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When the Cookery God was in the Doulou Continent, he was called the Douluo Cookery God. His ability was in making sausages. Afterwards, he was also honored as Doulou Continent’s number one Food Spirit Martial arts, which had unimaginable capability.



There weren’t many fighting chances in the Divine Realm. Plus, he and the Nine Color Goddess didn’t have many experiences in fighting. Therefore, many of the Gods didn’t pay attention to them after they had joined the Divine Realm. Even though, they were second-level Gods, how could they join the Divine Realm from the mortal world without any special abilities?



After the Nine-Color Goddess stopped launching her amplification, the Cookery God in fact, became an essential part of the team. A moment ago, the God of Destruction and his Deadly Sin God subordinate saw Tang San and his allies chewing something. What they were eating was many types of sausages that were created by the Cookery God.



These sausages had different functions. For example, the Cookery God had created a sausage that could make him temporarily have a striking force. This was the Clone Mirror Large Sausage. This Clone Mirror Large Sausage was really effective. It could help him recover his Divine Technique.



This was also the reason why Tang San had launched the Asura Blood Sword as soon as the battle began. How could he still launch the attack when knowing his God Power was being over-consumed? Except for his determination to defeat the general opinion, the big part of that came from the recovery powers of the Cookery God.



Therefore, he had confidently struck the Asura Blood Sword two times consecutively.



Of course, that was just one of the many powers from the Cookery God. He still had the Solid Golden Fly, Stimulating Pink Sausage, and more than half of the Diamond Sausage, which was way more powerful than the unlimited Surpassing Dark Green Sausage that he had just displayed. They had also cost him a tremendous decent amount of power.



However, this guy didn’t know anything about fighting. After that strike, he didn’t need to make any other moves, and just needed to go back to making the sausages backstage.



His power and the Nine-Color Goddess’s power supported each other. They, husband and wife, had amplified each other’s power. Therefore, his sausage-creating speed was also enhanced.



His sausages still required time to create. Hence, he mainly provided Tang San and the God of Emotion several of the strongest types of sausages. This was also the reason why the Deadly Sin Gods powers had somewhat become really formidable.



After hearing the Cookery God’s explanation, the God of Pride and the God of Sloth’s expressions became more varied. Moreover, a thought suddenly came up in their heads.



If the God of Emotion had eaten these sausages and his striking force could have been dragged that long, then what about Tang San? The Supreme God’s position, the Sea God, and the Asura God Tang San? Without a doubt, he had also ate as well. If he ate the same sausage, then what about the Nine-Color Goddess’s amplification?



Didn’t it enhance the striking force to the max?






The last layer of the Golden Light from the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda finally went out, dimming inside. Suddenly, a black giant light orb, which was created by the Destruction’s the earth and heavens had broken out a transformation.



A crack appeared on the surface of the Destruction light orb. That was a bloody red sword blade. A golden light abruptly outburst from the Destruction light orb. A shadow showed up all of sudden. In the middle of the air, the bloody red halo shone brightly. A sword unexpectedly appeared then changed into a bloody sword slicing from the head of the God of Destruction downward.



The God of Destruction had originally thought that his move this time couldn’t have completely dissolved Tang San. However, he could at least minimize the loss and ensure the victory.



On the contrary, he was immediately dumbstruck right at the moment when the Asura Blood Sword had been struck out the second time. Because he could clearly sense the God Power that was hidden in this sword move. It was obviously not less than the first one that Tang San had launched.



In the end, how powerful could he be? He was able to launch the Asura Blood Sword three times in a row. If he were the Asura God that year, his power must have been completely drained out after using the Asura Sword three times consecutively.



The God of Destruction didn’t hear about the Cookery God. Therefore, he hadn’t figured out how Tang San could be so formidable like that until now.



The Destruction Scepter was raised up high again. The purple black Destruction energy congealed into a giant saber’s blade pointing to the sky.



Far away, the Life Goddess’s body shook a little bit. She wanted to fly over but still had to stay back in the end. It was because she believed in Tang San. Even if he won, he wouldn’t really kill the God of Destruction.



“Kooong!” The collisive sound came out from both sides in the blink of an eye. The entire body of the God of Destruction was shaking. In the middle of the fold of the black cloud sky, numerous shining golden cracks appeared. The black earth was destroyed. Endless dusts had flown up from the ground to the sky.



The giant Asura Blood Sword had changed into Tang San’s original form once more. Tang San was holding the Asura Blood Sword with both hands, fiercely suppressing the Destruction Scepter above.



The God of Destruction stared at him. His eyes were flooded with fierceness. The saber’s blade from his Destruction Scepter was being gradually crushed. He had completely relied on the Destruction Scepter to block the Asura Sword’s attack. However, the Asura Sword’s blade had cut into the Destruction Scepter several cuns (2.5cm), not only one, but up to three spots.



The superb Divine Energy of the Destruction Scepter was certainly damaged. This also meant that the God of Destruction was finally defeated under Tang San’s hands.



“No! I won’t surrender!” The God of Destruction suddenly screamed loudly while facing his face up to the sky.



A thick purple black energy ascended from his body abruptly..


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