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The God of Emotion alone couldn’t have that much power to control the abilities of the four great Deadly Sin Gods. However, he wasn’t fighting on his own. Since he had worn the purple golden armor, which was the result of the Butterfly God’s transformation, his aura had become much more powerful. The halo behind his head had turned into an eight-ring one. Hence, his level had surpassed the Seven Deadly Sin Gods, was even on par with a first-level God and a Supreme God’s existence.



The Divine Technique that he was displaying right now was the same as the Divine Spirit Fusion, which was created by him and the Butterfly God. It was called: Spirit Windstorm, the true words in nihility!



The terrorist Spirit Windstorm constantly tortured the mind and built a huge mental power foundation for the God of Emotion.



The Spirit Windstorm was also able to temporarily constrain these Great Deadly Sin Gods, which was also the most that the God of Emotion could have done.



As he started, Tang San, Xiao Wu and the Netherworld White Tiger had also begun to take action. Tang San directly attacked the God of Destruction. While Xiao Wu was responsible for the God of Damage, the Netherworld White Tiger struck towards the God of Wrath.



The God of Destruction didn’t panic at all. From the look of it their situation was not so good. But like what he had just said, if judging thoroughly, Tang San would have been no match for him. This was the gap between the two sides’ abilities.



This gap was really big. As long as they had stabilized, with the God Power’s consumption from Tang San’s side, they could have clearly turned the table around, and even directly finished the battle.



The Asura Sword appeared in front of the God of Destruction in a flash. The God of Destruction spun the Destruction Scepter in his hands. A purple halo lit up, dislodging the Asura Sword outwards. The intimidating Destruction Intent covered the entire sky on Tang San’s side.



Suddenly, numerous rays of blue light came out from Tang San’s body. These rays entangled each other like a wood log. They flew outwards and collided with the God of Destruction, which immediately created an eccentric sight.



Under the influence of the Destruction Intent, the wood log had been swiftly crushed into dust. However, it quickly grew into a giant ancient tree from the ground, shadowing a big area of the sky. Right away, it was again destroyed by the impact of the Destruction Intent, disappearing then reappearing, constantly repeating that cycle.



Needless to say, both sides had to have consumed quite a decent amount of God Powers during that cycle.



The Divine Technique that Tang San was using right now was called: Vientiane.


Regarding to the fighting methods, he had gained various types since having arrived at the Divine Realm from the human world. He was not like the other Gods, who had just possessed one. Although this didn’t really mean that his strength was stronger than theirs, at least those types could have diversely transformed during combat.



The God of Emotion was like this and so was Tang San.



While the Vientiane was clashing with the Destruction Intent, Tang San had also landed besides the God of Destruction. The two Supreme Gods were confronting each other at a close distance.



The Asura Sword bumped into the Destruction Scepter. The red color then collided with the purple color. Killing fought with Destruction. Both sides opposed each other, rocking the sky and the earth. Unexpectedly, the sky changed into a purple color. The earth turned into a bloody red color. Then again, the earth had abruptly changed into purple, while the sky turned into a bloody red hue.



The God of Destruction frigidly spoke, “You cannot win over me.”



Tang San responded sharply, “Even until now, you still don’t want to admit the reality. Do you possibly think that I would really fight without securing the victory? Did you really think that I would have given out such an offer because I knew that I was losing?”



The God of Destruction scornfully said, “Stop talking nonsense. Your absurd words basically can’t affect my fighting spirit. Let our powers do the talking.”


The current situation’s battle appeared to have been simple. On the other side, Xiao Wu and the God of Damage were fighting with high spirits. On the other side, the power Divine Spirit Fusion of the God of War and the God of Emotion, the Netherworld White Tiger, reluctantly stood firmly on the God of Wrath.



Meanwhile, the Cookery God’s Power had enormously been consumed as the Nine-Color Goddess was giving out amplifications for everyone else.



Even though these two had caused a huge stir onto the God of Destruction, their God Powers had clearly declined at an incredible speed.



In the current situation, they could temporarily have withstood it. But who knew what would have happened! A small transformation could have immediately been linked to a change of the entire situation.



Firstly about the God of Emotion, there was also time limits in maintaining his Divine Technique. As the time came, what else left could he use to suppress the four Great Deadly Sin Gods?



Once the four Deadly Sin Gods were free, their tables would be turned around.



That was why the God of Destruction had such a big confidence.



Still, his eyes quickly returned calm again because another surprise had appeared.



The Spirit Windstorm had created a big pressure force on the Seven Great Deadly Sin Gods. All the Gods witnessing the scene believed that the God of Emotion had reached his limit. Suddenly, a vertical eye floated up from behind his head.



The vertical eye, which had already been full of the life aura, was not like from before. It was no longer long and narrow, but had appeared rounder. Moreover, the pupil of the eye was flooded with endless evilness. Just in a swift moment, that eye had turned into a bloody red color.



Then, a powerful bloody light shot out, falling directly onto the God of Greed.


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