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Seeing the Hell White Tiger and Ma Hong Jun converged together in attacking, people on the wall had all thought that the Golden Crocodile Douluo was going to be totally screwed. Dai Mu Bai and Zhu Zhu Qing as well as the Hell White Tiger and Ma Hong Jun had formed a perfect attack formation, backed the Golden Crocodile Douluo into their clamp. Even though there were many spirit masters of the Spirit Empire on the wall now, the Golden Crocodile Douluo felt that his desolateness had been amplified.


There was something that the Golden Crocodile Douluo hadn’t expected. First, Ma Hong Jun could have threatened him. Second, the other group of the Heaven Dou Empire could have climbed onto the wall in such a short time. The last one was the tremendous power of the Hell White Tiger. In this fraction of time, he himself alone couldn’t confront the Hell White Tiger, let alone the Phoenix Douluo Ma Hong Jun.


In fact, Ma Hong Jun’s attack couldn’t trouble Golden Crocodile Douluo much. However, he didn’t regard Golden Crocodile Douluo; from above, he had cut all of his possible escape ways, forced him to face the Hell White Tiger recklessly.


The danger in front of his eyes forced him to take all the powers of the Spirit Empire’s Second Consecrator. The scales of his entire body were all rising. His body was shaking violently, releasing rippling dazzling gold halos. This kept Dai Mu Bai and Ma Hong Jun from aiming at him accurately. At the same time, the giant crocodile moved. The tail was put into his mouth, making a circle. The solid scales were exposing, meanwhile, the softer components were hiding. Then, the giant body of the crocodile started to spin, looking quite similar to a fire wheel. The spirit rings on his body radiated light beams. From the top of the wall, the crocodile plunged fiercely to Ma Hong Jun in the air. Avoid the strong wall, attack the softer spot. This badass understood well that he needed to be flexible at this moment.


No doubt that this was the attack that the Golden Crocodile Douluo had mobilized all of his powers to strike. He had made the right decision at the most critical moment. A full-force strike of a Title Douluo ranked level ninety-eight was absolutely intimidating. If Ma Hong Jun ducked him, with his powers, the Golden Crocodile Douluo could possibly make a way out; at the same time, the other Spirit Empire’s supreme spirit masters could come to back him up. At least, the Golden Crocodile Douluo would be able to avoid Ma Hong Jun and the Hell White Tiger’s clamp. It would be hard to harm him then. However, if Ma Hong Jun wouldn’t back off, but confronted him directly, the Hell White Tiger would catch him. At this moment, he was betting hopelessly that Ma Hong Jun wouldn’t take his direct-full-force attack. If he were careless just in a short while, Golden Crocodile Douluo would have a chance to escape.


Would Ma Hong Jun duck the crocodile’s attack? He indeed had used his action to prove to everyone on the field that the Shrek Seven Devils were superb. Seeing the Golden Crocodile Douluo dashing toward him, Ma Hong Jun cursed under his breath; nine heads breathed out fire at the same time. However, he didn’t breathe fire to the Golden Crocodile Douluo, but to himself. Phoenix Flame burst out, covering his body. Then, the two wings immediately extended and covered his body and the nine heads. He had balled his body, confronting the crocodile’s attack without any hesitation.




The fireball formed by the Nine-headed Phoenix was struck up to the sky. Ma Hong Jun couldn’t maintain the Phoenix avatar, turned back into his human form in mid-air. Blood gushed out from his mouth; apparently, he got hurt badly. The flame on his body was scattering everywhere. He looked as pale as a piece of paper.


However, it was worth his damage that Ma Hong Jun had performed his strongest powers at this encounter. The fire wheel of the Golden Crocodile Douluo was stunned one second at the impact. Moreover, the crocodile entire body was covered with a blazing layer of flame. This dissolved his attack powers immediately. And the Hell White Tiger was right behind him.



A giant, sturdy tiger’s paw slapped directly onto the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s body. The Golden Crocodile Douluo in his avatar form was enormous, but it was nothing compared to the height of over thirty meters of the Hell White Tiger. This paw shouldn’t be underestimated as it held the powers of the Solid Golden Fly’s boosting which Dai Mu Bai had held for a long while. Golden Crocodile Douluo was blown away, half of his body pierced into the wall.


“You dare to hurt my brother? Daddy is going to kill ya!”


Dai Mu Bai’s voice came out from the Hell White Tiger’s mouth. A massive light sphere suddenly struck out, hitting the Golden Crocodile Douluo without showing any mercy.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo could only defend himself at this moment. The impact that Ma Hong Jun gave him was much painful he wasn’t able to duck Dai Mu Bai’s attack, but get hit directly. The Golden Crocodile Douluo could only see numerous silver dots dancing in front of him. Blood flowed out from his nostrils and mouth. What he could do now was to erupt all of his spirit power ranked level ninety-eight to protect himself.


A white halo explosion burst out on the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass’s top wall, leaving a big hole. Countless scales were scattering along with the Golden Crocodile Douluo’s screech, which was so loud that even the Heaven Dou Empire’s formation could hear.


However, Dai Mu Bai could only make one strike. After he had spent a second to look at the Golden Crocodile Douluo, others Spirit Empire’s supreme spirit masters had attacked him constantly. Before the giant tiger could be able to attack the Golden Crocodile Douluo once again, he had already taken ten strikes from the other spirit masters, which half of them came from those Title Douluos.


When the Hell White Tiger was formed, Ning Rong Rong’s boost had been inoperative to them, as her Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower couldn’t boost the god-ranked spirit masters. Also, the Solid Golden Fly could only maintain for one strike. Thus, if Dai Mu Bai wanted to launch another strike under the shower of attack from the enemy, he couldn’t hold it. The thirty-meter body became ethereal. Obviously, the giant body could hold more energy but at the same time, it was the massive exposing target.


Poor the old bold Golden Crocodile Douluo, who was struck to turn back to his human form. Although Ma Hong Jun got hurt, he was way better than him. This struggle, the Second Consecrator had never been through during his entire life. Now he was pierced into the wall. All the scales were crashed, so did his flesh and bones. He looked like a pulp of meat when blood constantly spewed out from his mouth. His countenance was extremely grimaced, as he had to gasp for breath. How could he be comfy taking the god-ranked attack of the Hell White Tiger fully? The Golden Crocodile Douluo was over one hundred years old, under such strike, his powers were reducing seventy percent. Although it couldn’t take away his fighting ability, he got hurt badly, more severe than Bibi Dong.


As a matter of fact, aging won’t spare anybody!


He never expected that being the commander of the war, he got hurt so early right when the fight had just begun. On the other side, his enemy just had to pay with a wounded Title Douluo. The sorrow in his heart was more painful than his physical wound. There was another reason for his bad conditions. No doubt that the joint attack of the Shrek Six Devils was successful.


The Golden Crocodile Douluo had to open his eyes wider in awe to see the severely wounded Fatty, who was forced to turn back to his human form, now could activate his spirit avatar once again. As what he could observe, his powers seemed not to be damage a bit. The phoenix was about to attack again. How could it happen?


Nothing is impossible. Don’t forget that among the two auxiliary system spirit masters of the Shrek Seven Devils, besides the unrivaled auxiliary spirit master, they still had another peerless Food system Spirit Master. The Crystal Caterpillar Sausage was hard to produce, but each Devil had one. Ma Hong Jun got hurt badly, it is true. However, the effect of the Crystal Caterpillar, produced by Oscar after he had eaten the Solid Golden fly, could heal all the wounds. Ma Hong Jun’s spirit power wasn’t consumed much. When he got healed, nothing mattered anymore.


Nevertheless, everything wasn’t going smoothly for the Shrek Six Devils to attack the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. The number of strong spirit masters from the Spirit Empire’s side was big, anyway. Oscar had been boosted by Ning Rong Rong, but he didn’t have the formidable spirit abilities as the Hell White Tiger. He got struck off the wall, wounded a little bit.


From the other side, Xiao Wu’s nine clones got exploded four. The other five were plunging atop the wall, searching for five Spirit Douluos.


It would be difficult to defeat the Title Douluo just in one strike. However, facing the Spirit Douluos, who had lower level ranks, Xiao Wu’s spirit avatar could perform its intimidating deed.


They could only see five red lights burst out at the same time, soaring to the sky. Five Instant Skill Eight Stage Drop was complete. With her powers of level ninety-six, even Tang San would have been skinned. Her true body now was walking to the top of the wall without worrying. She had another two great spirit abilities to protect her life, the Paragon Golden Body, and the Blink.


With the Paragon Golden Body, Xiao Wu was the second one got atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, after the Hell White Tiger. Then, when people got dazzled with her chain of Blinks, Xiao Wu broke the neck of the four Spirit Douluos. Her Soft Skill wasn’t the same as before. An illusory aureole emitted from her body. When the shadow struck out the move that was similar to what her true body could execute, the Soft skill was complete, Title Douluo ranked Soft Skill.


Xiao Wu’s deed caught the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters’ eyes. The Third Consecrator flashed, striking directly to her, as he didn’t want her to perform her maximum capacity. A supreme spirit master ranked level ninety was like a tiger in the herd of sheep.


A cold smile beamed on Xiao Wu’s face. She immediately backed off. At the same time, a red light dot came out from her hand, darting toward the Spirit Empire’s spirit masters.


“Watch out!”


One Title Douluo had experienced this, recklessly screamed out to warn his comrades.

That red light dot used to bring them thrilling shake. Last time, it had killed dozens of Spirit Sage instantly!

True, the red light dot from Xiao Wu’s hand was the second Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus from three masterpieces that the Divine Blacksmith Lou Gao had produced.


However, Xiao Wu didn’t stop there. One hand of her was shooting the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus; the other hand’s wrist swayed and a brass, exquisite cylinder appeared in her palm. In this fraction of time, the dazzling colorful beams were radiating beautifully on top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. No matter they were the soldiers of the Spirit Empire inside the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass or the coming force of the Heaven Dou Empire, all were witnessing a strange phenomenon. A fan-shaped halo appeared atop the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, which looked as beautiful as a peacock dancing with its spreading tail.


Only one person had considered it wasn’t beautiful at all. The Third Consecrator. The glorious lights that looked like the peacock’s tail were covering him.


Xiao Wu was striking out the area attack hidden weapon, whose power was the most intimidating, the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus. At the same time, she was delivering the single-attack, which had the same tremendous power with the former, the Peacock Plume.

The Peacock Plume shot out many special kinds of needles. When they had seen the drawing, both divine craftsmen Lou Gao and Titan had to smile in awe. This was the first time it appeared at Douluo Continent. First performance ever. The poor Third Consecrator had been its experimental object today.


Different sounds echoed at once with the sound of explosions. Even the powerful Third Consecrator couldn’t be able to duck the face-front Peacock Flume. Xiao Wu was the one who released it. Still, she couldn’t help but acclaim its powers.


With the deepest fear, Third Consecrator had to urge his strongest defending ability to counter. However, all the specialized manufactured needles of the Peacock Plume could pierce through the protective solid air layer. Bone Piercing Needle, Thunderbolt Needle, Cracking Edge Needle, Demon Subduing Needle, Armor Breaking Needle, Overlord Needle, Dark Moon Needle, Dragon Breaking Needle, etc. all kind of destructive needles had formed a perfect combination.


Pains. Explosions. All happened non-stop on the Third Consecrators body. He was lucky that his spirit power had reached level ninety-six. His defending ability had reduced the destructive powers of those needles. At the same time, his solid body had become the last shield he had to dissolve this attack. However, the needles brought with them toxics and explosive materials, directly delivered to the Third Consecrator extreme pain. His entire body was bleeding under the formidable attack.


Right after that, the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus burst out!


What is the most powerful area attack hidden weapon? It is the one you’ve known its tremendous feature, but you couldn’t dodge.


The terrifying explosion brought with it the ear-splitting hiss. The gold lotus immediately pierced the bodies of over thirty Spirit Douluo spirit masters. The spirit masters ranked Spirit Douluo were much stronger than the Spirit Saga spirit masters. However, what it had taken to nurture thirty Spirit Douluos? Under the dominance of the Buddha’s Fury Tang Lotus, their bodies were like they were chopped into pieces. Blood flowers bloomed everywhere.


At the same time, a vague red figure appeared behind the Third Consecrator. A small, soft hand gripped his neck. It was Xiao Wu.


After taking the Peacock Plume, the Third Consecrator had no extra strength to be cautious. Needless to say, Xiao Wu was boosted by Ning Rong Rong’s Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Tower now.


Her competence had surpassed his.


Her right knee crossed over the Third Consecrators waist. Less than a second, Xiao Wu hurled this consecrator to the air. Other members of the Shrek Six Devils didn’t need to pay attention to this corner of the wall. With the same level of powers, being focused by Xiao Wu’s Soft Skill, even Tang San, before he had become a God, couldn’t counter her. Moreover, the Third Consecrator got hurt badly with the Peacock Plume. There was only one result awaited him.


Tang Hao was extremely astounded. The Shrek Six Devils had killed two of the Six Great Consecrators of the Spirit Empire. This was a perfect start that could affect the whole fight.


At this moment, the Hell White Tiger was attacking two consecrators. Ma Hong Jun was entangling one. Six consecrators were now left with only one. Xiao Wu’s five clones were engaging with one Title Douluo. The Shrek Six Devils had done all what they could.


The giant Clear Sky Hammer came to the last consecrator. It was the Clear Sky Hammer of the President of the Clear Sky School, Tang Xiao. With only one hammer, he could force that consecrator to back off instantly.


Tang Xiao was taking action, how could the Clear Sky Douluo Tang Hao stay still? The Great Sumeru Hammer swung, taking three Title Douluo at the same time. Sword Douluo Chen Xin and Bones Douluo Gu Rong were attacking other four Title Douluos.


Of course, it was not all the powers of the Heaven Dou Empire. Oscar and the Golden Triangle, which was now the Golden Saint Dragon had arrived. Their targets were the Spirit Douluo spirit masters. At this moment, the boisterous spirit of the war was expanding. The Heaven Dou Empire, the weaker side, was taking the upper hand now.


Now, many Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers had approached the moat. Xue Beng couldn’t see clearly what was happening on top of the wall. However, his supreme spirit masters could get on the wall without a significant loss was an advantage now. In the shortcoming time, it shouldn’t be a big problem.


Xue Beng rose his Son of the Heaven Sword, shouting out loud, “All soldiers! GO!”


During the past month, the Heaven Dou Empire’s soldiers hadn’t relaxed. Agility Hall’s disciples had always been scouting. What had been changed in the Auspicious Hill, they knew all. They, of course, knew the new status of the moat.


Thus, when the great force approached the riverbank, four light-armed cavalry troops immediately came forward. Each member of them carried two sacks of sand. One sack was around thirty Jin, a total of sixty Jin.


The moat was the most important section of the entrance to the Spirit Empire; of course, it was dug very deep. Sixty jin of sand was not significant, but four troops of light-armed cavalry equaled to forty thousand people, submissively throwing sacks of sand to the moat, the effect would be instantaneous. Even though they couldn’t fill the moat, making several paths wasn’t a big problem.


Under Marshall Go Long’s command, forces of Heaven Dou Empire were assigned neatly. Once the light-armed cavalry finished throwing their sacks, they would immediately turn to two sides making way for the heavy-armed infantry to cross the moat.


Besides the supreme spirit masters of the Spirit Empire on top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the major Spirit Master defensive line was tough, but there was still a defect, which was the limited distance of their attack. Even if they were spirit masters ranked level sixty or seventy, they wouldn’t be able to attack from a far distance. Such spirit abilities like Ma Hong Jun’s Phoenix Meteor Shower were extremely rare. Even Dai Mu Bai’s White Tiger Meteor Shower could only attack within the range of one hundred meters. Thus, they could only see the moat being filled without any protest. At this moment, they were even worse than the ordinary archers.


The clinking sounds came from the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force. Some legions in the front were parting, leaving six troops of heavy-armed infantry as their massive shields. Behind them was a special troop of soldiers, of which each of them was holding a thin black box. Their countenance was serious. They were the ones who had created the glorious victory on this battle, using the competence of ordinary people to completely defeat a Spirit Empire’s spirit master legion of ten thousand. They were the troops that were founded by Tang San, Tang Sect’s Army. The equipment which could kill low-grade spirit masters was the Godly Zhuge Crossbow.


Standing together with Tang Sect’s Army was another spirit master legion of the Heaven Dou Empire. Disciples of Tang Sect’s Four Halls were standing in the front.


Sitting neatly on the hefty mount next to Xue Beng was Marshall Go Long. When he spread his order, the communicator would immediately rise a yellow signal flag. Seeing this flag, two troops standing in front of the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit master legion started to move. Total members of these two troops were only three hundred, but they were all Tang Sec’s disciples, including one hundred fifty disciples of the Defense Hall and one hundred fifty disciples of the Strength Hall. Their Hall Masters, Niu Gao and Titan were standing in front of them.


The light of excitement was lit up in Niu Gao and Titan’s eyes. It wasn’t because of the war was happening, but the return at the critical moment of their President.


Not long from now, their Four Single Attribute Clans had been like stray dogs leaving the Clear Sky School. Any clan could have been able to bully them at that time. Until the day Tang San appeared, founded Tang Sect and gathered them once again. Since then, whenever Titan and Niu Gao had recalled that situation, they all felt lucky. At that time Tang San had used his competence to awaken them. However, they had placed a bet. Taking that foundation of Tang Sect as a chance to gather the Four Single Attribute Clans, they had never thought that Tang Sect could have had the glory like today.


Since the Heaven Dou Empire had arrived Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and after the first battle, Tang Sect had set its unrivaled position among the force of one million people. They were dominating even the spirit master legion of the Heaven Dou Empire. Whenever they mentioned Tang Sect, no one didn’t give the thumbs up.


Before the war, Tang Sect in Heaven Dou City had become the peerless clan already. Their position was even higher than the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan. All of these were thanks to Tang San’s existence. Lan Hao Wang. The Imperial Tutor. Tang Sect’s President. Right from the start, many ministers couldn’t understand why Tang San had earned many honors like that; now the war had begun as they all felt it was appropriate.


Tang San had come back right at the beginning of today’s battle, the critical moment. Moreover, he was the Sea God now. A real God! They were spirit masters ranked level Spirit Douluo, Titan and his men, of course, understood the theory of god-ranked level one hundred. Tang San had turned this theory into reality. Even if they hadn’t been leaving the Clear Sky School, this peerless school didn’t have any spirit masters at God-ranked level. The elders and Hall Masters were so proud and excited.


Three hundred disciples in total of the two halls were forming a formation, in which the Defense Hall’s disciples were standing in the front, and the Strength Hall’s disciples were behind them. Titan and Niu Gao had a good relationship so as their disciples could cooperate well with each other. However, they wouldn’t just come forward simply like that. Although there were only three hundred people, when they started to move, they got both of the forces standing near them stunned.


One hundred fifty Strength Hall’s disciples were releasing their spirit, which was the rhinoceros skin armor. At the same time, each of them was holding a massive shield, which was five meters tall, two meters wide and one meter thick. When they fabricated these shields, the Strength Hall’s disciples had used a special alloy. They didn’t look hefty, but the defending ability was extremely high. The shield itself weighed several thousands of jin. A soldier holding this kind of two-sided shield was like a metal wall. Strength Hall’s disciples were robust, with these special shields, one hundred fifty of them could create three hundred shields, forming a tremendous defending line in front of the formation. One of these shields needed at least ten soldiers of the heavy-armed infantry to carry.


With those special shields fabricated by the Strength Hall’s disciples, the defense of the Defense Hall’s disciples had been boosted to the peak level. It wouldn’t be easy for high-grade spirit masters to break their defense, let alone attacking with arrows or giant arbalests.


The forces behind them were even stronger. The Defense Hall’s spirit masters were strong, but they were specialized in defending. The major force of supreme spirit master was behind them.


One hundred fifty disciples of the Strength Hall were divided into four teams; each team included forty-some members. Before they moved forward, they hadn’t detached yet. When they left the formation altogether, all yelled as forty-some soldiers had burst out at the same time. The massive city wall breaking battering ram appeared.


Under the normal circumstances, the battering ram would be carried out on wheels. But now they had brought the battering ram all by themselves.

However, just take a look to see why it required forty-some disciples of the Strength Hall to carry it along.


The body of the battering ram was made from the thousand years ironwood, covered with a layer of iron. Its head was made from pure iron. The full-sized measures of this ram were one hundred meters in length and exceeded five meters in diameter. Is Tang San’s Sea God Trident heavy? One of these rams were equal to the weight of five Sea God Tridents, which was five hundred thousand jin. In the spirit masters world, only the Strength Attribute Clan who were famous for their strength could use this city wall breaking battering ram. What kind of vehicle that could carry them?


Those four rams hadn’t been fabricated completely when the Heaven Dou Empire’s great force departed. They were transported there fifteen days ago by the Strength Hall’s disciples. If not, don’t know how many ordinary soldiers required transporting those four damn rams.


When the four rams were carried on the shoulders of the Strength Hall’s disciples, the spirit master defending the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass was dumbfounded. Is human power enough to play with those?


Indeed, the Strength Hall’s disciples had used their action to prove to everybody that those were truly the city walls breaking battering rams.


Disciples of the Defense Hall dispersed quickly, coming aside from the Strength Hall’s disciples. The shields in their hands were installed, protecting the Strength Hall’s disciples. About the place where the rams were moving forward, there was nothing to defend. If you dare, just break it! This one was not the best ram, but it weighed five hundred thousand jin. Would it be easy to break? The weight or the ironwood wasn’t less than steel or real iron; needless to say, its solidness was much more than the average steel. If the Heaven Dou Empire hadn’t had a city which had an abundant amount of this ironwood, and Tang Sect didn’t have the full support of the Heaven Dou Empire, it wouldn’t have been easy to fabricate those toys.


To fabricate those four rams, the Heaven Dou Empire had recruited almost ten thousand blacksmiths, under the Strength Hall’s instruction. The ram just needed to be powerful with its hefty features. It didn’t need to be exquisite. Thus, normal blacksmiths could give a hand fabricating them.


When the tall shields were secured, those three hundred people immediately divided into four teams, walking on the sand path on the moat, rapidly moving to the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass. At the same time, Tang Sect’s Army and the Heaven Dou Empire’s spirit masters legion were deploying. They were flooding toward the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass just like a rising tide. Apparently, they wanted to back up three hundred disciples of Tang Sect to break the city wall. Of course, when the Heaven Dou Empire’s attack had been still far away, among the infantry troops, six troops of archers were moving to the riverbank under the cover of the heavy-armed infantry and prepared their bows. Besides the place where the supreme spirit masters of both sides were fighting fiercely, sixty thousand archers aimed for the top of the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass and started to shoot.


At the beginning, when Tang San had beaten Bibi Dong, the Heaven Dou Empire’s force hadn’t been that compelling. As Xue Beng hadn’t been sure that Tang San would have come back on time, he had to use the ace of the Heaven Dou Empire. A force of one million soldiers was not that easy to defeat. The Heaven Dou Empire had existed in Douluo Continent for many years; their resources were profound. How could a newly established empire like the Spirit Empire be compared to them? In the past, the Heaven Dou Empire had always been ignored the other kingdoms and duchies. They respected the Spirit Empire to not to treat those kingdoms. Today, the face of the giant monster Heaven Dou Empire was officially revealed with their abundant resources.


The Great War seemed to burst out at this very moment. The entire battlefield became more boisterous. Numerous arrows had plunged down from the sky. To the spirit masters, it would have been insignificant, but the non-stop shower of arrows was soon beyond their bearing capacity! It would be hard to hurt them, but it was enough just to do some little provocations. Moreover, the more arrows that shot towards the Auspicious Hill Mountain Pass, the more soldiers that fell down like when people harvested wheat. Until they had managed to arrange the formation and confront the shower of arrows, the number of the dead was about several thousands of people already.


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