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Layer upon layer of the Destruction Intent separated then combined, crazily entangled the Asura Sword, which was holding the intense Killing Intent. This Killing Intent brought its incomparable damage force to crush th Destruction Intent.



This time, it was no longer a big explosion but a tense battle between both sides.



Tang San and his Asura Bloody Sword took the upper hand once again, continually crashed into the intimidating Destruction Intent bursting out in front of his face. The Asura Bloody Sword slowly approached the second defense barrier.



The Halos behind the Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage all shone very brightly. The second defense barrier was as sturdy as before. The Destruction Scepter constantly released the formidable Destruction Intent, attacking both sides of the Asura Bloody Sword.



The God of Destruction’s eyes were icy cold. He didn’t flinch a bit. He believed at this level of consumption, that his side would have taken the final victory. Tang San basically couldn’t let the Asura Bloody Sword last any longer.



Also at this moment, if the God of Emotion had wanted to strike a sneak attack, his impact wouldn’t have been significant. The collision between the Killing Intent and the Destruction Intent was too powerful. In a situation like this, a first-level God wouldn’t have even considered to come close, otherwise, their lives would have been in great danger.



The God of Destruction thought that Tang San had overdone himself, he would soon collapse if he kept this up.



Suddenly, the God of Destruction saw a blue halo retrieved behind Tang San. A shadow came up behind his back from not far away. This shadow was aggressive. The God Power wave emitting from its body was not intense. However, just in second after Tang San flew up, the God of Destruction didn’t know why but he suddenly felt anxious.



A bad feeling suddenly surged inside of him.



The Life Goddess’s words were still fresh in his mind, so Tang San wouldn’t have done anything certainly useless. That blue halo was the ability that he had brought from the Douluo Continent to the Divine Realm, which was called the Blue Silver Emperor. It was a special power.


But the shadow behind was not the powerful Divine Spirit Fusion of the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God. It also was not the fusion between of the Sea God position and Xiao Wu. It was obviously something that many of the Gods could not have thought of.



Beside Tang San, the God of Destruction had also paid his attention to the God of Emotion, the Butterfly God and Xiao Wu. They were the ones having the first-level God Power. Once again, the Divine Spirit Fusion between the God of War and the God of Speed was being displayed. Of course, the mysterious amplification of the Nine-Color Goddess also drew his attention as well.



Apart from that, there were two other Gods on Tang San’s side. The first one was the Phoenix God, who had just created the Delusion. And the final god was the Nine-Color Goddess, who was having the Nine-Floor Glazed Tile Pagoda.



The Phoenix God appeared to have some striking force left. However, could the Cookery God be considered to be done? Without a doubt, in terms of individual fighting strength, the Cookery God was absolutely the weakest among the Gods on that side. He didn’t even have the smallest of powers in fighting. However, right at this moment, Tang San’s Blue Silver Emperor was being pulled up by none other than the Cookery God.



Not evening mentioning the God of Destruction, the Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage couldn’t help but be frightened when they had witnessed this scene.



Although the Cookery God was the second-level God, he didn’t have any knowledge about fighting! When the Destruction Intent was fighting with the Killing intent, that was the life or death moment, which created an enormous damage force. In a situation like this, Tang San had still let the Cookery God out, weren’t they seeking for death?



Moreover, at the same time when the Cookery God had surged on, the Nine-Color Goddess also gave the Nine-Floor Glazed Tile Pagoda away, and let it float in the air.



What was that, what exactly were they doing?



In the next moment, the Cookery God used his actions instead of his words to explain to them.



A mighty golden halo suddenly flashed out from the Cookery God, covering his entire body with a golden color. The Cookery God’s body bloomed endless dignity. He raised his right arm up. A streak of bloody red light ascended behind his back.



At this moment, he came besides Tang San. After that, all the Gods could see the Cookery God with a mighty bloody red light that had zoomed over Tang San. Then, he turned into the same bloody red light, charging and slashing towards the God of Destruction.



“That thing, that is….” The Fire God bewilderedly looked at the Cookery God who had changed into a bloody red halo. He was startled, muttering something unclearly.



Rong Nian Bing’s face muscles slightly twitched, “The Asura Bloody Sword, that is the Asura Bloody Sword!”



Right then, the Cookery God had transformed into an Asura Bloody Sword, which was exactly like the Asura Bloody Sword that Tang Sang had displayed.



Fairly speaking, they were different in size and power. The Asura Bloody Sword that the Cookery God had transformed into was about sixty percent of the power of Tang San’s Asura Bloody Sword.



But, it was still the Asura Bloody Sword anyway! This was the Supreme Asura God’s Bloody Sword, yet was the Asura Bloody Sword under the amplification of the Nine-Color Goddess.



Before, in the others’ eyes, the Cookery God was just a God who knew nothing about fighting. Right now, because he could have used such a heaven-defying Divine Technique like the Asura Bloody Sword. He was no longer an usual Cookery God but an Asura God. He had surpassed two levels to have displayed a Supreme Divine Technique, which was hard to believe.




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