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The Sea God sighed and said, “Are you curious about how I could have broken the seal, which basically couldn’t have been broken? Like I’ve just said, there is something you have no clues to predict of. It’s not me, who had broken the seal.”



The Sea God’s words terrified the God of Destruction. Wasn’t the Sea God the one who had broken the seal? Even the Life Goddess couldn’t have been able to have broken his seal. Unless there was an existence, whose cultivation had surpassed the Supreme God’s, no one else couldn’t have had this ability. But what on earth was that kind of superpower’s existence, could have been doing in the Divine Realm?



He looked at the Sea God terrifyingly. On the other hand, the Sea God was calm, he said,



“The one who broke my seal is not any super power. He’s my son.”



“What?” The God of Destruction’s vision had become hazy. His son? The one who was just born?



The Butterfly God, who was in the God of Emotion’s arms, yelled out suddenly, “I’ve got it.”



The Sea God turned his head to the Butterfly God’s direction, slightly smiling. His gaze was gentle, “Right, my daughter knows it. Because, she has been through the same thing. When our child was born, right after they had come into this world, they had absorbed the Divine Realms mental power to complete fusing with this world. During this process, the child will emit the same energy as his biological parents. I used my son’s umbilical cord blood, which had our bloodline’s strength, to stimulate the Sea God’s and the Asura God’s Powers. These two God Powers erupted outside, and strongly crushed your seal. Even though your seal was strong, it can’t be compared to the combination of the two God Powers.”



After hearing the Sea God’s explanation, the God of Destruction was enlightened. His face also became calmer. Right, he didn’t have a child. Of course, he had no idea about the existence of this ability. Moreover, he didn’t want to talk about the child’s matter in front of the other Gods.



“Has this already been in your plans? No wonder you had happily let me capture you.” The God of Destruction frigidly said.



The Sea God shook his head, said, “Although I knew about the possibility of this ability, I wasn’t sure about it. Therefore, I couldn’t risk my wife’s and my son’s lives. That day, even if I didn’t know of that possibility, I would still have had let you captured me. I couldn’t take the risks and put Xiao Wu in danger. I didn’t mind the other people’s laughter. My wife and my child are even more important than the entire Divine Realm. From this point, I am clearly unsuitable to be a qualified hierarch. Unfortunately, you are not suitable either.”



When saying the last sentence, the Sea God’s voice all of sudden became solemn. He coldly looked at the God of Destruction, “Because of your selfishness, you took risks in expanding the Divine Realm, making the Divine Realm become frail.  Do you know that if you continue like this, when the Divine Realm encounters a crisis, it will be completely destroyed? Until that time, all the Gods will be in trouble. We can survive. But those second-level Gods and third-level God’s will surely die. Have you ever told your supporters that a situation like this will probably happen?”



After hearing what the Sea God had said, more than hundreds of the second-level Gods, and the third-level Gods behind the God of Destruction had changed their expressions into those of ugly ones.



Although the ruler in the Divine Realm was the Divine Realms committee, the amount of the second-level Gods and  the third-level Gods were still the majority. Once the Divine Realm was destroyed, the first ones to suffer were them. Because they basically didn’t have the powers to have survived outside of the Divine Realm.



The God of Destruction stepped out from the nihility. His formidable Destruction Intent turned into a huge hammer, charging towards the Sea God. He couldn’t have let the Sea God shake his mind.



The Sea God raised up the Golden Trident in his hand. A dazzling golden halo radiated, blocking the God of Destruction’s hammer.



“Stop, Destruction, it’s not too late to stop. Together we can stop the Divine Realm from expanding. Although it can go back to its old state, the amount of drained Mental Powers can’t be made up anyhow.”



The God of Destruction frigidly spoke, “If you want me to stop, first defeat me. Just you alone, how can you oppose so many Gods like this! That’s right. I admit it, that the situation that you’ve just said, indeed exists. However, the bigger the risk, the more we gain. If I succeed in expanding the Divine Realm, I can guarantee that all the Gods who have supported me will have greater opportunities in promoting their positions. Why not take risks to gain bigger profits?”



The Seven Deadly Sin Gods and the God of Damage slowly arrived behind the God of Destruction, raising their hands to express their supports for him.



They were on the same warship. It was not easy for them to get off. Right now, they didn’t have any other choices.



The Sea God unflinchingly said, “Seems like we must have a fight in order to solve everything.”



The God of Destruction looked at him arrogantly, “Perhaps,  you possibly think that you alone, can defeat us all by yourself?”



The Sea God shook his head, and replied, “Individual strength is forever small, even to us. Therefore, I absolutely can’t win with my own strengths. But I am not the only one fighting with you!”


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