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The Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda  changed at that time. It became really strange. The golden light on the pagoda’s body started to dim out when going from the highest layer till the lowest. Layer by layer, it became gloomier. The Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda’s energy was gradually getting weaker and weaker.



However, the battle didn’t end yet. The God of Pride and the God of Sloth were in rage when knowing they were betrayed. Their God Powers were released the second time. They didn’t even want to deal with the God of Emotion at this very moment. They just wanted to kill the punk, the Cookery God, with the side-wishers, who was a coward and a lustful kind of fellow, right away.



This fellow was too hateful. He had made them waste a lot of time at the most critical moment.



The Cookery God laughed out loud. He turned around and then hid behind the God of Emotion. The God of Emotion’s eyes revealed an indescribable look in the meantime.



He slowly lifted his right hand up. His index and middle fingers were holding a small dagger which looked very sophisticated.



This small dagger emitted a dark blue color. There was a lively ghost head carved on its hilt, which appeared somewhat eccentric.



When the God of Pride and the God of Sloth found out the existence of this small dagger, their Divine Spirits trembled. They were all trembling because of a small dagger?



That tremble was from their innermost feelings, it had started from their Life’s instincts. This also meant that the small dagger truly had an ability to harm their lives. It could even take their lives away.



They were Gods. No matter how close their relationships with the God of Destruction were, their lives were still the most important matters to them.



The God Power, which originally was  prepared to attack the Cookery God, was taken back. They were all looking at the God of Emotion solemnly.



That mighty Divine Technique hadn’t shown its most powerful strike yet. The results would be instantly revealed if it made any movements.



The small dagger in the God of Emotion’s hand clearly could be  struck out at any given time. However, he was still motionless, and didn’t have any actions.  The God Power on his body had constantly blossomed. The purple golden aura from his body emanated into layers of smoky clouds, unceasingly pouring into that small dagger. The eight-ring halo behind his head also dissolved then fused itself into the small dagger in his hand.



The God of Pride and the God of Sloth were clear that they should stop him before he had launched this dagger out. Otherwise, once he had gathered his strength, this small dagger would have rocked the sky and earth with its powers.



Even though they were thinking like this, they basically couldn’t make any moves. Because whoever attacked the God of Emotion, that one would certainly risk one’s own life to be able to withstand the power of this dagger!



Who dared?



The God of Emotion seemed to know about this point. His small dagger in his hand still didn’t make any movements. The Halo behind his head was constantly dissolving. The Seven Different Emotions continually transmitted into the small dagger and sublimated its aura.



What on earth was that ability? The God of Pride and the God of Sloth now understood why the God of Destruction said that the God of Emotion could  become a Supreme God in the future.



“Aren’t you curious why he has such many God Power?” The Cookery God stuck his head out from the God of Emotion’s shoulder and said.



The God of Pride and the God of Sloth were both stiffened. They of course wouldn’t ask even though they had doubts in their hearts.



The Cookery God burst out laughing, “Fine! Let me show you. Watch, what is this?” While saying, he turned his wrist. A strange sausage appeared in his hand. This sausage had a light red color. There was also a thin layer of fat on its surface, which had made people drool.



“Do you know about my alias when I was still in the Douluo Continent? It is the Great Sausage Uncle, which means living by sausages This is called The Great Recovery Sausage! Once you have eaten this Sausage, your God Powers will be recovered. Naturally, this is one of my most important types of sausage. When one consumes it, their abilities will become stronger. For example, he has just eaten my Drilling Sausage, and his God Power has been increased by 50%, moreover, it is being gradually amplified. Its effect is excellent. And of course, I didn’t tell you about it when he ate it. Another example would be the unlimited Surpassing Dark Green Sausage. Its ability is to bring out one’s full potential. And the Solid Golden Fly can upgrade your striking force by up to 50% and so on. Ge won’t disclose any further information.”



While speaking, he beamed out a more wicked smile.



Right, the Cookery God simply didn’t attack. He himself didn’t have any striking force. And so did the Nine-Color Goddess. However, he  still got a little bit of the amplifications like the Nine-Color Goddess’s. Hence, his ability had been amplified to the superb level.



The Nine-Color Goddess’s amplification appeared to be simple on the outside, but its effect was really massive. In fact, the Cookery God’s power amplification wasn’t any weaker than hers. Not to mention, his amplification’s direction was very diverse.

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