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“No way, it is impossible!” The Life Goddess screamed out loud then flew towards the God of Destruction’s direction.



However, there was something that was quicker than her. A streak of dark blue light cut through the sky, in the next second, arrived in the God of Destruction’s forehead.



The light flashed up then disappeared. The hood of the God of the Destruction’s cloak was split in half. A small dark-blue dagger was nailed onto his forehead.



A dense purple light suddenly became more tranquil. The God of Destruction’s body shook intensely. His Destruction Scepter was gradually lowered.



Tang San at the same time retrieved his Asura Sword.



The God of Destruction’s face was revealed. He appeared to be in his thirties. He had short, dark red hair, which was standing up like steel needles. His appearance was extremely dazzling, not any lesser than Tang San’s. He just looked a little paler. The red light in his eyes flickered. However, there were countless light waves fluctuating inside. His body was completely stiff and didn’t move at all.



At this moment, Tang San started to pant. His breathing was getting heavier. His handsome face became more relaxed while carrying the Asura Sword with both hands.



Although he was a Supreme God, it was not easy for him to defeat the God of Destruction. But why was the Life Goddess so terrified when seeing that dim purple light? The answer was really simple. Because the God of Destruction had lit his own Divine Flame to aim at the God of Emotion’s masterpiece!



He was a Supreme God. Once he had ignited the Divine Flame, his powerful Destructive character had also been magnified. The Mental Power of the Divine Realm had possibly thinned out. The Divine Realm therefore was broken up. The God of Destruction also destroyed his own body and soul, forever, never again able to have reincarnated. This was what scared the Life Goddess the most.



The small dagger with the flickering dark blue light had stopped the God of Destruction from lighting up the Divine Flame. As a Supreme God, one couldn’t have extinguished one’s own Divine Flame, with an external force.



Before, the God of Destruction had similarly put out the God of Emotion’s Divine Flame, which had also meant saving the God of Emotion’s life. This time, on the contrary, the God of Emotion helped the God of Destruction extinguish his Divine Flame.



His dark-blue small dagger was brought out just in time as the Divine Flame was about to fire.



This small dagger contained a huge amount of the God of Emotion’s God Power, and also his emotion power. Once the dagger was launched, his Divine Spirit Fusion with the Butterfly God would immediately end. The Butterfly God showed up in front of him again.



This small dagger being nailed on the God of Destruction’s forehead would have created a fatal wound if it were a human being. Still, it was basically nothing to a God.



The Life Goddess had arrived beside the God of Destruction. She held his body and helped him stabilized. At the same time, she was using her life to protect him.



The God of Destruction had consumed a really big amount of power during the fight. Even if he wanted to light up the Divine Realm a second time, the Life Goddess was still able to oppress him.



The battle had finally ended. The victory went to Tang San’s side, which had been marked down in history.



Xiao Wu, the God of Damage and the Phoenix God arrived at the God of Emotion’s couple and the Cookery God’s side. The God of Pride and the God of Sloth in front of them looked frail.



The Cookery God caught the Nine-Color Goddess, who had just returned into human shape. The Nine-Color Goddess’s face was as white as a sheet of paper. Her body was trembling. Thanks to the Cookery God’s support, she could still manage to stand.



Frankly saying, it was Tang San’s Asura God Power, that had overhwhelmed the enemy. But the key to defeat the enemy came from the Nine-Color Goddess.



It was the Nine-Color Goddess Ning Rong Rong, who used her own God Power to help Tang San fight back the powerful Destruction’s the earth and heavens from the God of Destruction. And through the sausages provided by the Cookery God, Tang San could then build up his power to strike out the Asura Blood Sword the last time and take the final victory.



The strongest power of the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda was the ninth, God Protection! In a situation like this, the Ninth God Protection could protect a God from any attacks.



This would consume one tenth of the Nine-Color Goddess’s power. This consumed God Power wasn’t easy to gain back. She would need at least an entire month of cultivation to have gotten it back.



Just now, the Nine-Color Goddess had consumed nine tenth of her own God Power to help Tang San block the Destruction of the earth and heavens. So she would need at least ten years to recover her consumed God Power.



Of course, all these things were worthy. Tang San had led his friends to the final victory.



Far away, many Gods witnessing the battle couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. They couldn’t believe that all of the scenes happening in front of their eyes were real.



All of this was like a hallucination.



Tang San had lead two first-level Gods and six second-level Gods to defeat eight first-level Gods from the God of Destruction’s side.



This was absolutely unbelievable!



But, he had done it successfully. Moreover, Tang San, clearly, had carefully calculated the entire fighting process in advance from the beginning.



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