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While Tang San was shooting out his Asura God’s Sword Intent, the other Gods started to take action as well.



The bleached and dying  [1] God of Speed spurted out from behind of the God of War, changed into a black light, which was stuck onto his back. Immediately, two black and white lights blended together with each other. The God of War’s body had slightly bent over. His majestic body suddenly inflated into a huge White Tiger. With the illusory lights, it dashed towards the Gods that were on the God of Destruction’s side.



Tang San and Xiao Wu held each other’s hands and leaped their bodies onto the back of the God of War at once. The Netherworld White Tiger, which was fused with the God of Speed’s Divine Spirit, instantly stood up. Xiao Wu raised the Golden Trident in her hands up high. Each dazzling golden ring of halos was flashing and floating above her head, but not flying forward. This was the Sea God’s Divine Technique, Unbeatable Storm.



The Four Great Gods started at the same time. Other Gods behind them also began to move. The flickering blue-light vine flung out from behind Tang San, tangling around the waist of the Cookery God. A strange light lit up on the Cookery God’s body and fluctuated. His mouth was as if it was muttering something.



The Nine Color Goddess flew up to the sky. Her elegant body floated in the middle of the air, firing out magnificent nine color light. Then it changed into a nine-floor pagoda, falling firmly into the Cookery God’s hand. The rays from nine color light bloomed from the pagoda one by one.



The Nine-Color Goddess’s pleasant voice resounded into the entire space.



“Glazed Tile Pagoda has nine floors. The first is strength! The second is Speed! The third is God! The fourth is Imperial! The fifth is Attack! The sixth is Expand!”



Following her pleasant recitation, the six different color lights fluttered under the influence of her Nine-Floor Glazed Tile Pagoda.



The first floor was a red light, next in order was the orange light, golden light, green light, blue light and navy-blue light. Each one of the six different lights were divided into eight parts. Two of them poured into the Netherworld White Tiger’s body. The other two spread onto Tang San and the other Gods on this side.



Instantly, an eccentric sight appeared, which terrified all of the Gods here. The halo of each God from the Sea God Tang San’s side became more powerful all of sudden. Its rays were changing nonstop as if it had been amplified several times stronger.



The situation right now was kind of like the effective Original Sin God’s Punishment Descent Great Formation. It just had less amplification pressures. However, its effect on the Gods in reality was definitely not smaller.



After the Nine Color Goddess had joined the Divine Realm, not many Gods had known about her situation. What they did know about her was that she was just the Cookery God’s wife. They had been friends with the Sea God Tang San in the mortal world. Through self-cultivation, the Cookery God and the Nine Color Goddess’ were approved to become Gods, then joined the Divine Realm.



Other Gods rarely saw them on normal days. They maintained a tranquil and low-key lifestyle and didn’t have any children.



The possibility for them to fight after they had entered the Divine Realm was really low. Therefore, no one knew about the Nine-color Goddess’s true abilities.



At this moment, each ray of the nine color light fell onto the Gods on Tang San’s side, creating a magical effect, which made all the God’s witnessing the scene, frightened. They had never encountered such a magical amplification of the Divine Technique like this nor heard about this ability.



In the Divine Realm, the ability to excel the other Gods’ powers did exist but with an extremely small number. Not to mention, the ability to have amplified an entire group of entities like this was the only one. But the amplification that the Nine Color Goddess was displaying at this moment was the proportional enhancement! It was as if it was no longer an ordinary enhancement. That nine different color light was clearly not like the usual enhancing abilities.



They didn’t know that the Nine Color Goddess Ning Rong Rong had gotten this magical ability since she was in the Douluo Continent. Her Nine-Floor Glazed Tile Pagoda was known as the number one Spirit Martial Arts in the mainland, the great amplification ability.



The six amplification forces she had released just now respectively were: strength amplification, speed amplification, spirit power amplification, defense amplification, attack amplification and attribute amplification.  Each amplification had reached one hundred percent. In other words, in a really short amount of time, under the light of the Nine-Floor Glazed Tile Pagoda, the strengths of Tang San, Xiao Wu, the God of War, the Phoenix God, the God of Emotion, the Butterfly God and the Cookery God in these six aspects had been amplified several times.



The change in quantity was not enough to change the quality. Therefore, although the second-level God’s ability had been amplified, they still couldn’t have been compared to a first-level God. However, this amplification at the same time had fused the Asura God’s position with Tang San.



Even though these six amplifications couldn’t directly help Tang San surpass the level of the God of Destruction, though it could make Tang San instantly reach the higher levels than that of the God of Destruction in terms of striking force.



The God of Destruction’s eyes were full of shock. His heart also became heavier. He now understood more of what the Life Goddess had said that this Sea God Tang San had rigorous schemes and deep foresight.



Who wouldn’t have wanted to obtain a second-level God, who seldom fought in the Divine Realm but could be able to demonstrate such a high-level skill like this?

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[1] ?? means to bleach and dye

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