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Chapter 80 - The Cookery God’s Asura Blood Sword

The God of Destruction’s eyes shifted to a frightened look. He couldn’t eventually stay calm.

The Cookery God was too quick. When the people hadn’t recovered from the last shock, he had turned into an Asura Bloody Sword, which had followed Tang San and slid down in the same position.

The insane Killing Intent burst out from those two Asura Bloody Sword, then in a blink of an eye had swept away the Destruction Intent.

A “clashing” sound came up. The second defense barrier, which was made by the joint forces between the Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage, was crushed by the influence of the power from the two Asura Bloody Swords.

Two streaks of the bloody red rays stopped for a while then continued to slide down.

In this moment, no matter whether it was the God of Destruction or the Deadly Sin God, they basically didn’t have a choice. They were like being in the center of the explosion and were knocked away from it at once. No one had dared to use their bodies to withstand the formidable attack from the Asura Bloody Sword!

Under two strikes, the Asura Bloody Sword fell down. In the end, it couldn’t block any God. Two streaks of the bloody red light also vanished completely. The sky had been filled up with the insane Killing Intent. The Destruction Intent had been completely swiped off.

Right at this moment, a loud Phoenix cry resounded. A giant Fire Phoenix showed up once again, rose to the sky, then slowly descended. At the same time, the Asura Bloody Swords of Tang San and the Cookery God came off of their bodies and simultaneously dissolved!

The giant Fire Phoenix directly covered the God of Greed, the Adephagia, the Lust god and the other three Deadly Sin Gods.

At present, the Deadly Sin God’s appeared to be suffering. However, they didn’t get any injuries from the previous collision. The Fire Phoenix then arrived in front of them.

The Lust God sent out a strange aura while smiling. She opened her hands. A dark red halo rose up, turned into single ray flying towards to the Phoenix God and entangled his body. It was as if she was locking into the Phoenix God’s body.

Before, when the Lust God had gone out to catch the Phoenix God, they had fought with each other. Therefore, she knew that even though the Phoenix God was just a second-level God, he had reached the peak of a second-level God. His level was even close to the first-level. If it wasn’t for the other Deadly Sin God’s helps, she wouldn’t have been able to catch the Phoenix God at that time.

As soon as the dark red light of the Lust God entangled with the Phoenix God’s body, a golden light suddenly came out of the Fire Phoenix’s mouth. It happened to cover the entire body of the Phoenix God. Layer upon layer of sparkling golden lights flowed out from the Fire Phoenix covering the Lust God, the God of Greed, the Adephagia and the other two Deadly Sin Gods inside.

The Adephagia originally wanted to open his mouth to swallow the fire from the Fire Phoenix. However, when this dazzling golden halo approached, he was terrified and ran away.

But how could a guy who knew nothing about speed like him run away from this? He was immediately locked up inside of that dazzling golden halo.

The God of Greed was slier. While the Fire Phoenix was spurting out the golden halo, in a flash, he rapidly dodged away, turned into a dark yellow light and flew back to the God of Destruction’s side.

His dazzling golden halo drew an arc while going after the Lust God.

The Lust God, who was covered by the fire from the Fire Phoenix’s mouth, had turned into a statue in a blink of an eye. That golden halo rapidly recovered under the influence of her dark red God Power. Her body was still a bit stagnant. Similarly, she was again, completely covered by the golden halo.

Two shadows simultaneously came off from the Fire Phoenix. That was the Butterfly God, who had changed into an armor protecting the God of Emotion, and Xiao Wu, who had fused with the Sea God’s position.

Wasn’t that dazzling golden halo the Unbeatable Storm that was released by the Sea God’s Golden Trident?

The Lust God and the Adephagia were locked up by the Unbeatable Storm. It wasn’t easy for them to have escaped from it in such a short time. The Unbeatable Storm was known as the number one control Divine Technique of the Divine Realm. Unless there were at least ten other people inside of it, or else, they couldn’t have helped themselves but to be hopeless.

The Phoenix God showed his true self. A real loud phoenix cry came out of his mouth. He grimly spread out his Phoenix wings, which respectively fell on the Adephagia and the Lust God.

The two great Deadly Sin Gods could only feel a flame burning high in his heart as well as their Divine Spirits. They couldn’t release their God Powers to break the Unbeatable Storm for this time being.

Although the Fire Phoenix of the Phoenix God was not powerful enough to hurt them, the formidable fire could have temporarily held them off, and kept them from breaking the control of the Unbeatable Storm.

Two out of the eight first-level Gods on the God of Destruction’s side had been retained. On Tang San’s side, the Phoenix God temporarily couldn’t make any moves at this moment.

The Cookery God’s body showed up once again. His face had turned pale. His energy had been already weakened very much as well. Meanwhile, a deep golden halo was shot out from the Nine-Floor Glazed Tile Pagoda, which was not far away from him, directly falling onto the Cookery God. The Cookery God rapidly put something into his mouth and chewed.

The energy of the Cookery God was immediately amplified at the incredible recovery speed.

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