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As soon as he finished talking, he turned to Rong Nian Bing and other Seven Element God’s, stroking his chin and said: “So sorry for troubling you all. Leave the rest to us.”



He raised the Golden Trident up high. A streak of golden light shot up to the sky.



The Sea God was a Supreme God in the end, not to mention he used to be the Divine Realm’s ruler. Every move he took made the gods’ faces on the opposite side turn pale. They hurriedly gathered their God Powers to prepare for the blocking.



However, the Seven Deadly Sin God’s couldn’t display their Original Sin God’s Punishment Descent Great Formation. That Great Formation needed to consume the power from the Divine Realm’s center to activate. The Divine Realm’s center must accumulate enough power for the Great Formation’s operation.



But even if it was like this, with the God of Destruction in the lead, he still got other eight first-level Gods on his side. Their total strength was much stronger than the Sea God’s. Considering everything, there was only the God of Emotion as the main fighting force on the Sea God’s side. Element Gods and Rong Nian Bing had consumed so much power. They didn’t have enough power left to fight.



A slight smile came to the Sea God’s face. The golden light emitting from the Golden Trident reversed its direction, falling directly above the ancient castle behind him.



“My dear friends, are you willing to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with me in this battle?” Following Tang San’s sound, the ancient castle behind completely turned into a golden color.



Windows were opened one after one. Shadows flew in like a lightning, slowly arrived beside him.



The first flying in was a handsome blond-haired man. His appearance looked well-built and resolute. He had a wide back and broad shoulders. He appeared to be in thirty. His imposing manner was terrifying. He fearlessly confronted other first-level gods with his brusque aura. He was the God of War!



After the God of War, four shadows flooded in consecutively. That was the God of Speed, the Cookery God, the Nine Color Goddess and the Phoenix God.



At that time, they were locked up here by the Deadly Sin Gods. Right now, taking use of Tang San’s God Power, they finally escaped the ancient castle.



They neatly floated behind Tang San. Dai Mu Bai then shouted out loud, “Allow us to fight side-by-side with you.”



Tang San turned around, smiled at him, “Boss Dai, how long has it been since we fought side-by-side?  I couldn’t imagine our brothers would have a chance to oppose the enemy together.”



The God of War laughed and said: “I’ve been waiting for this day for a very long time. Everything in Divine Realm is good. But it is a little boring. This time, we finally can add some colors to it. Come on. Let show them the power of Shrek’s Seven Monsters.”



“Shrek’s Seven Monsters, how can’t it be completed without me?” Right at this moment, a voice came up. Immediately, a bunch of light red beams shot out from the window to before the Sea God. Xiao Wu had changed into a long light-red skirt.



Her face was a little pale because she had just given birth yesterday. She was holding a baby in her arms. Her eyes, which was as if it had a flame burning inside, were full of excitements.



“Xiao Wu!” The Sea God screamed out, slid his body  beside her, and looked at her worriedly, “Xiao Wu, you’ve just given birth to Lin Lin. How could you. . .”



Xiao Wu stared at him, smiled and said: “Due to my arrest, I have made all of you struggle. Right now, I have to stand up to pay back all of you. We are Gods, not frail human. So what about me just giving birth? Destruction, don’t you dare to let Little Lu help me restore my consumed God Power? We will have a fair match with you.”



Seeing Tang San, Xiao Wu and the Shrek’s Seven Monsters, a distressed feeling surged inside of the God of Destruction.



In his heart, there was only the Life Goddess. But Shrek’s Seven Monsters, who came from Douluo Continent as the Sea God, made him realize another feeling that he had never felt. Could it be called bromance? Or friendship?



The God of Destruction smiled frigidly, “Feel free. You go help her recover.” He turned to the Life Goddess while saying the last sentence.



The Life Goddess nodded her head, let out a long sigh, “is it worth the trouble?”



A green light twinkled. She flew to before Xiao Wu while leaving a long streak of green light behind.



Xiao Wu glared at the Life Goddess, “Is it worth the trouble?”



The Life Goddess was a little surprise, slightly shook her head, laughed painfully and said: “I am really sorry. I can’t stand against him. What I can do is not more than not helping anyone. Regardless to say, he is my husband. I know. If I do this, I don’t deserve to be a member in the Divine Realms committee. Therefore, after this issue ends, no matter what the outcome is, I will leave the Divine Realms committee.”



She put her hands on Xiao Wu’s shoulders while saying, The rich vitality energy rose up, covering the entire Xiao Wu’s body, renovating her body from consuming the life energy.



Her childbirth was different from the human’s. The true disturbance was her own mind. Therefore, during the time when Xiao Wu gave birth, she recalled every memory she had in Douluo Continent.



However, as soon as she delivered, her god recovery speed was extremely fast. This time, with the help of the Life Goddess, her recovery was accelerated tremendously.


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