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However, there were even eight first-level Gods by his side! Moreover, although Tang San’s ability was higher than his, he was just a first-level existence anyway. On this Supreme God’s level, God Power couldn’t decide winning or losing. Relying on many years of practices in the Divine Realm, although the God of Destruction suffered from a great loss, he didn’t get that much injured..



The God of Destruction believed Tang San must have consumed quite a decent amount of power to strike out this move. This was the situation he had desired for.



Both sides’ striking force were all on the Supreme God’s level. No one would be much stronger than others. In this case, it would obviously better for him since he and Tang San had to consume the God Power. Once Tang San had consumed too much power, he certainly had to withdraw from this battle. With the first-level God Power on his side, he basically couldn’t have lost this battle.



Tang San certainly staggered a little bit. This sword move had consumed of him not a small amount of power.



When both sides had collided, Tang San’s friends arrived by his side. The glaring flame ascended. The Phoenix God fired out his powerful Phoenix Flame. He was like a moth going into the flame, changing into a gigantic Phoenix, dashing towards the God of Destruction.



There was only the God of Destruction in the Phoenix God’s eyes.



The God of Destruction’s eyes coldly glared, “Want to die?”



The Destruction Scepter in his hand was struck out. A purple light suddenly appeared. That was the Destruction Holy Thunder, which was directly shot towards the Phoenix God. A second-level God had dared to provoke him, which gave an unimaginable rage within his heart.



However, a ridiculous scene had appeared. When that purple Destruction Holy Thunder fell onto the Phoenix God’s body. The Phoenix God had immediately changed into a Fire Phoenix, which was directly broken into pieces and vanished into the thin air.



Was it a delusion? The God of Destruction was a little surprised. In the next second, he was already boiling with anger from being deceived by the opponent’s delusion. There was no doubt that this delusion was real. But more importantly, it was the influence that the Asura Bloody Sword had made on him.



The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage could all feel his anger. The formidable God of Power erupted for the second time. It circled around the God of Destruction, which didn’t only mend the broken defense light cage, but also increased its own power to dash towards the Sea God.



Tang San was as if he was chewing something in his mouth. His face wore a faint smile. The Asura Sword had unexpectedly appeared, and brought with it a strike. It destroyed the condensed energy on the God of Destruction once again.


The God of Destruction laughed coldly, “On the contrary, I want to see how many times you can break our joint forces.”



Tang San responded sharply, “No need to strike out many times. Only a few more times and all of you will have looked like you will not have been able to bear with this anymore.”



The God of Destruction burst out with laughter, “Lose? Until now, do you still think you have a chance to win? You have used the Asura Bloody Sword. The Sneak attack is useless. What can you rely on this time to win this match? With your current God Power, under the amplification, you can at most strike the Asura Bloody Sword two more times. Your God Power can’t afford more than two strikes of the Asura Bloody Sword. What can two strikes of the Asura Bloody Sword change anyway?”



“I admit I have underestimated your abilities. But your ability is only this much, no more than that.” While speaking, the God of Destruction fused with the eight first-level Gods once more under his direction, heading towards the direction of Tang San to attack him.



Since they united, they had gotten the power of nine first-level gods, which made them much more relaxed then Tang San, who displayed the Asura Sword alone.



Tang San coldly growled, “Destruction, I don’t believe you will be able to block this Asura Bloody Sword one more time. Let me give you some tastes of my powers.”



Right after finishing speaking, he raised the Asura Sword above his head. His intimidating bloody red aura definitely shot out accordingly. The haunted air of the blood, which flowed like rivers and corpses piled up high like the mountains, emerged once more.



“What?” This time, the God of Destruction was really startled.



Tang San had just struck out the Asura Bloody Sword again! The Asura Bloody Sword would have burned through the source of the God’s bloodlines. According to the principle, he couldn’t have consecutively strike this sword out. What did Tang San have up his sleeves to have been able to have displayed this sword that was moving constantly like this? Was he really not scared that if he had consumed too much God Power, he would have never ever recovered it?



Even though, he had thought like this, he couldn’t stand still when facing this attack. This Asura Bloody Sword was not a joke. Once it fell onto my side, there would be death and injury.



The Destruction Intent inflated for the second time. Once again, it turned into an enormous light-ball. The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage similarly used their own God Powers to create the second defense barrier.



Tang San flew up to the sky, entirely shooting out his formidable God Power. The Asura Bloody Sword this time was not a little bit weaker than the last time. He still even had it right now.



My goodness, this was really the true powers of the Asura God. Other Gods, who were witnessing the scene far away, couldn’t help but tremble. Luckily, they were not the Asura God’s enemy.



Although the God of Destruction was relaxed on outside, in fact, he was extremely worried at heart. How could he have dared to have any carelessness when facing the Asura Bloody Sword’s attack this time?



The Asura Bloody Sword collided with the Destruction Intent for the second time. This collision was three times as stronger than the last one, creating a sensational explosive sound. In just a second, the whole sky and earth were shaken. The entire sky seemed as if it was being torn apart.


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