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Was the God of Envy being oppressed?



In the next blink of an eye, the screams had echoed  through the entire Divine Realm. Who could have imagined such a situation, where victory and loss could  be decided in a minute, such a strange variant could happen and change everything.



Only one God could be  capable of rocking the entire sky and earth.



Right, it was the God of Damage!



The giant hammers were retrieved. The God of Damage acted as if nothing had ever happened. His entire body was covered by a silver armor. Right now, no one could have seen his face through the silver armor.



When he flew past the God of Envy, he had struck down on her back. Under the force of the Unbeatable Storm, the God of Envy basically couldn’t  resist. Her God Powers were completely crashed out. Next, she was then suppressed by the God of Damage.



Even though she was being under the oppression of the God of Damage, she still had no idea what was happening. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see that her dark pink light was being pushed back by Xiao Wu. A faint smile had emerged on Xiao Wu’s face.



Right, Xiao Wu had known all of this beforehand. This was also in her expectations. The God of Envy believed that if she fought with Xiao Wu, the victory of this battle would then finally be decided. However, Xiao Wu also had the same thought! But the God of Envy didn’t know that.



Being oppressed by two forces at the same time, which had included the God of Damage’s attack a moment ago, she had no ways to resist.



After doing such earth-shaking thing, the God of Damage acted like there was nothing happened. He looked up the sky and screamed out loud, “Hatred is not sky, hatred is boundless!”



The pair of giant hammers in his hands had lit up with different colors. One was yellow, the other was silver. Two giant hammers were struck out at the same time. Their targets were the Adephagia and the Lust God, who were oppressing the Phoenix God.



At this moment, Xiao Wu could finally move after being frozen for a while. The Sea God’s Golden Trident was raised for the second time, which was like the Unbeatable Storm, aiming at the Adephagia and the Lust God.



Although the God of Destruction couldn’t see it, he could naturally discovered all of this thanks to his powerful Divine Sense.



“No.” It’s Possible! Possible!” The God of Destruction was growling angrily. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t believe that his most trusted subordinate would betray him in a critical moment like this. This matter was impossible for him to digest. However, the truth was clearly exposed in front of his eyes. He couldn’t help but only to believe it.



“Bang, bam!” Two explosive sounds came up. The God of Lust and the Adephagia were being drained out from under the God of Damage’s giant hammers. They were being oppressed by him. The Phoenix God was also be set free.



The fight on this side had come to an end.



Among the eight first-level God subordinates of the God of Destruction, the God of Greed was being oppressed by the God of Emotion. Meanwhile, the God of Damage, his traitor, was suppressing the Lust God, the Adephagia and the God of Envy. Five out of the eight first-level Gods had been gone.



There were only three Gods left.



Among them, the God of Wrath was slowly taking the winning side when fighting with the Netherworld White Tiger. The other two, the God of Pride and the God of Sloth, had caught up with the God of Emotion. Their distance was noy far away from the God of Emotion. The face of the battle had been completely turned around. The disparity between the two sides had been leveled as well.




Chance, were there any more chances? The God of Destruction said to himself, ‘yes! Of course, there is!’



“Tang San, don’t assume that you have won.” The God of Destruction roared in rage. The Destruction Scepter in his hand had suddenly swiped out, fiercely risking its life with the Asura Sword.



Due to the over-consumption of the God Power from striking the Asura Blood Sword, Tang San couldn’t handle this attack. His body was knocked backwards a decent distance from the God of Destruction.



The God of Destruction held the Destruction Scepter up high. In the blink of an eye, he released all of his fears and anger down. His bloody red eyes turned into dark purple ones. An enormous group of Destruction light balls had locked up his body inside of it.



Tang San’s face also became solemn.



If the Asura God had a mighty Divine Technique called the Asura Bloody Sword, the God of Destruction also had his own powerful technique called the Destruction of the earth and heavens! That was also what the God of Destruction was displaying at this moment.



The God of Destruction was still a Supreme God in the end. Although the table of the battle had been flipped, he could still give out an exact judgment.



His five subordinates, which were first-level Gods, were captured by the opponent. He also couldn’t beoptimistic about the current situation.



The Divine Spirit Fusion of the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God was about to end soon. The God of Emotion had consumed quite a big amount of power after going through the series of battles today. It was not easy for the Cookery God and the Nine Color Goddess to have recovered their consumed God Powers as well.



The victory had leaned towards the God of Wrath on the side, where the Netherworld White Tiger was taking place.



As long as the God of Pride and the God of Sloth could quickly catch the God of Emotion’s couple and the Cookery God with his wife, the Nine-Color Goddess, Things would go back to the beginning. He was against the Sea God and the God of Damage was against the Phoenix God. Even if they couldn’t win, they could at least prolong the battle.



Therefore, the victory of this battle could only depend on the result of the match between the God of Destruction and Tang San. If Tang San didn’t  launch the Asura Blood Sword twice in the battle, he would have a chance to win. At this moment, his God Power was consumed too much. As long as the God of Destruction could defeat Tang San, the situation would be soon under his control again.


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