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The formidable Destruction Intent instantly shot up. The God of Destruction on this side pointed his right hand up. A purple ray flashed to the sky then descended in a blink of an eye, then condensed into a two-zhang  long purple scepter.



This scepter was like  lightning. Its body was covered in a purple black color, emitting an intense purple black light and intimidating Destruction Intent, shaking the sky.



That was the Destruction’s Scepter, the most powerful weapon of the God of Destruction.



He had never used this scepter in any battle before because, even he himself, couldn’t have controlled the powers of the Destruction Scepter.



This Destruction Scepter had existed since the first day of the Divine Realms establishment, controlling the Destruction Intent. It and the Vitality Ancient Tree were the supreme Divine Weapons in the Divine Realm, even above the Sea God’s Golden Trident.



Only the Kind Heart of the God of Kindness and the Trial Scale of the God of Wicked, together with Asura Sword of the Asura God, could have been compared to it. These five supreme Divine Weapons had existed since the Divine Realms committee was founded.



At this moment, when the God of Destruction had taken out the Destruction Scepter, it also meant that he would have to put all of his might into this battle despite any costs. He didn’t even care about giving any explanations for his slaughters to the other Gods.



Tang San’s face was extremely serious right now. A group of bloody beams flared out from his body. Then a blue halo rapidly glided passed him and fell onto Xiao Wu’s body.



Immediately, the long hair of Xiao Wu instantly turned into blue and so did her eyes. Her clothes also changed into a deep blue color in just a flash.



Xiao Wu had wanted to join the attack because only her attack could have been the biggest amplification for Tang San. She could have helped Tang San in controlling one God Power.



Normally, Tang San had always used the Sea God’s strength. His Sea God Powers had been boosted very much due to numerous years of his constant cultivation. He somewhat had reached to a level which was higher than a first-level God’s. He also experienced the same situation as the God of Emotion, which was the existence of the eight-ring Halo. He even still had it right now.



The Sea God’s Power, which Tang San had entrusted to Xiao Wu, was the killing intent that he had been hiding. It belonged to the number one power in the Divine Realm, the Asura God.



However, everything had a good side and bad side. Due to the fact that Tang San usually cultivated the Sea God’s power, his control for the Asura God Power was not complete. He was weaker than the former Divine Realm’s Law Executor Asura God that year.



If he still had that year’s Divine Realm’s number one strength, the Asura God Power, the God of Destruction didn’t have the guts to challenge him.



An icy gold Divine Aura emitted from Tang San’s face. He put two hands together in front of his chest. Every time the light had flashed up, the air was slightly distorted.



He turned into a completely different person at this moment. The killing intent constantly fired up into the sky. That murderous aura was extremely sharp to the point that it almost cut through the sky.



Each red halo floated up behind his head, forming into a Nine-ring Halo, which represented the Asura God position.



Xiao Wu who was standing beside him raised the Golden Trident up. The golden color blended in with the deep blue color, which made her become more enchanting and elevated.



On the other hand, on Tang San’s side, the God of War shouted out. All the muscles on his body had inflated. His white hair gushed out. His eyes turned completely white. His entire body radiated a white misty light, which was full of fighting intent.



The God of Destruction put the Destruction Scepter up high. His solemn eyes coldly looked at the Gods at the Sea God’s side. A purple ray shot up to the sky all of a sudden. Besides him, the God of Damage, Seven Deadly Sin Gods, each one of them released one Halo. Right now, the humongous God Power from one Supreme God and eight first-level God turned into a terrifying energy, flying to the sky and covered the entire sky on the opponent’s side.



Tang San moved, stood in front of his gang. He took one step forward. Unexpectedly, a formidable red light fired up to the sky. An incomparable killing intent surged inside him.



The Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage, who were facing him, felt like they were trapped in the Asura Hell in just a second. It seemed that the immortal energy of the Divine Realm had completely vanished at this moment. There were only mountains of corpses and blood that were flowing like a river around them.



They hadn’t encountered such an intimidating killing intent for a long time. In the past, when the Asura God had fought against the Dragon God. At that time, they were obviously on the Asura God’s side and hadn’t felt the intimidating killing intent.



Right at this moment, the first thing that they encountered was the Asura God’s energy. The fact had far surpassed their imaginations. Only when they had directly faced the terrifying Asura God’s killing intent did they finally comprehend how scary the opponent really was. From the bottom of their hearts, they were really scared and trembling with fear!



That year, when Tang San was in the Douluo Continent, he had gone through the lethal challenges of the Asura God. Since then, he had grasped the slaughtering field thoroughly, then evolved, and finally passed in getting the Asura God’s inheritance position.



A few years after he had joined the Divine Realm, although he rarely used the Asura God Power, his knowledge of the Asura God still got deeper, which was not much of a difference as compared to the former Asura God .



The Asura God’s killing intent was the meaning of the trial. Once it was set, it could never have been taken back.



At this present moment, while facing numerous of formidable energy of the Gods from the opposite side, the Asura God’s killing intent radiating from Tang San was like a sharp sword directly slashing the Destruction Intent under the guidance of the enormous energy from his body. There wasn’t any attack to his friends from the opponents either.


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