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God Powers from both sides collided in the air, shaking the entire sky and earth.



In terms of cultivation, there was still a difference between the God of Envy and the Sea God. However, the Sea God’s power couldn’t be displayed  its full potential under Xiao Wu’s control. Yet, Xiao Wu had another Divine Weapon in her hand, which was the Golden Trident.



Although the Golden Trident couldn’t be compared to the Asura Sword, it had been nurtured by Tang San for many years and had broken its boundary.



Therefore, when the Jealous Face collided with the Thousand-Year Clouds and the dark pink light that tangled with the golden light, the dark pink light was soon shattered by the Golden Light. A big piece of the Golden Light hit on the Jealous Face.



The God of Envy clenched her teeth. She knew she could turn back this time. Once she retreated, there would be a huge turbulence happening.



She inhaled deeply. The intense Jealous Energy showed up on her face. Her eyes completely changed into a dark pink color. Two pillars of dark pink light were then shot out from her pupils like an electricity firing towards Xiao Wu’s eyes.



The Light of Jealousy!



No matter if it was a God or a human, one’s mind would be flooded with endless jealousy’s sin when being hit by the Light of Jealousy. Once they had the jealous emotion within their hearts, they would  temporarily lose their sanity.



Other Deadly Sin Gods had the same abilities, which were also their strongest abilities.



The God of Envy had completely drowned herself in displaying the Light of Jealousy. She had to consume a big amount of power in order to launch the Light of Jealousy, which had made her unable to have any other actions or movements. If the opponent was quick, one could possibly hurt her.



Then, was Xiao Wu quick enough to get rid of this influence? Reality had proved that she definitely was very quick.



A halo of dazzling golden light then shot out from the Golden Trident. It flared up then fell onto the God of Envy’s body. The light that was binding the God of Envy right now was the Sea God’s masterpiece, the Unbeatable Storm.



On the other hand, Xiao Wu’s elegant body had been covered from head to toe by a dark pink color after being hit by the Light of Jealousy.



The God of Envy could clearly see Xiao Wu’s eyes, which were still as pure as before in spite of being affected by the dark pink light. The God of Envy couldn’t help but sigh inside, “She is definitely Tang San’s wife!” Xiao Wu certainly didn’t hold any jealous emotions inside of herself. Her heart was indeed clear. However, she had soon found out this point. Even though, she didn’t have the jealous emotion’s appearance in her heart, her body was being challenged by the jealousy sin. She was bended over in a one second. But that one second was enough in a God’s fight.



A pair of giant hammers of the God of Damage fell onto the back of Xiao Wu. These giant hammers were constantly pounding down   from the sky.



The God of Envy had achieved her goal, which was in oppressing Xiao Wu. This could have given their side a huge benefit as well. Although Xiao Wu’s individual strength was above the God of Damage, the gap between the two was not big. As long as the God of Damage could have displayed his powers at its full potential, he could have suppressed her right away. The battle had immediately ended.



The Life Goddess furrowed her brows then opened her eyes again.



The God of Damage was the right hand of the God of Destruction. He was also from the mortal world. Since his arrival in the Divine Realm, he was fully absorbed in supporting the God of Destruction then became the God of Destruction’s number one assistant.



This God of Damage’s strength was boundless. Therefore, he was also known as the God of Power. The reason why the God of Destruction deeply trusted him was his calm personality, moreover he had wisdom. The other Seven Deadly Sin Gods were still far on  par with him. Not to mention, the destruction force of the God of Damage was unimaginable when being displayed at its full power in a battle. If his giant hammers had really hit Xiao Wu’s body, she would possibly be in a great danger.



A group of aquamarine green rays lit up in the Life Goddess’s hands. She had been fully prepared. Once Xiao Wu’ life was in danger, she would have immediately come out. She would definitely save Xiao Wu’s life no matter what.



On the other hand, the God of Destruction’s eyes were still. He said in a low tone, “Tang San, do you still not accept your loss?”



At this moment, Tang San was looking at Xiao Wu. The God of Destruction obviously did this on purpose, creating this result through controlling the battle. He wanted Tang San to see Xiao Wu’s life being threatened. However, when they, the two Supreme Gods, had fought, Tang San’s God Power had continually dropped. He would probably stop fighting after witnessing that scene. The battle would have been  ended accordingly.



On the contrary, the God of Destruction was completely disappointed when he saw Tang San’s face, which didn’t show any surprised expressions but a faint smiley one.



Tang San’s smile was full of confidence, which was like he had gotten everything in his hand.



The God of Destruction’s heart suddenly became heavy. A bad feeling, which had never appeared before, surged inside of his mind then erupted.


Could not!



Right, this was really not good!



The giant hammers on the God of Damage fell onto Xiao Wu’s body from the sky. His body suddenly slipped forward, fell out on the top of Xiao Wu’s head then flew past the head of the God of Envy and tumbled onto the battlefield behind them.



The God of Envy, who had been at a very close distance with the Phoenix God, arrived at the Phoenix God right after the God of Damage had flown past her.



The God of Envy scolded inside of her head, “This idiot, why didn’t he deal with Xiao Wu first! Coping with the Phoenix God first couldn’t have limited Xiao Wu’s impact on the battlefield! So stupid, really stupid.”



However, in the next blink of an eye, her entire body shook. A source of power transmitted from behind her back. The God of Envy could somehow feel that her God Power was being vaguely crushed. Her eyes were full of an unconvincing look. She immediately spurted out a dark pink light. Her frail body was fidgeting in the air. In the next second, it was entirely swallowed by a group of beams.



The God of Envy was being oppressed!



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