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“Yes, here I am.” The God of Emotion hurriedly pulled the Butterfly God forward.



The Sea God replied, “Wait a minute. You collaborate with Wu Tong to control the battle. I will attack, just follow the line up that we used in Douluo Continent. The spirit division line up that we normally used.”


“Yes, father.” The God of Emotion answered right away.



After that, the Sea God started to arrange everyone. The other gods nodded their heads constantly while listening to the Sea God.



On the other hand, the God of Destruction could no way have been able to listen to their conversations. The God of Damage and Seven Deadly Sin Gods were surrounding him.



The God of Greed worriedly asked, “My Lord, will this Sea God take out some dirty tricks? He obviously has something up his sleeves since he dares to confront us with such forces.”



The God of the Destruction responded, “He just merely relies on his Asura God Powers. Only with the help of Asura God Power can he truly fight against me. Even though Xiao Wu can use the Sea God power, she isn’t the Sea God in the end; thus, her ability to use the Sea God’s Power is limited. Therefore, you guys have to watch out for Tang San in case he would strike behind our backs. The Asura God’s striking power is the strongest among the God Heads. I guess Tang San will surely take the formidable Asura God’s striking power to create a breakthrough. I want all of you to keep the solidarity, and fight as a whole. I am in the middle and all of you surround me. As long as our God Powers congeal as one, no matter what trick he has been up to, they will be never able to defeat us. They will soon consume their God Powers when they have so many second-level Gods like this.”



Right, when Gods fought, if the cultivation levels were too different, only alone the God Power oppression could also be hard to resist. Moreover, it would consume a lot of the opponent’s power.



In this situation where the strength of the God of Destruction’s side clearly gained the upper hand, the God of Destruction then decided to use the simplest method to cope with the Sea God.



A minute had passed quickly. The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud had also retreated. The Sea God led his partners and showed up once again in front of the God of Destruction and the other Gods.



Xiao Wu slightly flew up, arrived in front of Rong Nian Bing, and handed the baby, in her arms,  to him.



Rong Nian Bing received Little Lin Lin, and nodded  to Xiao Wu, “Don’t worry, we will protect your child with all of our might.”



While speaking, his eyes were searching for Tang San as if he wanted to ask Tang San something.



This would be like throwing a straw against a light wind. Even though their God Powers had been consumed a lot, not to mention that they were injured, they still had some striking powers left. As a first-level God, their striking powers would still have been stronger than a normal second-level God. He didn’t know why Tang San hadn’t let his friends from the Douluo Continent come out to help him. At least, if everyone was with the first-level Gods with the level of the Divine Spirits, their suppression force would not have been significant.



Tang San looked back at him, slightly shook his head. A confident smile appeared on his face after that.



The smile on his face made Rong Nian Bing’s heart stir. This fellow, he never fought a war without making sure of everything. The statement he had just made a moment ago, “If I am one hundred percent sure about victory, what’s there to bet on?” seemed a little off. This fox won’t ever bet anything when he hasn’t secured the victory in his hand! Moreover, this time result is related to the future of the entire Divine Realm.



No matter how hard he had thought, he couldn’t have figured out how Tang San could have defeated the God of Destruction with his current forces.



Tang San obviously didn’t give out any answers. Rong Nian Bing could only just focus on cradling the baby. He, himself, also had a child. Cradling the baby was just a piece of cake to him.



He looked down at the baby in his arms. Although Tang Wu Tong was not chubby, he had a pair of big pitch black eyes. The white part of his eyes emitted a light blue color, which was full of innate spirit energy.



This rascal would have definitely become a handsome man when he grew up.



“Are you fully prepared?” The God of Destruction coldly asked.



Tang San looked at him and nodded his head. The other Gods from his side also quickly got into their positions.



Xiao Wu went to Tang San’s side, held his hand, standing side-by-side with him.



The God of War Dai Mu Bai arrived on the other side of Tang San. He stayed shoulder-by-shoulder with them. The three of them stood in the front line. Behind them, there were the Butterfly God and the God of Emotion. The God of Speed stood on the other side of the God of Emotion. Behind them was the God of War. Then behind the God of War were the Nine Color Goddess and the Cookery God. Only the Phoenix God stood in the last row.



This lineup was pretty much like a triangle but not a normal one, it appeared to be quite strange.



On the God of Destruction’s side, they had also finished arranging.



The God of Destruction was in the middle. The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage plus the eight first-level Gods formed into a circle, surrounding the God of Destruction.



Their opponent’s arrangement had surprised the Gods on Tang San’s side. A while ago, when Tang San had arranged the strategy, he said that the God of Destruction would have used the Iron Bucket line up. It turns out that he indeed used it.



“Little Lu, be the referee for this match. Tang San, do you agree with this?” The God of Destruction shouted out.



Tang San nodded his head, and said, “Fine, I believe in the Life Goddess’s righteousness.”



The Life Goddess sighed but still flew out in the end. She looked at both sides and slightly shook her head. However, she knew that this upcoming battle was basically unavoidable.



“Start!” The Life Goddess shouted out. The battle finally began.





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