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The Nine-Color Goddess entered the Divine Realm at the same time with Tang San. The Divine Spirit Fusion that the God of War and the God of Speed had displayed, temporarily helped them hold the first-level God Power. In addition, the Nine Color Goddess’s amplification was clearly a first-level God power.

The most frightening one would have been the Asura God. Under the amplification, that formidable killing intent instantly became fiercer. He could only see the Destruction Intent facing the fierce Asura God’s killing intent right now, clearly didn’t have room for anything else.

The distance between both sides was shortened in a short amount of time. A red light suddenly flared up to the sky from Tang San’s back. In a blink of an eye, the red light had filled up the entire sky. A deadly energy erupted unexpectedly.

Tang San looked up to the sky and let out a long scream, which was brutal and intimidating. He suddenly jumped off of the Netherworld White Tiger. His body changed into a bloody red glow, bending in with the red light in the sky. After that, he transformed into a sword slashing down from the sky towards the God of Destruction and the eight first-level Gods’ lineup.

One slash from this sword being brought out was like as if it could have cut through the heaven and earth. On the ground, the Holy Restricted Land had been split in half, revealing a bottomless gully.

The entire Divine Realm slightly shook after the sword’s strike had been taken out. The ground was shaking, the sky was rolling.

At this moment, all the Gods here were like that of falling uncontrollably into a deadly Hell. Just one strike of that sword glow had made everyone unable to restrain themselves. Their Divine Spirits were pulled into a deadly scene, which was the sight of blood flowing like rivers and corpses that were raised like mountains.

What was exactly happening?

The God of Destruction’s bloody red eyes suddenly completely changed.

He had originally prepared a thorough plan for this battle, which was using consistency to fight with inconsistency. He wanted to use his side’s intimidating powers to cope with the enemy, consuming the opponent’s God Power, then defeating them without any fighting.

After the Life Goddess had went back to his side, his crazily innermost feelings had been reduced very much. But he couldn’t ever thought that Tang San would have incarnated as the Asura God to use this sword’s move to fight against him just at the beginning of the battle!

The God and the Sword united. This was the Divine Spirit Fusion! This sword had liberated all of the Asura God’s Power. The God of Destruction had just seen this sword’s move once when the Asura God collided with the Dragon God in the Divine Realm’s great war.

This sword’s move was named as the Asura Bloody Sword by the Asura God! This move could have only been ignited by the Asura Bloodline. It had consumed a huge amount of power to have striked out this move at full force.

This move was like a supreme strike. Once it was taken out, there was no way to have escaped from it.

Tang San had dared to take risks in venting out this sword move, which made everyone besides him, including Xiao Wu, puzzled.

The God of Destruction’s intent also changed and immediately made a response. A deep growl slowly gushed out from his mouth. In a blink of an eye, his sturdy body rose against the wind, and suddenly started to inflate. He was like a giant emerging from the ground. The Destruction Scepter simultaneously increased its size according to his body’s growth as well. A group of purple lights, which were surrounding his body, started to emit outwards, then turned an enormous purple light-ball.

This Asura God’s strike was obviously not that easy to resist. Any first-level God facing this strike would possibly have died or be injured. At this present moment, the God of Destruction could only have used all of his powers to block this strike. He had to protect the striking force of the God of Damage and the Seven Deadly Sin Gods. If he couldn’t have taken this strike from Tang San, once something bad had happened to him, this battle would have been likely to be reversed.

While the God of Destruction was busy fighting, the God of Damage and the Seven Deadly Sin Gods weren’t free either. Each one of them shot out their own formidable God Power, which formed into a cage of light, hiding the God of Destruction’s, Destruction Intent inside, and shaping into a second defending barrier.

The red color and purple color unexpectedly collided in the sky. The entire Divine Realm was as if it was facing a collapse. In the next blink of an eye, an indescribable explosive sound came up from the collision in the middle of the sky.

This was the collision between the two supreme Gods! Destruction and Killing, two original damaging God Powers were now fully brought out.

Abruptly, the sky and earth fell into darkness. In the Holy Restricted Land, all the vegetations turned into dust, and completely vanished into thin air.

The Life Goddess opened another cage of green light, which guarded the other Gods and brought them far away so as they weren’t hurt by the collision.

The terrifying Destruction’s aftermath lasted for few seconds then gradually faded.

Tang San, who had been knocked away in the air, was caught by the Netherworld White Tiger. As for the God of Destruction, his Destruction Light-ball of course, was crushed into pieces. However, the Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage’s defense light cage was still undamaged. Only a massive spider web, which looked like a crack, appeared on the surface.

Judging from the last collision, the Sea God, without a doubt took the upper hand. The Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction had crumbled to pieces, shattering its remnants everywhere.

However, the God of Destruction’s eyes were still the same, still full of arrogance, and didn’t have any changes from this collision.

That sword’s move had released the killing intent of the Asura God’s Asura Bloody Sword inside of his body, which had been battered crazily to the point that it almost crushed his Divine Spirit.

Under the Nine-Color Goddess’ amplification, Tang San’s power had surpassed him.

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