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The God of Greed was resisting against the Spirit Windstorm with all of his might. In a situation like this, there was no way he could have avoided it even if he had wanted to do so. When the bloody-red light pillar lit up on his body, he surprisingly realized that this was a familiar feeling.



Destruction? That bloody red halo was clearly flooded with the Destruction Intent.



This Destruction Intent appeared to be very similar to the Destruction Intent from the God of Destruction. It just seemed to be much weaker. Hence, this Destruction Intent must belong to the Divine Technique from a first-level God. The God of Greed was blown away under this attack.



In the next blink of an eye, the God of Emotion, who had been covered in the Golden Amethyst Armor, turned into an icy-blue color. Behind him, a shadow in an icy blue color silently composed.



The God of Water couldn’t help but be dumbstruck when seeing this icy-blue shadow because this shadow was really like her.



The God of Emotion’s body leaped up. It was like cracking the air. In the next moment, he had arrived in front of the God of Greed. But at this moment, his Spirit Windstorm had ended. Its oppressive force on other three Deadly Sin Gods also dissolved accordingly. However, these three Deadly Sin Gods absolutely didn’t have enough time to save the God of Greed as well.



“Puff!” The God of Emotion slightly struck out a punch in front of the God of Greed. The God of Greed reacted very quickly. Even though he had not been lightly wounded by the Destruction Light, he still lifted his arm up. The air was immediately filled up with the God of Greed’s energy. A mighty dark yellow halo then gushed out to block the God of Emotion’s attack.



A purple golden halo then flashed up from the corners of the God of Emotion’s eyes then vanished. The God of Greed felt as if he had just been slammed by a mighty hammer. Not to mention, he could see that the purple golden halo didn’t only flow out from the God of Emotion’s eyes, but also from the vertical eye on his forehead.



His mighty dark yellow aura had faded out a lot. There was a seal appearing inside the right palm of the God of Emotion.



In the next second, the God of Emotion used his strongest force to freeze the Seven Deadly Sin Gods into statues.



Inside their frozen bodies, they had wondered how many Divine Techniques this hateful God of Emotion would have had left! Let alone, they were very worried.



Right, from the beginning untill now, the God of Emotion had displayed another Divine Technique. That bloody red eye was the Destruction Light’s Evil Eye Tyrant Ruler, which was the ability he had acquired since he was in the Douluo Continent. The move that he had displayed was the strongest Icing Divine Technique, the Snow Ice Goddess’s Sigh. While using the Snow Ice Goddess’s Sigh, he also stimulated his powerful Spirit Skill, the Divine Spirit Shock. With layer upon layer of Divine Technique stacking up on each other, in addition with the Spirit Windstorm, the God of Emotion was no more at the disadvantage. The God of Greed had suffered from a great loss.



But his loss wasn’t unjust. There was a completely huge difference between their competencies. The God of Emotion had used up all his capacity to strike constantly.



A blue light flared up. The ice sculpture of the God of Greed instantly disappeared. Although both sides were fighting, it wasn’t easy to kill a God. Therefore, the God of Emotion was only trying to retain the God of Greed for a while. The Seven Great Deadly Sin Gods on the God of Destruction’s side were all suppressed in the end. The powers of the first-level God were reduced by one eighth.



However, while the God of Emotion was retaining the God of Greed, he also fell into danger as well. The other three Great Deadly Sin Gods, who had been suppressed by him before had now quickly circled around him.



The God of Envy, the God of Pride, the God of Sloth, each one of these three God’s had released their own God Power’s to create a prison, which was directly pressed onto his body.



As long as they could have suppressed the God of Emotion, without a doubt, the God of Greed would have been saved. At the same time, a capable assistant of Tang San would also be taken away.



Right at the moment when all of them had come for the God of Emotion, his body became illusory. He dodged his body and then immediately vanished without a trace.



“What?” The three Great Deadly Sin Gods were dumbfounded. Was this the Delusion?



The God of Emotion had used the Delusion once before. He had tricked all the Gods here. Even the God of Destruction was not an exception.



In this moment, he definitely had used the Delusion to have been able to run away from the three great first-level Gods.



A crazily jealous energy emitted from the God of Envy’s face. The pride of the God of Pride froze. The lazy look of the God of Sloth also became more serious. The God of Emotion’s competency had gone far beyond their expectations.



In fact, if only the God of Emotion was given the power of the Butterfly God, he wouldn’t have reached  this level. However, there were also other mighty God existences in his team, of which were the Cookery God and the Nine Color Goddess.

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