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The amplification of the Nine-Color Goddess worked on all of the Gods on her side. Of course, the God of Emotion was not an exception. Moreover, the God of Emotion was also from the Douluo Continent. He could quickly adapt to her amplification. When the eight-ring Halo had appeared, he had obtained her amplification. Although it couldn’t help him reach the level of the Supreme God, he had been on the closet levels to a Supreme God.



Therefore, he could be able to suppress  the four Great Deadly Sin Gods in such a short amount of time. Through the outbursts of his powesr, he then oppressed every each one of them.



His power was intimidating enough to frighten the other Gods.



On the other side, the God of Destruction, who was confronting Tang San, wasn’t affected by this at all. He seemed not to witness any of these events. Deep in his heart, this match wasn’t out of his control.



Despite the fact that the God of Emotion had gotten stronger, he couldn’t fight against the four Gods alone. The previous match had cost him too much power. He didn’t have much God Powers left. His fusing time with the Butterfly God was also coming to an end.



As expected, as soon as the God of Emotion got out from the battle, he immediately flew to the Cookery God’s side. The Cookery God came forward to pick him up.



At this moment, the God of Sloth, the God of Envy, and the God of Pride didn’t chase after him together.



While the God of Pride and the God of Sloth were chasing after the God of Emotion, the God of Envy’s body flashed up then rushed forward, towards the Phoenix God’s direction.



Not only did the God of Destruction think that their combined power was unbeatable, but the Seven Great Deadly Sin Gods had also thought the same. Not to mention, with their strengths, how could they have let two second-level Gods suppress them!



The God of Envy had known very well that so long as the Phoenix God had been  caught, the two Deadly Sin Gods from his side would have been freed. The abilities of the Lust God and the Adephagia were very strong. Once they saved him out, they would be able to  combine their strengths, which was enough to finish this battle.



Seeing the Phoenix God struggling with the God of Envy, the God of Destruction gave Tang San a triumphant look.



The God of Destruction could sense the weakening energy from Tang San’s Asura God. It was clear that his God Powers had started to lessen. His suppressing time was also up. Once the God of Destruction had counteracted, everything would have been finished.



The Life Goddess sighed heavily when witnessing the battle from far away. She slowly closed her eyes. Rong Niang Bing, who was holding the newborn baby Tang Wu Lin, also couldn’t help but sigh and shake his head. The Seven Element Gods furrowed their brows.



Done, was everything finished? All the Gods here could vaguely see the outcome of this battle. Everything was as clear as day.



Right at this moment, there was a person making a move.



It was Xiao Wu, the additional Sea God’s position. Xiao Wu’s body was flashing. Her whole body was like a blue lightning, dashing towards the God of Envy.



During her fight with the God of Damage, her speedclearly appeared to be slower from when she chased after him. However, this couldn’t prevent her from launching a sudden attack.



The God of Envy also discovered that Xiao Wu’s sudden attack was coming after her.



However, what was this? Was she possibly seeking death?



Back then when the Phoenix God was dealing with the two Deadly Sin Gods, which was not far from the place where Xiao Wu was fighting with the God of Damage. Thanks to the Unbeatable Storm, Xiao Wu could be  able to prolong the retaining time of the Lust God and the Adephagia. Otherwise, one Phoenix God’s power alone was not enough to afford the attack on those two Deadly Sin Gods.



Although Xiao Wu’s power was above the God of Damage’s when controlling the Sea God’s Power, due to the distraction that the God of Damage had set up, he could possibly be on the same level with her.



Right at this moment, the God of Damage’s arrival was like crushing the last straw of balance. The balance was about to be broken.



The God of Envy didn’t fly to the direction of the Phoenix God. Because she could somehow know that Xiao Wu’s speed was really fast. Xiao Wu definitely could block her attack on the Phoenix God. Therefore, she initiatively stopped, and turned around. The dark pink light from the God of Envy shot up to the sky, turned into a fiercely vicious and jealous face, completely covering Xiao Wu’s Sea God.



Her fighting experience from the mortal world to the Divine Realm wasn’t diverse. Needless to say, she was still a first-level God! She still had some fighting experiences to rely on.



The God of Envy had mastered in controlling. What she needed to do now was very simple, which was in helping the God of Damage make a simultaneous frontal and rear attack.



Oppressing Xiao Wu was more useful than confining the Phoenix God. It wasn’t because she could display the Sea God Power, but due to the fact that she was Tang San’s wife. Only this point could have made a huge significance. At that time when the God of Destruction had attacked, due to the fact that he had gotten Xiao Wu in his hands, only then did he intimidate Tang San. Right now, she would only need to collaborate with the God of Damage. Together, they could easily catch Xiao Wu the second time. And this fight would be ended for sure.



Xiao Wu didn’t own the amplified powers like the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God.



Xiao Wu’s elegant face turned serious and solemn as she was facing the God of Envy. She raised the Golden Trident in her hands up high. A group of golden rays changed into smoky clouds moving toward the jealous face of the God of Envy. That was the Sea God’s masterpiece Golden Trident, thousand-year white clouds.


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