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The Life Goddess lowered her head, looking at the baby in Xiao Wu’s arms, and gently said: “He’s so beautiful.”



Xiao Wu smiled and said. “That’s right! Because he takes after his mother.”



The Sea God, who was standing not far away from that, revealed a faint smile on his face. ‘Could her boast possibly harm the others?’



The Life Goddess lowered her head, gave a light kiss on Tang Wu Lin’s forehead, who was lying in Xiao Wu’s arms. Suddenly, a green halo radiated. Tang Wu Lin slightly shook. In the next blink of an eye, his entire body was covered in a green color.



Xiao Wu didn’t object to any of these things. On the contrary, her face was full of joys, “I sincerely thank you, Life Goddess.”



The Life Goddess breathed out a long sigh, said, “Call me Little Lu.”



Not anyone, could have had the honor of having the Life Goddess’s kiss, which had the ability to melt the Destruction Intent of the God of Destruction.



That kiss was equaled to the Life Goddess’s blessing. This blessing had cost the Life Goddess one tenth of her God Power. Moreover, this was not an ordinary consumption, which  needed at least several decades for her to cultivate the lost life energy.



Even the Butterfly God didn’t have luck to have this blessing. At this moment, due to the guilt in the Life Goddess’s heart, she wanted to take this to make up for the Sea God and Xiao Wu’s child. She obviously didn’t welcome this battle.



With her blessings, Tang Wu Lin’s vitality would surpass an ordinary persons. Right now, he had just been born. He still had a long time until he was qualified to be a God, which made him no different than a normal person. Even though his own vitality was not much different from an ordinary person after receiving the Life Goddess’s blessings, his recovery ability had been boosted many times stronger.



The God of Destruction stood face to face with the Sea God.



“Do you bring them to fight a battle with me?” The God of Destruction took a swift glance towards the gods beside the Sea God disdainfully.



He did really have the fundamentals to be arrogant. On his side, there were eight first-level Gods besides him. On the other hand, on the Sea God’s side, only did the God of Emotion have the first-level God Power. Even if he added Tang Wu Tong, would it make any difference when fighting against first-level God above? There was a huge gap in quantity. The other Gods were all second-level, who had a huge disparity as compared to the first-level Gods. Xiao Wu could help the Sea God, which at most just added up one position of first-level Gods.



One Supreme God, two first-level Gods, six second-level Gods. That was all of the Sea God’s fighting force.



But on the God of Destruction’s side, there were one Supreme God and eight first-level Gods. The level of strength between two sides had a huge difference.



The Sea God calmly looked at the God of Destruction, “If we are certain about our win, what’s there to gamble anymore? On the contrary, I want to finish this matter once for all, let this match decide winner and loser. If you lose, I hope you will cooperate with us to release the taken Mental Power in order to reinforce the Divine Realm. If you win, I will comply with you, won’t oppose to any your decisions. How about it?”



“Fine, let’s do this. That’s settled then.” The God of Destruction didn’t hesitate, replying right away.



In the deepest aspects of his heart, how could he have ignited a war in the Divine Realm? Although he had different opinions with the Sea God, he still had a good relationship with the Sea God’s family, especially the relationship between the Life Goddess with Xiao Wu, with their husband and wife as well as the Butterfly God.



This battle was to decide the winner and the loser. It was like two gamblers were in an all-in poker game. The winner took all!


The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage slowly arrived and stood in line behind the God of Destruction.



On the Sea God’s side, the God of War, the Cookery God, the Phoenix God, the Nine Color Goddess, the God of Speed, the God of Emotion and the Butterfly God also stood in line as well.



The Life Goddess took back her hands which were placed on Xiao Wu. Her elegant body flew back to the God of Destruction’s side once again.



The Sea God said to the God of Destruction: “It’s been a long time my old friend and I have not seen each other. Since it’s a battle to decide the winner and loser, can we discuss together a little bit to figure some strategies? After that, we can start the fight.”



“As long as you guarantee you won’t change the players, then it’s ok.” The God of Destruction said frigidly. Even though, his heart was flooded with Destruction Intent and confidence right now, he surely couldn’t be careless. Although the Sea God appeared to be as weak as a mild breeze, the fact he could break the God of Destruction’s seal had proven otherwise.. If he wanted to take the final victory, he had to be extremely careful.



The Sea God nodded his head, said: “Fine, let’s do this. That’s settled then.”



While speaking, he waved his left hand towards the direction of the God of Emotion. A group of blue rays gushed out from the God of Emotion, falling into his hand. In the next blink, a blue-light cage was opened, covering the Sea God and other Gods of his side.



That was the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud.



Being outside of the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud, even a supreme God couldn’t hear what they were saying.



“San ge!” The Nine Color Goddess was a little excited screaming out loud.



Tang San said apologetically: “I have troubled all of this time. Everyone, I am truly sorry.”



The God of War snorted back, “ We are all brothers. No need to say these things. It’s really been a long time since we fought together. I really miss those times! This time, we, the Shrek’s Seven Monsters, can have a chance to fight together again. You will be the leader again. Let’s make some arrangements.”



The Sea God looked at his friends, smiled and nodded his head then said, “But this time, it should not be me who will take the lead this time. I have to be the one who takes on their main power. Or else, we won’t be able to handle the Destruction Intent from the God of Destruction. Yu Hao.”


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