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Chapter 21 - The Definition of Genious

Chapter 21: The Definition of Genius


The meeting room was a typical rookie style, everything inside of it was simplified as much as possible. The walls were made of plain bluestone, even the metals inside were clearly revealed.


The only decoration was a mural painting of the Empire territory map, which covered up the whole wall. It was at least a thousand years ago when the XuGu star was still shining the world’s top continent. However, about seven hundred years ago, it had derailed and fell, and brought with it all the creatures of the two upper continents into hell. Its fragments were floating in the universe and became the most abundant source of rare minerals.


The wide opened window of the conference room didn’t seem to have been useful. The room was covered in a foul atmosphere. More than a dozen soldiers were sitting around a long table. The vast majority had been smoking and sometimes argued a bit. They were very young regardless of their high badges. The lowest were the lieutenants and even colonel.


They even had a brigadier! This handsome devious looking brigadier was less than thirty years old.


There were more than hundreds of candidate’s files sitting on the table with different markings on the cover. The officers were passing them around, and sometimes two people would have fought over a file till their faces and ears had all reddened.


These officers were representing their units to recruit these candidates. These files were collected based on the earlier standards, and the candidates didn’t make it to this room, in fact, had lost the qualifications to have entered any of the special force units.


The room looked messy, but it was actually arranged in an invisible order. The two people sitting at the two ends of the table would have read the files first before handing  it over to the others.


On one end sitting, was that young brigadier while on the other end was a burly looking soldier with an angular face, around his mid thirties.


At the moment, at both ends of the long table stood a pile of files, each of which had been covered with a special mark. One was the folded wing of the headless angel and the other was a lifelike red scorpion.


The young brigadier was holding another document. It was Qian Ye’s file. After looking for a while, he tossed it on the table, “Almost seventeen and could have had only barely gotten over 20 rounds out of desperation. This stuff, we, the Broken Wings Angel have no interests in!”


Listening to these words, the other officer’s eyes suddenly lit up. More than ten pairs of eyes were staring at  Qian Ye’s file. That was twenty rounds! The ‘stuff’ that the Broken Wings Angel had looked down upon could have become a trump card in their hands.


As the file had just landed on the table, a few big hands couldn’t wait to have stretched over it. A fight was about to happen.


However, at this time, a modest but the powerful force suddenly covered Qian Ye’s file. The middle aged soldier sitting at the other end reached out and made a catching gesture in the air, Qian Ye’s file immediately glided from the other end into his hand.


Snapped loudly, the middle-aged soldier put his big hand on the file, “This person belongs to the Red Scorpion!”


There was a sigh in the room.


The young brigadier sneered, “I didn’t expect the famous Red Scorpion to have been so cheap, even such garbage is accepted! No wonder you scorpions could have only ranked the third for three consecutive Imperial Champion Leagues.”


The middle-aged soldier was not angry. He casually said, “What we Red Scorpions want is a soldier who can kill the Empire’s enemies, not those ‘geniuses’ on the paper”


The young brigadier immediately stood up. He angrily said, “What do you mean!”


The middle-aged soldier leisurely responded, “I meant what was clearly said on the Empire Military Exploit Board.”


On the Empire Military Exploit Board, The Red Scorpion Corps firmly suppressed the Broken Wing Angels which had always ranked second for three continuous Champion Leagues. Of course, right after that shining champion award stacked with the Red Scorpion soldier’s gloomy white bones.


The brigadier got angry. His face turned green, he grunted heavily, then picked up a file on the approved stack, raised it up high, he said, “Look at this, Wei QiYang! He is from a noble family, long standing inheritance, and a variety of secret techniques. This is the future of the strong! This is absolutely better than the garbage in your hand!


The middle-aged soldier roared with laughter, “How come I heard that he was beaten up on the fighting court by the so-called garbage?


The brigadier grunted and replied, “That was only because Wei QiYang had no fighting experience. That garbage’s potential had already been unearthed in the Golden Spring camp. There’s no space for him to improve in the future! Well, he is just a bastard picked up from a landfill. Don’t use this garbage even if you Scorpion’s want to kiss Lin XiTang’s ass!


The middle-aged soldier had a frown his face and coldly said, “You’d better show some respect towards Lin Shuai!”


“We are not afraid of him!” The brigadier said unceremoniously then knocked on the conference table, “If not, how about we let them fight after one year? To see if that little garbage can win against our Broken Wing Angel! ”


The middle-aged soldier agreed without hesitation “Good! What is the pledge?”


The brigadier leaned forward, showing a deviously exaggerated smile, “A level six force gun! How about that?”


Upon hearing of the level six force gun, all the officers unconsciously sniffed in a gulp of cold air! It was something only a deputy commanding general of the special force unit could have used!


The middle-aged soldier took a deep breath, slowly nodded his head and said, “Well, I bet this for sure!”


“I am waiting for your gun!” The brigadier laughed, and then sprinted out of the conference room. Outside the door came in his voice, “This assessment only brought in rubbish!”


It was already the afternoon of the following day when Qian Ye had wakened up.


A female medical walked into the room. She was beautiful, but her face was as cold as the ice from the North Pole. Throwing a set of clothes straight into his face while her waterfall-like, words after words, had stamped onto Qian Ye’s head.


“Hurry up and put your clothes on then piss off this place in three minutes! Many people are waiting outside! Why are you not putting your pants on? How long are you gonna swing that ‘thing’ in front of my face? Do you think it’s huge? 30 seconds! If it does not get out of my eyes, I’ll cut it down, and soak it in the liquid preservative to decorate my desk!”


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Although he had been through many challenges in the training camp, but in front of this scary ‘ogress,’ Qian Ye was completely defeated. With the fastest speed possible by the graces of the intermediary gods, he put on his clothes and fled outside.


When Qian Ye had escaped from the clinic, a strange idea suddenly popped in his mind. Why didn’t he ask for a contact from that beautiful ogress?


Qian Ye was shocked with his own idea. He suspected that this abnormal thought was the consequences of his sudden departure from the training camp, since he had been living there for so long.


Qian Ye saw that Shi Yan had been waiting for him outside of the camp.


Seeing Qian Ye, that stone-faced, silent man grinned, laughed, and then repeatedly slapped Qian Ye’s shoulder, “Well done, good job boy!”


Qian Ye was suddenly dumb founded.


Shi Yan slapped his head, “You see, even I was confused myself! You are admitted to the Red Scorpion!”


“Red Scorpion?” Qian Ye was stunned for a moment. He carefully thought of the recruiting unit’s special names. There wasn’t any name like that in the middle and low ranked units. Neither the higher ones.


Qian Ye’s heart suddenly thumped a few times. He was so excited that he stuttered, “You are talking about that… that Red Scorpion?”


“True, that Scorpion, the ‘always-in-the-top-five-empirical-army-ranking’ Red Scorpion Corps!


Qian Ye held his breath. He was completely engulfed in euphoria! He did not expect that he was to have been able to have joined the Broken Wing Angel or the Red Scorpion. Those two were the most elite units. After all, his performance in the Force test wasn’t very good. Twenty rounds of the original force tide were just enough to pass the standard exam.


“Three days later you have to go to the Red Scorpion Corps assembly to enlist. It was a bit of a rush, but we should have at least one night for preparation. Let’s go, I’ll buy you some drink!”


Shi Yan became so hyper as if he was a different person compared to his usual self. He grabbed Qian Ye and rushed outside of the camp. The two were just running for a few steps, Wei PoTian suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and blocked Qian Ye’s path.


Qian Ye’s eyes swept up and down on Wei PoTian with some strange expressions on his face.  Suddenly he asked, “Getting beaten up is your favorite pasttime?”


Wei PoTian was crossing his hands truculently. His face, after hearing that became so colorful, he felt like vomiting the blood boiling inside of his chest, once again. But Qian Ye looked very serious and he wasn’t sneering or teasing him at all.


Although they had met each other not that long ago, Wei PoTian had figured a bit of this guy’s temper. Obviously, Qian Ye had clearly stated what he had thought.


This was what made people crazy!


“Lin Qian Ye! I have been selected by the Broken Wing Angel. I’m the only one selected! “Wei PoTian roared proudly.


Qian Ye smiled and said, “What about it? Wanna fight again? I think you just like to be beaten.”


Wei PoTian’s face reddened. He said angrily, “If you’re that good then how about we change the bet! Come, come, come, real men fight with alcohol. Tonight we both fight over how much we can drink. So, do you dare?”


“What’s left for you to lose?” Qian Ye disagreed.


Wei PoTian said with a high pitch, “If I lose, I’ll untie my belt on the spot!”


The moment he finished this word, everyone around him suddenly fell in silence! The crowd was like slowing down a beat. Everyone was focused on Wei PoTian with a weird stare.


A few guys even showed obvious interests with Wei the handsome guy, their eyes laid on him amorously. A few delicate white looking young men also threw him some flirty looks.


Qian Ye was speechless, thanks to little Wei, he also became the focal of attention.


Shi Yan twitched his mouth his expressions today were a lot livelier than the whole past year. His eyes fell on little Wei’s belt, and immediately recognized it was the Far East Wei Family’s Orthodox identification. He also found on Qian Ye’s neck what appeared to be a necklace with a hawk medal.


Thinking of Wei PoTian’s challenge earlier, Shi Yan grasped the gist of what had happened earlier.


The Wei family was a noble family with a long-standing reputation. The Far East was its origin. They had intermarried with the Langya Wang family for generations, and with that, their influence had exerted over the two big provinces of the Far East. The Wei family and Lin XiTang had no relationships, not friend, neither enemy. ‘With such a giant family, even if being unable to be friends, at least not make an enemy.’


“Leave here first!” Shi Yan decided to drag Qian Ye out of this awkward situation as fast as possible.


At night, not long after Shi Yan and Qian Ye were sitting at a bar, little Wei appeared uninvited.


He sat down in front of Qian Ye, banged on the table, and shouted, “Lin Qian Ye! You think I can’t find out that you’re hiding here? The Wei family has a lot of people in the Xiang Yang. ”


“What are you going to do?”


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