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The God of Destruction looked like he was having a hard time right now. There were a few damage spots appearing on his robe. What made him outrage was thst his own Destruction Intent had also got torn apart. Two strokes of the Asura Bloody Sword had finally wounded him. Even though he was not badly injured, he was still extremely embarrassed at heart. No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t have figured it out. Clearly, his side had taken the upper hand, how could the opponent have had a chance to break through like this? What exactly on earth has the Cookery God’s Asura Bloody Sword done?



Tang San was smiling while looking at the God of Destruction, “Really surprised, right? I told you so, you betting didn’t mean losing. Right now, do you think you still have a possibility to win?”



The God of Destruction frigidly spoke, “Of course. Even if you are controlling the Lust God and the Adephagia, I still have the other six first-level Gods, who are for sure on a higher level than you. Moreover, if we make time, we could save the Lust God and the Adephagia easily without any difficulties. But you? You have just released two strikes of the Asura Bloody Sword, how much more God Power do you have left to consume? This Cookery God has consumed not quite a small amount of the God Power either. Needless to say, the Cookery God and the Nine-Color Goddess are just second-level Gods. They can temporarily rely on their own particular Divine Techniques. But there are also time limits on their endurances. Finally, on your side, the ones who truly have striking force are you, Xiao Wu, and the God of Emotion.”



Tang San was a little terrified while saying, “You are not like your usual self.”



The God of Destruction groaned a little then said, “Calmer than before, aren’t I? I want to thank my Little Lu. It’s her who helps me clear my mind from the thirst for power and my crazy Destruction Intent. Otherwise, I would have definitely fallen into your trap. You are right. You could have won with your sudden attack. But, what a pity, your trick can be used only once. There is no second time. You hoped to see us in panic. Only like that, you could have had a chance to fish in troubled water. And even defeat us. Sadly, I won’t give you that chance. You are too greedy. Let’s start! Don’t waste my time in hopes of stalling to restore your God Power.”



After finishing those words, the God of Destruction held up the Destruction Scepter for the second time. But this time, he was no longer on the passive defense. In the middle of the sky, a group of purple black light balls started to condense, slowly forming into shape. It vaguely covered Tang San.



Other Gods, who were watching from afar, could naturally hear the conversation between the two Supreme Gods. Right! By the looks of it, Tang San may still have the upper hand. However, if judging on the overall strengths, there was still a big gap between those two. The God of Destruction was right he could only have won by a sudden attack.



Tang San breathed out a long sigh and said, “You see. This is better. Since you can keep your calmness, you can be at your best. However, the fact that you are being like this gives me more spirit to fight. Do you really think that you’ve gotten the upper hand? No, you are wrong. Our distance is so close right now. Our main players can’t show out their true abilities. Let’s have a close fight. Can all of you excel in this aspect? Attack!”



Tang San screamed out loud. A golden light flashed up. The first one to take action was the God of Emotion. His body had vanished without a trace, then reappeared in the next moment by the God of Envy’s side. He didn’t directly strike an attack on the God of Envy, but radiated a halo from his body. On the top of his head, a peculiar vertical eye floated up. What was peculiar about this vertical eye was that there was a jet black hammer engraved inside of the vertical eye, which came out from the back of the God of Emotion.



In a moment, that vertical eye completely changed into a noble purple-golden color. Endless purple-golden rays bloomed from the little hammer inside of the vertical eye, scattering towards the direction of all the Deadly Sin Gods.



The God of Envy, who was standing closes to him, bore the brunt.



A dark pink halo behind the God of Envy suddenly became more intense. He pointed his right hand out and yelled in a low tone, “Jealousy is a deadly sin!”



Immediately, that dark pink halo formed into a light curtain covering her entire body. The dark pink halo was twirling around, releasing thousands of rays of jealous energy. An eccentric Divine Spirit fluctuation brought countless attacks to slam on the little purple-golden hammer.



However, that purple golden light was still stubborn, fighting back every ray of light that was released by the God of Envy until a crack appeared. That crack quickly ripped off.



Not only did the God of Envy get affected, but also the Adephagia, the God of Pride, the God of Sloth all went through the same impact. All four of the Great Deadly Sin Gods were locked within the numerous purple golden rays from the little hammer. These golden rays from the little hammer were getting fiercer and fiercer.



That was not simply a God Power striking force, but it was from the world of the Divine Spirit, which directly punched into the Deadly Sin Gods’ Divine Sense and Divine Spirit. Its damage force was extremely powerful. Once any God was hurt by that strike, it would be very hard for them to heal. Therefore, the four Great Deadly Sin Gods didn’t dare to neglect, and took out all their special skills to block the attack from the God of Emotion.


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