! I am waiting for you right here!” He was roaring nonstop from the beginning till the end.


“You are…” Qian Ye carefully asked.


“Nan, people call me Nan BaTian!”


The proud and imposing aura had stunned Qian Ye for a quick second, but then he was drowned by a defending roar.


“You don’t need to know that! Just remember that from now on you are a member of the Tiger Scorpion. Rookie! Take a bath, now!


Qian Ye immediately made a formal salute, “Yes, sir!” And he then fled into the bathroom.


Qian Ye had spent a total of three minutes to clean himself up. Immediately rushed out and put on his new uniform.


These sets of uniforms were made of pure black fabric. The symbol colors were of the Qin Dynasty Imperial Army Department. In addition, its collar, sleeves, etc. were decorated with crimson red stripes, and on the upper part of the arm was a scorpion patch.


It was a red scorpion with its stinger which was an eye-catching scarlet. This was the typical Red Scorpion which could have been found anywhere on the continent. A palm-sized little creature, but was also one of the most poisonous creatures on the land. An ordinary adult stung by this red scorpion would have been poisoned to death within ten seconds.


Seeing Qian Ye come out, Nan BaTian immediately turned away and left. His steps were one and a half times wider than an ordinary person’s steps. Qian Ye had to trot two steps to have kept up with him.


“There are lots of things to do today! Come with me first to get the equipment. Then I’ll take you to your own room. We have our own barracks! We don’t have to live in this hell of a place. After that, I’ll take you to a few important places, so you know where to repair guns, where to get good stuff, and even a place to conduct private tasks. It’s fine to do some private tasks if your combat mission does not conflict with it. However, you gotta wait until you have gotten out of the rookie stage. Don’t even think about it now!


At this time, Qian Ye had gotten used to the way that Nan BaTian talked. He quietly put every important point in his mind.


Soon Nan BaTian took Qian Ye out of the general barracks to the official headquarters of the Red Scorpion Camp.


Into the thirty meter high metal door, Qian Ye felt speechless as if his heart had been smashed with something. Although he had seen the superb view of a military city like Xiang Yang, Qian Ye was still deeply impressed by this huge war machine.


The Red Scorpion’s headquarters building was up to six hundred meters high, erected like a sailing mast. The red paint had already peeled and was covered with layers of rust, revealing the metal underneath, though this did not affect the integrity or the magnificent momentum of the building, but added a solemn feeling of dignity and precipitation that belonged to history!


Several bat-winged airships were rising from the top of the headquarters building and quickly headed to several different directions.


From a distance in the sky, slowly emerged a giant airship, the airbag on the top was up to several hundred meters high!


On the right-hand side was a huge airship base. Many airships were going in and out bustlingly. There were small express airships, medium and large economic airships, and even two battleships up to 100 meters in length. On the other side of the base was placed a row of seven old airships.


Next to the base were hundreds of various types of track chariots parked neatly in rows! As for the trucks, Qian Ye couldn’t even estimate the countless number of military trucks in there.


Qian Ye had studied their pictures and models before, but to have witnessed them with his own eyes, he realized that nothing could have been compared with the visual impact.


On the left-hand side were numerous functional buildings, Qian Ye even saw an enormous airship factory.


Upon the top hundred meter height of the factory, there was an arched dome ceiling. The two ends were opened and revealed the upper half of a medium sailing style airship. Many workers were crawling on it like ants looking for food. The red flame was flashing out from the huge metal surface like glacier flowing down. Apparently, those people had been under intensive work.


And then the area far away were the energy facilities.


It is a group of Eternal Agitation Towers. More than ten giant chimneys were clustered together, constantly emitting black smoke, and filled up half of the sky with steam. These giant chimneys were like the roots of a legendary KunLun tree. [1]


Even from far away, Qian Ye could imagine how the turbulent energy was, flowing along the pipeline, providing a huge base with a massive amount of energy.


Nan BaTian took Qian Ye to the parking lot, jumped on an no door off-road vehicle and drove to the arsenal warehouse on the left side of the base. It would not have been easy to have gone around this giant base camp without a car.


In the lobby of the arsenal warehouse, Nan BaTian headed straight inside and bellowed, “This is our Tiger Scorpion Camp’s rookie! One set of standard equipment, plus a set of sniper kit!”


After a moment, a big backpack and a black suitcase directly flew out from inside of the dark window. Throughout the whole process, there wasn’t any faces or talking to be seen or heard.


Nan BaTian caught the luggage and roared “Thanks!” Then he turned over to Qian Ye “Go, I’ll take you to the Tiger Scorpion camp!”


The Tiger Scorpion camp was located at the Northeast corner of the headquarters base, next to the Blood Scorpion camp.


Only looking at the appearances of the two camps, Qian Ye could see that the economic situation of the Tiger Scorpion didn’t seem to have been very good. He didn’t even mention that it was half of the size of the Blood Scorpion camp, only the half-old-half-new cars parking outside the camp were incomparable to those completely new cars from the Blood Scorpion. Moreover, the Tiger Scorpion camp was very deserted, unlike the crowded Blood Scorpion with people coming in and out.


Nan Ba Tian scratched his head and said with embarrassment, “Huhm…, in this case, there are some differences between how I’m running the Tiger Scorpion compared to those Blood Scorpion’s. Their people usually go out together to do some big businesses. Therefore, our money sources aren’t that great. Well, that’s about it.”


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