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This was the God of Destruction’s judgment, which was abruptly made. He didn’t even want to think about the reason of the God of Damage’s action of betrayal. The most important thing for him right now was to take the final victory.



Therefore, he struck his most powerful attack, which was the Destruction of the earth and heavens, towards Tang San.



The sky had turned purple and the earth was shadowed! In just a moment, the terrifying Destruction Intent had turned the entire Divine Realm into a forest with countless of purple lightning and thunders.



The lightning-andthunder forest appeared not to have any attacks. However, for no reason, there were desperate thoughts and Destruction Intent appearing in every God’s heart.



The Destruction Intent arising in their hearts was split by the lightning-and-thunder forest into strands and then headed towards the direction of the God of Destruction and fused with him.



That was the Destruction of the earth and heavens, which were the basic powers of the God of Destruction! He couldn’t wait any longer thus he had to immediately defeat Tang San.




At this moment, the God of Pride and the God of Sloth had arrived in front of the God of Emotion, who was not far away from that. The God of Emotion was standing side-by-side with the Cookery God. There wasn’t any hint of fear on his face, which made him look like as if nothing had happened to him and that his God Powers hadn’t been consumed much.



The Nine-Color Goddess flew up to the sky behind them. She then turned into the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda for the second time.



However, she didn’t fall into the Cookery God’s palm this time, but glided towards Tang San who was standing not far from here.



The God of Pride coldly groaned. His face was full of arrogance. His right hand pointed up to the sky. A streak of blue light appeared and fired towards the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda to block its flight.



Still, the God of Emotion had taken action first. His Divine Spirit Fusion with the Butterfly God hadn’t been out of time yet. Moreover, his God Power’s energy had suddenly rose up tremendously just in a short amount of time.



The God of Pride and the God of Sloth couldn’t help but be startled because they just had discovered the God Power’s wave that was being shot out from the God of Emotion, which was not any weaker than the last one,which had been released to oppress the four Deadly Sin Gods.



How could it have happened? How could his God Power be  this endless? This was literally impossible!



The God of Emotion had used his actions to prove to them that his power was forever endless.



His right hand pointed forward. A gleam of blue light was fired out like a bolt of electricity, blocking the God of Pride from freeing his God Halo. Not only that, the energy on the God of Emotion’s body became powerful all of a sudden. A freezing energy blocked both of the Deadly Sin Gods completely inside of it.



Absolute Zero! This was the extremely low temperature Spirit Technique of Control.



The Cookery God had also moved this time. A bloody red light shot up to the sky then blended into his body and completely disappeared without a trace.



“Asura Bloody Sword?” The God of Pride and the God of Sloth almost shouted out at the same time. Their voices were full of fears.



So, it was the Asura Bloody Sword! Without the God of Destruction’s protection, how could they possibly block the mightiest individual attack in the entire Divine Realm?



The first reaction that these two Great Deadly Sin Gods could make at this critical moment was in uniting their powers. Each one of them released their God Powers at its peak.



Asura Bloody Sword? How could the Cookery God possibly  launch the Asura Bloody Sword one more time? How could this have happened?



In the distance, a faint smile was revealed on the Life Goddess’s face when she witnessed this scene. Her face trembled a little. She somewhat helplessly shook her head.



“Just teasing you a bit for fun!” An evil laugh from the Cookery God came up. The red light was flickering for a while then returned to normal.



He obviously couldn’t display the Asura Blood Sword one more time. He was just a second-level God anyway! Even if he had a specific skill to simulate the Asura Blood Sword to fight, he didn’t much God Power to support it. Although he had gotten the amplification from the Nine-Color Goddess, he still couldn’t cover the consumed amount of God Power.



However, with the help of the God of Emotion, through the God of Emotion’s simulating Divine Technique, his Asura Blood Sword’s energy became much  stronger, which frightened the other two Deadly Sin Gods.



Also in this short amount of time, the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda had flown to Tang Sang, who was not far away from there.



“The Glazed Tile Pagoda has nine floors. The ninth is the God Protection!” The pleasant voice of the Nine-Color Goddess, Ning Rong Rong, resounded in the air.



She turned into the highest floor of the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda. A dark golden light was then shot out like an erratic surge of electricity.



Once this golden light was shot out, the Nine-Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda transformed into a bright golden color. There were countless of heavenly melodies coming out from around the foot of the pagoda. Although the air had already been filled with the Destruction Thunder, it became more glaring in front of that resonant sound.



The Golden Light descended firmly onto Tang San’s body and changed the Asura God’s red halo into a golden one. In the next moment, Tang San’s body was gulped down by the terrifying Destruction of the earth and heaven from the God of Destruction.



The Destruction of the earth and heaven was a giant black lightning ball, which was completely covered in a purple color. One could feel the Destruction Storm hidden inside of that ball. The intimidating Destruction Intent had reached its peak.



When the God of Destruction launched the Destruction Storm, his eyes appeared to be hazier, and gloomier. But right now, it was added up with a more intense look.

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