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Because of that, the Life Goddess screamed to save his life, to let him live.



However, the current situation was completely out of control. The Life Goddess went back to the God of Destruction’s side. She shouldn’t be on this side, at the same time, absolutely couldn’t stand on the opposite side with the God of Destruction.



Everything had come to an end.



Rong Nian Bing and Seven Elemental Gods became gloomier. Their eyes were all on that ancient castle. The time for the Sea God had probably ended. Or the God of Destruction was right.



The God of Emotion held the Butterfly God tightly. His eyes were depressed. Right, he had done his best. His courage had been drained out completely.



Because he didn’t dare to take that courage out again, leaving his cherished one behind.



“Mother, mom, mom…..”



The Butterfly God slowly opened her eyes, lightly shouted out. Right now, she was like a baby, moaning and attaching.



That soft moan made the God of Emotion slightly shocked. He had a quite decent amount of knowledge about this world. Judging from the condition of the Butterfly God, he suddenly had a feeling. Part of it came from the transformation of the heaven and earth.



Something had happened. Definitely, something had happened.



His eyes became clear again, looking back to the opposite direction. The Butterfly God also followed him, looking back to that direction toward the Holy Restricted Land, the ancient castle!



The God of Emotion could feel that. And other two supreme Gods with higher cultivations could naturally feel that as well.



“What?” The God of Destruction and the Life Goddess, whose souls were immersed to each other, headed to the similar direction as well.




The Life Goddess’s eyes clearly revealed a sad look.



Fright and surprise were filled in the bloody red eyes of the God of Destruction. He completely didn’t understand, what could happen at this moment. Could something change the current situation?



“Woa, woa oa, woa a!”



There bitter cries came up. This sound was like a morning bell, which frightened the God’s mind.



All the Gods could clearly hear this sound. There was a particular wave surging inside them.



That was the wave from a life being born. A brand new life had been born.



His cry was resonant. His breathing was pure as well. Right, a small life had joined this world.




The Butterfly God had been completely away. She instinctively covered her mouth. Her eyes were welled up in tears.



“Mother, mom, mom, she is still alive.”





I was a rabbit. My mother called me Xiao Wu. I lived freely inside the Star Dou Forest. Every day there was a happy day.



We were from Rabbit Tribe, in Star Dou Forest, which were not mighty. Luckily, there was mother on our side.



Mother said when she was little, she must have been miserable to run away from the attack of the enemies. Fortunately, mother said I was still alive.



Mother said if I wanted to live for a long time, I had to be really careful. Even though she had cultivated for more than ten thousand years, in the mixed area in Star Dou Forest, she didn’t dare to get close to the core zone. She even didn’t dare to think about that ominous place.



As my mother’s cultivation got stronger, the enemies in Star Dou Forest became lesser. Even though our rabbit tribe was not formidable, with a long enough cultivation, we could be very fierce.



Mother said she got married to father when she was 50,000 years old. Father was an arrogant rabbit. He was the fifth to be born, therefore he was called Little Five. After that he named me Xiao Wu (Little Wu), because he was too lazy to think of any fancy name for me.



Father was very arrogant, yet very mighty. Mother said father had had 100,000 year cultivation at that time. We are Spirit Beast. If one could cultivated for 100,000 years, that would be a formidable character.



Father said he wanted to find the Star Dou Forest’s core zone, where many supreme Spirit Beasts were active. Mother didn’t agree. She was really scared, scared that he might encounter some evil Spirit Beast. These Spirit Beasts would eat us.



But father was very arrogant. He didn’t listen to mother. Father didn’t obey. He was not a good kid. He left. He didn’t come back ever since then.



Oh oh,……Xiao Wu’s heart was really hurt.



Mother was also hurt. Not only once did Xiao Wu see Mother hide somewhere and cry till the point that she couldn’t swallow carrots. Xiao Wu wanted to accompany Mother, said to her that there was still Xiao Wu on her side. She didn’t allow me. She said Xiao Wu mustn’t follow father to come to the core zone in the Star Dou Forest.



Mother would hug Xiao Wu like this every time. Xiao Wu would gradually be satisfied.



I loved mother’s eyes at that moment, which were very gentle.


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