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Chapter 22 - The Flight

Chapter 22: The Flight


“Challenge you to drink, of course!”


Wei PoTian slapped his hands full of imposing aura.


The staircase sounded several footsteps, more than a dozen beautiful girls had ran over. In their arms were a bottle of strong alcohol each. One could tell that they were all of high quality just by glancing at the fine packaging.


Wei PoTian immediately crushed open two bottles and handed one to Qian Ye. He said, “Try half first. Dare or not?”


Qian Ye took the bottle. There was a complicated look on his face, very complicated.


He silently poured half a bottle in a cup then slowly sipped it up.


In front of Wei PoTian was a big bowl. He had choked down half a bottle in no time. As for Qian Ye, he was just finishing a small cup with a turtle speed.


“Well, I’ll finish this bottle first. Take it slowly. I can wait, don’t worry!” Wei PoTian said magnanimously. He tilted his head backwards, then again. And the first bottle of wine was emptied out after two more bowls.


At the moment, Qian Ye’s face had already turned red after only two cups. Even his eyes seemed vague as if after drinking one more cup, he would have collapsed on the spot.


Wei Haitian had finally felt proud of himself.


Having lost the fight with this brat today was nothing didn’t I pay him back on the wine table? Wei PoTian thought. He had absolutely no sense of self-comforting.


Qian Ye drank slowly. His elbows were resting on the table. Holding the glass, he staggered a bit. Even though  he had finished the whole bottle he was still just staggering.


“Brave enough!” Wei PoTian praised. Then he threw a devious glance to a girl holding a wine bottle in her chest. She was doing that to keep the bottle warm.


After a moment, Wei PoTian had another empty bottle in front of him. And Qian Ye was still drinking slowly, still staggering.


At this point in time Wei PoTian’s eyes were still vague. He started to say illogical things. However, perhaps his envy to surpass Qian Ye had been too strong. Seeing Qian Ye finished his drinking, without a word he crushed open another two aged bottles. He tilted his head backwards again and again, and he had finished another one in a blink of an eye.


Qian Ye was still the same way, staggering as if he would collapse at any given time. There were many people watching the show at the moment. Their mocking eyes at the beginning had become somewhat strange.


This wine was named the Orchid Tongued Dragon.That was a type of tequila produced in the cold of the Ping Xi province, one of the three strongest wines of the Empire. People usually made it into cocktails. No one would have choked it down like cattle drinking water if it was to have been drunk straight. It was even rare for a man to have remained conscious after drinking two bottles.


An hour later, Qian Ye was still sitting at the side of the table, looking blankly at the empty bottles around. Then he looked at the passed out little Wei and Shi Yan. He couldn’t even remember when they fallen down on the table asleep.


Especially Shi Yan, how could he have been so wasted since this fight didn’t have anything to do with him ah!


Rubbing his forehead, Qian Ye slowly remembered what had happened. He didn’t know when, but tipsy Wei PoTian had suddenly provoked Shi Yan.


Shi Yan actually was hot tempered. Of course, he would join the battle without any hesitation. Such a person like Shi Yan had absolute sense of ceremonies. One on one battle turned into a messy fight of the three. And then… and then, they were defeated by Qian Ye.


Qian was still staggering, but only staggering. It was still far away from toppling down on the ground.


Thinking of what had happen, Qian Ye helplessly smiled. How should he have handled these two dead pigs? Finally, Qian Ye had to carry one on each hand and wobbled back to the hotel. Moreover, he had miraculously found his way back to his room.


Qian Ye opened their room, threw the two pigs on a bed, and pointed up his middle finger fiercely at them. Finally, he staggered back to his room, fell on his bed and slept like death.


Not long after that, Qian Ye woke up from his short sleep and slowly sat up. His eyes swept around blankly. He was still hung over and the headache was still there.


The time had just arrived at five o’clock, and the sky hadn’t fully turned bright. However, in the training camp, this was the time that one had to get up and started training. It was like that for the past nine years of his life. It had long became his conditional reflex.


After a quick shower, Qian Ye suddenly went blank of what to do next.


After his graduation from the training camp, he often had such a feeling. The busy, full of pressure schedule had now suddenly disappeared, yet he couldn’t cope with a large amount of free time on his own.


He exercised for a while in silence until the first rays of the sunlight shined into the room.


Shi Yan came at noon. Seeing Qian Ye, this stone-faced soldier finally showed a rare blush.


As for Wei PoTian, he had quietly disappeared. He had no face to meet Qian Ye! Though he still kept his words and left his belt for Qian Ye with a piece of paper: Let’s fight again in the future!


Oh, there was also a huge exclamation point!


Qian Ye didn’t pay much attention to this note. He crumbled it then threw in the trash can. Thinking of the reason why Wei PoTian had provoked him, Qian Ye was tempted to beat him up a few more times.


However, after listening to Shi Yan’s story about little Wei’s background, Qian Ye thought a little bit. Then he packed the necklace, bracelet, and belt and found someone to send them back to the Wei family. There was a note added to it: Three debts, pay before the next fight.


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After lunch, Shi Yan brought Qian Ye back to the camp, and handed him to the middle-aged soldier.


The middle-aged soldier evaluated him for a while with his eyes then suddenly smiled, stretched out his hand and said, “Welcome to the Red Scorpion, rookie!”


Qian Ye also reached out his hand. With their hands shaking, he felt that this hand was wide, warm yet firm, very similar to the warmth of Lin XiTang’s hand that he had given him.


Qian Ye didn’t fully understand the meaning of the word ‘rookie’, but he felt it might have been a term of endearment with the way that this middle-aged soldier had said it.


The middle-aged soldiers looked at Shi Yan, and suddenly said, “Shi Yan Bro, it was about ten years since we last met.”


“Only nine years and eleven months.”


The middle-aged soldier didn’t argue with Shi Yan but asked, “Why are you not staying by Lin Shuai?”


“No, for this little guy, I have to do it on my own. I don’t entrust the others with him.”


The middle-aged soldier raised his eyebrows, “Is he special?”


“A little, you need to see this to understand. Qian Ye, let the colonel see your wound.”


Qian Ye pulled up his clothes, revealing that huge scar on his chest.


The middle-aged colonel’s eyes twitched, and revealed a murderous look. He finally grunted.


“Now you see why I had wanted to do it myself, but this kid is really good and will not let you down.”


Farewell came in a blink of an eye. The two soldiers had only met for three times during the twenty years after their graduation. They all understood that it might have been years before they could have met each other again.


Perhaps the next meeting, they would see the other’s remains covered under the Imperial flag. This was the fate of a soldier. They did not hug, did not shake hands, but respected each other with a military salute then turned away.


This was a soldier’s manners, without pretence. Their heartfelt friendship was buried deep down in their hearts.


As Shi Yan left, the middle-aged soldier said to Qian Ye, “I’m Wei LiShi.”


“Colonel Wei!” Qian Ye showed a military salute, although it still wasn’t a qualified one.


Wei LiShi brought Qian Ye to an airship and flew to the assembly of the Red Scorpion. In this assessment, besides Qian Ye, Wei LiShi had also selected the two more people, a guy and a girl. They were all at the similar age as Qian Ye.


This airship was different from all other the airbag ships that Qian Ye had been on. Instead of the huge egg-shaped airbag on the top, it had large metal cores that held up like a bat’s wings.


All the components on this airship were painted with pure eye-catching red, beside that there were no other decorations. The mechanical compartment was still located at the tail, but the cross-propeller had been up to twelve groups. The only same thing was the cloud of steam spewing up from the complex pipelines.


The inside was spacious and the floor was covered with a damped muffler. All twenty seats backed against both sides of the bulkhead. In the middle was a row of shelves full of tools, bags, and weapons. The rest of the space was large enough to move about easily or even to hold a close quarter combat match. The ship could have transported two squads and a small fighting airship. The Red Scorpion was rich and powerful.


Wei LiShi sat down and buckled his seat belt. Qian Ye also did the exact same thing.


Then a door opened up from the front of the cabin and a huge bald head stuck out from it.With a thorny voice, he said, “Sit tight, little guys! We have to hurry!”


As a deafening sound roared from the other side of the bulkhead, the cabin began to shook violently and then suddenly shot out as if it was grabbed by a giant hand and thrown into the sky!


Qian Ye and the others were tightly pressed in their seat. The intense rise made them felt as if their hearts had almost jumped out from their throats. It was an indescribable uncomfortable feeling. Finally, the takeoff stage had passed. Qian Ye was stunned to see the clouds outside the porthole!


They had already flown into the clouds in just a few seconds!


Qian Ye only had limited experiences with small airships like the “Blue Bird” and the military cargo airship. The “Blue Bird” was as smooth as its name. No matter in taking off or landing, it was all fluently done. The cargo was noisy, and it took a long time buffering both taking off and landing.


This airship’s speed had simply subverted the principle of a steam device engine. Qian Ye suddenly remembered, in the Blackstone steam, there was a kind of energy source called the black crystal.  However, the training camp didn’t teach a lot about this because it was currently the highest level of energy source for the national military transportation.


While Qian Ye had not recovered from the instant change on the outside, the airship suddenly began to shake violently. Qian Ye saw that the propeller had suddenly accelerated, and the rotation became so fast that it was completely unable to distinguish each of the propellers separately. The whole airship was as if it was being fiercely kicked and thrusted into the sky.


For the first time in his life, Qian Ye understood the feeling of a leaf floating in the storm.


From the copper pipe, there was the constant sound of the bald captain’s voice.


“Sit still! We have to speed up!”


“This wind is really turbulent ! How does it feel to be tumbled around, good?


“Aha! We’re going to directly go through a thundercloud! You can see the lightning at a close distance!”


“What is that… a Bald Eagle? Good, big enough! Let’ s try and hit it!


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